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  1. Has anyone been in touch with Ashley at MK-V. They have gear of mine for repair and I can't get them to reply. Very frustrating. R
  2. I do have a Betz top stage with the same modification on the way. Actually if the wave stops working I'll just operate old school. In fact David installed an on/off switch on the wave so there are times when I do deactivate the wave and fly old school. Since there's no extra height It's not a big adjustment. R
  3. Here's another one of David Hable's masterpieces. He modified my Wave to provide power outlets and BNC's as well as a back-lit bubble level. Now the camera sits 2inches lower minus the weight of the Dbox and topstage. I use the XCS side-to-side plate in the Wave for balance within the Wave. I have side-to-side adjustment on my monitor for Sled balance. The sled was a PRO Lite that has been upgraded to HD and the 2inch post and gimbal are MK-V. It's a fantastic rig that had become my pre-pandemic work horse. The loss of weight and height between the gimbal and wave allows me to keep the sled compact and tight to my body. I love it! David is such an innovative problem solver. There isn't much you can throw at him that he can't adapt.
  4. Hi Justin. You have managed to be stricken with an affliction most on this forum have suffered for many years. Do it. But as Kat mentioned a workshop will not only give you insight and technical skills but contacts and relationships that can last a lifetime. Used gear has never been more affordable but most importantly available. There have been times when finding a used professional sled/arm in great shape on the forum was few and far between. Now its a monthly find. Unfortunately the current work climate may dictate pricing to be more in your favor. Good luck and don't quit your day job.................just yet. Ramon
  5. Ok Terry how about updating us with a new pic of Lillie?
  6. This Arm is in GREAT Condition. Rarely used over the past 9 years. Great backup arm. Comes with arm post. Arm covers are in great condition. PRO arm bag. $5400 shipped in the continental US. ramon.engle@gmail.com
  7. Im selling my Atlas Arm. Whats included: Atlas Arm with Grey Springs. Used Pro Arm bag, T wrench, 2 Arm wrenches, bumperpads. Arm post has two locking collars. $8750 including US shipping. ramon.engle@gmail.com
  8. looking for a Pro Lite sled in any condition. please use my email below ramon.engle@gmail.com
  9. Looking for the new style bayonet mount.
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