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  1. I ended up flying one 26V Dionic on the camera to power it and using the Dionics on the sled just for counter balance and powering the accessories. Like most digital cameras these days once you put the lens, matte box, light ranger, filters, etc on they are extremely front heavy, especially with the old Panavision Primos we are using on this period piece show. We don't have a 400' film mag on the back to balance the cameras out, therefore it requires sliding the camera back so far it's nearly off the mounting baseplate itself just to balance it front to back without the (2 lbs) 26V battery on the back, I also mounted my Preston MDR4 on the back to help with the balance. The question has been, why did Arri feel it necessary to design a wider baseplate for the S35 than every other one of their cameras, requiring an additional adapter plate in order to mount it on a Steadicam or even their own SRH-360 head?
  2. I bought the Boland BVB07 and had it for one day. It's bright for sure but it has 5 little fans inside it with a fan on/off switch in the back that you switch on or off as needed. Problem is that only works for 4 of the 5 fans. The 5th fan stays on all the time. I talked to them about it and they said the current generation is much brighter (3000+ nits) and therefore it required a cooling fan. But even with that one fan going, in a quiet room standing 6-7 feet away from it, I could hear the humming. It won't work as a Steadicam monitor, the sound department will have a fit. They were kind enough to take it back and Boland wanted to hear my input. I told him without the ability to turn that fan completely off while indoors, the monitor is a no-go for the work we do. He said he'll take that advice and work on it. I suggested an ability to turn it off and have a lower brightness mode for indoor work that won't cook the monitor with no fan on. The reliability of SmallHD has always been my concern. The issue is SmallHD doesn't actually make their monitors, but rather sources all the parts for it (much Chinese made I'm sure) and then puts them together, then sells them for the profit. So reliability of their hodgepodge monitors is hit or miss, much of the time miss. Don't get me wrong, I have a 703UB myself, because it's the standard now, but a back up is surely necessary. And in a bind, they are also usually stocked at a rental house too. The SmallHD is nowhere near the reliability of say my old Nebtek Solar HD7 SC. I used that monitor for 13 years with the digital level, in all kinds of conditions, never once went down, never once needed maintenance. I only went to the SmallHD last month because after 13 years of use the image of my Nebtek deteriorated in the last year or so, so the colors were desaturated and the brightness was 30% less than what it was at new and became extremely hard to see in outdoors. I believe that monitor was 1500 nits when new. By the way, I've been using the beta digital horizon on the 703UB and it actually works quite well. Only issue is, it's a bit laggy where my Nebtek digital horizon was like a bubble level, moved immediately upon the slightest tilt, where the SmallHD you tilt and a split second later it moves, if you put it on the highest sensitivity it's then to jumpy. The SmartSystem monitor looks like a good option, couple issues I see though. As mentioned above, unknown reliability (though couldn't be much worse than SmallHD), it's $500+ more than 703UB, and it's basically twice the weight of the 703UB.
  3. I'll be prepping this week with the camera. I'm curious how long the 2x 14V Dionic 90 HC or XT's will run the Arri S35. Of course the sled will be powering a MDR4 and Light Ranger, as well as a Teradek.
  4. Oh that's great William, great to know the camera runs on 24V too, thought it needed 26V. Luckily I still have my old XLR cables too. I knew my old film cables would come in handy again someday. :) Thanks
  5. Hello all, About to do my first show with the new Arri S35. It takes 26V power. Is this a problem with the PRO Sled? I have my tried and true Gen3 base. Is the 24V cable that runs through it capable of handling the 26V power that the Arri S35 uses or will it pop the breaker or melt something? I would prefer not to have to ride a battery on the camera itself and just power the camera/accessories through the sled with the Dionic 26V batteries but clearly don't want to have issues. As most know GPI is closed on Fridays so asking here. Thanks.
  6. Hello all. Does anybody know where I could buy a 15mm rod to MDR4 bracket? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks so much for the info Benoit.
  8. Does anybody own this monitor? The AC on my show now has the first version of this monitor and it's pretty decent. I compared it side by side with the SmallHD 703 and viewing straight on it's comparable, but off angle the TVLogic doesn't hold up as bright as the 703. Also the Mk1 of the F-7H got quite warm to the touch after having it on board the studio camera while on the stage, whereas the 703 felt barely above skin temperature. Did they make any changes to the screen for the Mk2 and cooling? Will the F-7H Mk2 hold up to outdoor use in the heat of summer? Input would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Full system, works great ready for use. In fantastic condition. My personal kit that was never sub-rented. Only used a couple days since December 2019, as it had become my back up system and was used for last minute day playing additional cameras only. 1 Transmitter with 2 receivers High gain array antenna with yolk mount. All the cables, adapters, and so forth included. $11,750 obo will ship to anywhere in the United States included in selling price. Email me directly at: GoingSteadi@GMX.com
  10. Hello all, If anybody could link or refer me to who Betz Tools uses as their distributor in the U.S. to purchase products from them I would appreciate it. Michael
  11. Again, sorry for the late update but the Teradek sold in November. Happy Holidays all.
  12. Sorry late to update this post, but the O'Connor sold last month.
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