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  1. Fellow ops, I'm selling my back up arm. It's a Glidecam Gold Series Arm. It has been modified by Glidecam with stronger springs. It easely lifts 65 lbs. The arm has it's fair wear and tear but works just fine. Selling it for USD 4800.- plus shipping. The arm is located in Switzerland. Thanks. Lukas
  2. More photos of the Ultra sled you can find on this website. If you have questions, PM or e-mail me!
  3. I'm selling a customized Steadicam Ultra 1 : Standard: - 4 section telescoping Carbon Fiber Post (24-71") - 12V/24V - All No-Tools - Tilt Head - Frame Lines Generator - 5" Green Screen 16:9 Monitor Customized Extras: - Extra direct HD line (HD SDI) (additional tiny HD coaxial cable 75 Ohm inside the post. BNC connector on top and bottom of the sled.) - Additional 2 wire cable inside the post (Cinch connector on top and bottom of the sled. Could be exchanged to a Lemo or any other connector easely. I used it for Tally) - V-mount Plate Modification (The V-mount plate can easely be removed and it works with the original Ultra 24V batteries again, or you can exchange the V-mount to an AB plate) - Adapter Plate for 24V with two batteries - Modified Fracolizer system. (It has a battery plate mounted. So you can attach a third battery on the bottom of the sled. The Fracolizer plate can be adjusted for and aft or being removed completely. It has a Lemo FHG.2B.303 connector which you can plug in the HS connector on the lower right side of the sled. The sled has a built in switch with which you can turn the third battery on or off thru the HS connector. What will you get: - Ultra 1 HD Sled with extra wiring and customized options - 5" Ultra green screen CRT 16:9 monitor with CG-balanced monitor bracket and bubble (an LCD monitor can be replaced easely if you prefer the non-green way - I mostly used my Transvideo, see picture) - Sled-to-Monitor cable - Modified Fracolizer System - Long Dovetail Camera Plate - Ultra Dynamic Spin and Docking Bracket and two docking rings - Docking Ring for the Hill Balancing Bracket (if you already using it or intend to do) - Original sled hard case (with wheels) Asking price is EUR 19'500 or USD 25'500 This sled is not a regular Ultra sled. It is more a regular Ultra sled with all the bells and whistles of today's needs added. Everything is located in Zurich Switzerland. You can stop by and have a look at the rig anytime. You can pick it up or I will ship it anywhere (add shipping cost). Thank you for your interest. Lukas ( Transvideo, Recorder, Batteries and ALEXA are NOT included! ;-) )
  4. Yes that's actually true, Chris! With liion there shouldn't be a problem.
  5. Eric, yes you're right, diodes don't reduce amperage. But every diode has a current rating and with regular diodes you don't have the high strength of current anymore you want when shooting with a very power hungry camera, focus motor and wireless transmitter. And as I said: always use two batteries of the same type and same voltage! Then there shouldn't be a problem with protection mode of a battery. It is just my opinion (as an electronic engineer). Peace. Lukas
  6. Will is right with the functionality of the diodes and how they should be set correct. But actually I wouldn't recommend to use diodes for the batteries. Because you will lose 0.7V on each battery with a regular diode and you will reduce the possible amperage. That all depends on the type of diode you use but you will lose power anyway. And given that you probably like to have more power with two batteries parallel I would leave the diodes out. Your batteries don't suffer as long as you always take two fresh ones together and two of the same type. My 2 cents. Best. Lukas
  7. Dear fellows! I know about the physics of acceleration, but I use the internal level of my Transvideo and it works just fine for me. Actually never had any problems with it. And I like the many options for displaying the horizon level on the Transvideo. Most of the time I actually like to have it right in the center of my monitor and in the "flight attitude indicator" kind of style. Many of you may think it deflects your framing. Well, in most cases it absolutely doesn't, and if is does I just simply change it to the "regular" style and move it to the bottom of the frame! For me it is a great way of having total control of my level, but it is just me ;-) Here is how it looks like: My 2 cents. Lukas
  8. Here we go: http://www.ascase.com/galleryFlickr.aspx?pt=photo_details&phid=4768630631&psid=72157624437090310&zoom_highlight=Landau%27s And a few words about it: Cheers from Switzerland. Lukas
  9. Oh wow, didn't know there is such a detailed video about it. Haha, perfect! Thanks, mate!
  10. Dear fellas, it has been a while since I showed up here. Well, a lot of work so far - not complaining here! Okay, I've got a little problem which may get solved very easely I guess. But before I'll do anything wrong and for others who have the same issue... The scale which displays the spring tension inside of one of my PRO arm canisters has moved. Now I'm not able to read the scale anymore. I guess, I need to open up the spring canister? Has anyone done that before? Any instructions? Thanks. Lukas
  11. Same here, missed it last year and have to skip it this time again. Too much work! (...not complaining here) Well BJ, it is such a pity I left Tiny's five minutes before Brad started to fight. We have to repeat that sometime for sure! :-) Have fun everyone! Cheers. Lukas
  12. Will, let me know about that rebuilding and the mods. If I'll like your design I will buy one from you ;-) Michael, of course you will have a stable image on the screen. It's digital! The problem is more, if the signal is too weak (or disturbed) you instantly get a black screen. The thing with digital signal strength is that you can not judge it on a screen, you need to measure it. Accordingly you may see that the signal strength could drop rapidly if you move the transmitter. Good luck.
  13. Guys, for your information: in Switzerland almost everyone has a private liability police. I do have one, too! So, if production doesn't cover anything, you're still moving your rig with a good feeling and quiet conscience. And if ever something will happen, you won't ever think twice anymore. My two cents.
  14. Guys, this device is nothing for using on a professional set. And it's not seriously useable on steadicam. The biggest problem you might have is with the movement. This box is meant to stay on the bluray player in the rack. There won't be a decent stable signal while you move it. The other problem I see is the HDMI connection. It's the worst connection for the pro world in my opinion. HDMI has been developed for the consumer market, where people are able to connect their devices with just one cable, easy and with a great image and sound quality. Well, in the pro world you need a stable connection with decent connector (oh, how many 5Ds I've seen with a broken HDMI connector!). HDMI is very limited to cable length. Also, HDMI is difficult to use because the connected devices need to "talk" to each other. If that isn't possible: black screen! And also, because of this communication between source and display, there is a disruptive delay until you get an image on screen. Terrible! Well, there is only one solution: use HDSDI wherever possible! No HDMI crap! Please! Okay guys, it's just my opinion. But believe me, you or the guys in the video village won't be happy if you come across with that cheap stuff ;-) Best. Lukas
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