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  1. Guido Lux

    Steadicam M1 Volt

    Hey Jerry! What about working in the rain and snow or very low temperatures? Do I have to cover the volt somehow or are the electronics waterproof? cheers Guido
  2. Selling a brand new (never used) M1 (Volt) docking bracket. Asking $ 750 and buyer pays for shipping.
  3. Guido Lux

    New trick for G-70 arms

    Hi Jerry! Long time no hear!! Hope you are well!? Sounds like the upgrade we all want! Now, how do I get the upgrade? All the best, Guido
  4. Guido Lux

    It's never to early to NAB

    It's getting closer...!I need more info since I might make it again this year!! How are ya, Eric!Long time no hear! Can't wait, Guido
  5. HI Peter,remember me?!Hope you're doing great?! I've just worked on a HD soccerproduction last week and the guys of the ob-van gave me a 2m long glassfibreadapter with an extremely flexible 3mm cable to put between their cable and my steadicam!It was perfect!You almost couldn't feel it!And it worked perfektly!!When I asked the guys told me it was made by LEMO here in Munich! I'll be in Spain for two weeks but after thas I'll give them a call and find out how much they want for it!! If you're interested, let me know!! Keep it coming! Guido "I love wireless HD" Lux
  6. Guido Lux

    A possible solution for sunlight HD

    Jaron! This could be it!!!! I'm still looking for a decent HD monitor!Transvideo is coming out with a brand new one in july!!But I guess it won't be bright enough!?! Lets wait and see! What about your mod??Any news on your marshall hd??Sounds very interesting!!! Please,do keep us posted!!! cheers, Guido
  7. Guido Lux

    Murphy cart

    I might sell mine!?Make me a good offer!Its in perfect condition and its the collapsible one! You might wanna email me direct!! peace, Guido :ph34r:
  8. Guido Lux

    One of our own to join the "Directors" club

    Rich! I'm very impressed!Congrats!!! Guido "still carring heavy load" Lux
  9. Guido Lux


    Hi Jerry! How's the book coming?Can you please mail me one of those famous manuals for the antlers too!That would be great!Thx! All the best, Guido
  10. Guido Lux

    Chrosziel Rig

    I'm from munich and a friend of Christian Betz who did most of the design!Maybe it would be best if you'd write him a mail because for me it's hard to believe that he's giving up on his baby!Could be that Chrosziel is going to stop making it but Christian will make it himself and I'm sure he'll guarantee service for the next couple of hundred years...!Just write him an email and I'm sure you'll will get all the info you need! www.betz-tools.com cheers, Guido Lux PS: I think it's one of the best and most vesatile rigs you can buy!!
  11. Guido Lux

    435 and other big draw cameras

    Hi Anders! Where did you buy your gmp batteries??I took a look on their website and they offer almost all brands of battries way under price!I don't know if they're trustworthy?? A dionic90 for 246 Euros!!!That is by far the cheapest I've seen!Have you ordered there?? Guido Lux www.globalmediapro.com
  12. Guido Lux

    onboard light

    Not the kisslite but I've put two K-lites (GEKKO) ontop of the mattebox!With a wireless dimmerbox they're perfect!Very light and very bright! I'll post some pix next week!I feel they're one of the lightest solutions for steadi!! Guido "always lighting up" Lux
  13. Guido Lux

    New Sunlight Readable LCD on the block

    Hi Charles! Yeah!I'm still having the "Thomson-problem"!! Also most of the walkies on set use the 434MHz frequency! How difficult would it be to change my frequency?? Guido"I already have three" Lux
  14. Guido Lux

    AR in the Rain

    UPS! Just realized the email to Howard never got send!!!My mistake!No offense!! Guido
  15. Guido Lux

    AR in the Rain

    Hey Chris! Nice photo there!Did you get those raincovers made (and is MK-V selling those) or did you just wrap it in and seal it with gaffer-tape? BTW did a german production company call you??I gave them your no. because I didn't have time for the job! Do you know when MK-V will be selling the Z-axis gimbalcontrol and for how much?I wrote Howard an email a while ago but he never got back to me! cheers mate! Guido