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  1. Thanks for the response Damien. Why the handles in the rear? What use do you find the drawer? I guess on longer shows the drawer would be useful.
  2. Does anyone have an Inovativ cart setup they love? What cart did you go with and what would you change if doing all over again?
  3. Hey Ozzie, No, have not priced, just curious to having a quality job done locally instead of sending off. Alfeo
  4. I know of Ritter and have used, but has anyone used Batteries Plus for Dionic HC90's?
  5. Looking for this particular bracket...
  6. I have a day at FSU and will be needing a rickshaw for one day. Can rent and travel with from ATL or New Orleans. -Alfeo
  7. Here is the bracket. It was made by Tiffen to pinch the nose box of the Ultra2 and screw in your MDR2. I took strong velcro and applied on the underside and taped up over the sticky side of the velcro in the trapezoidal sides.
  8. I'm really sorry Matthew, but crazy prep today and I forgot to take the pic
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