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  1. Peter Abraham sells a long dovetail plate of the smaller size for your Aero 30
  2. It has 3 separate HD video lines
  3. The G-50X will actually carry slightly more than 50 lbs. Does not get "weak" at all.
  4. More new things always coming... 1481875921_4Cablewranglers.pdf 1784752009_4Cablewranglers.pdf
  5. Always working on new things... these in response to customer's requests... Visit jerryholway.com for more 3D printed items. Stay safe everyone. 1384010595_Newstuff.pdf
  6. A custom spanner wrench for the top nut of the Master Series gimbal. It also fits the Ultra 1 gimbal. $50 includes shipping in the USA. The tight fit to the center post and the thickness of the wrench keeps the pins securely in the holes in the top nut. The wrench can be modified to fit other gimbals that do not have a "Blue Whale" tool. Other custom accessories available - see jerryholway.com
  7. I disagree. Keep the Volt. Practice like hell without it, but there is zero point in risking a minor horizon flub when on a real job. The point is to get the shot, and get it well. Who cares how on the day? It's your career and reputation for getting the shot, being efficient, artistic, pleasant to work with... and the Volt will only help you.
  8. Stiffness is a function of the OD of the material, and of the ID of the material, and of the material itself. With carbon fiber posts, there are a host of factors affecting stiffens, and stiffness can be quite different form one post to another, even if the first two factors (OD and ID) are identical. I'm sure any post that Greg makes (okay, and the M1 post) are super-stiff and won't give anyone any problems.
  9. Just a heads up: I haven't tried any of the aftermarket forks, but one should be aware that the Volt gimbal sizes and shapes are different. The fork anyone sells might work best for the M1/M2 gimbals and the modified M1/M2 gimbals, but work less well with the PRO modified or Shadow/U2/and Archer modified gimbals.
  10. One thing that needs to be said (repeatedly?) is that it is not just the post diameter that needs to be considered when adapting the Volt to other gimbals - there is a lot of engineering work in adapting the yoke and bearings and mounting of the motors. It's a lot easier to adapt the M1/M2 gimbals to post sizes less than 1.75 inches (with spacers). But for a post diameter larger than 1.75 inches, the gimbal must be modified. Companies must decide for themselves if it is worth it, as they are in business as much as we are.
  11. I keep adding parts to the catalogue as ops request them. The latest is a very small item that fits into Tiffen socket blocks to guide the arm smoothly into the block. I believe the original socket blocks from CP were machined with an internal taper (as are PRO socket blocks now, I think), but the newer blocks (say the last 30 years...) had a "well" between the large and smaller diameter holes in the block. Regardless, this part fills that gap and makes life easier. I've attached a PDF of almost everything I'm making now - this part is on page 24. Stay safe! 1402493684_3Dprintedacc.2_12.2021.pdf
  12. Charles- I don't think Arri has adapted their gimbal to the Volt. The M2 gimbal/Volt combination can come in a 1.750 post size, which will probably work with the Arri centerpost at 1.740 - I suggest you get a good set of calipers on the ARRI post and also communicate with the Tiffen factory to be sure everything will work out, or if Tiffen can make specific spacers to account for the .010 nominal difference in diameters. That should be possible.
  13. Here's a sample of some new things I've been making....(new stuff) and the complete list of all the parts I've been making 696551202_3Dprintedacc.1_16.2021.pdf New stuff 1.17.21.pdf
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