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  1. Hey Juan,

    Hope you're well and surviving the times.


    I was hoping you could awnser a few questions on the vest?

    • What are the measurements?

    • When was it bought? (are you the original owner)

    • What is the condition?

    • Is is set up regular/goofy?




  2. I’m selling my back up vest.3500 USD plus shipping cost.
  3. Titan arm, 4 blue canister and 2 black canister plus accs. 14000 U$S ,buyers pay shipping
  4. Hi guys!!! I'm looking a cinetronic gen1 or 2(if it is a gen 2 ,with a battery plate on the back) Thanks in advance!!!!
  5. I have one to sale,perfect condition,1000U$D+ shipping cost,located in Mexico city
  6. Still available;let me know if you are interested.All the best!!!
  7. Complete list. Listado Scorpio para VENTA Juan M. Ramos 2015.pdf
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