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  1. Hello all... Discount code is still good till the 10th of July!!! www.g-zoom.com Come by and visit and have a look!! Thanks!! Erik
  2. Hello All..... I wanted to get a booth at the Stabilizer Expo but alas I cannot make it!! So I wanted to offer $100.00 off your G-Zoom order....please visit www.g-zoom.com and place an order and make sure you use the code below for your discount:: code:: steadiexpo my contact info is on the website should you have any questions....will put it below as well.. Erik Anderson 203-232-7507 erik (at) g-zoom (dot) com thanks for your time!!!
  3. Hello All..... 6 days left for $100.00 off your purchase!!!! use the code in previous post!!
  4. Hello all...since I did not go to Stabilizer Expo I am offering $100.00 USD off any G-Zoom.com purchase!! Please use this code at checkout: EXPO100 www.g-zoom.com LIMITED TIME OFFER (expires 6/30/2013) Thanks! Erik Anderson
  5. Hello All Please check out my website as I have a new product that does what Stantons did with my G-Zoom controller. Thank you John and Celeb for your orders and patience. if anybody has any questiond please feel free to contact me @ Erik at G dash ZOOM dot COM Thanks
  6. Hello All! If you are in the market for a custom fitted gimbal mounted zoom control with the ability to control focus please visit my website: www.g-zoom.com For more info and pictures.
  7. Hello All OK most of the newer Fuji and Canon lenses have internal focus servos (Fuji will have a 12 pin connector on the bottom of the lens and it will be labeled...Canon will have a 20 pin connector and will be labeled as well) The G-Zoom basically comes in 2 flavors the BFD Edition which is hard wired to connector directly to the "pot in" connector on the BFD (Thanks Jim Bartell for that option and the BFD!!!!) and the Custom Edition that will have a universal connector and will allow you to use whatever connector suits your needs eg;Fuji, Canon, BFD focus adapters...hence the slightly higher price over the BFD Edition. The Flyer has a gimbal (handle) size of about an inch and yes I do make units to fit the Flyer. Well I hope I gave some info and clarified things a bit. If not you can always contact me here or at the website www.g-zoom.com Also thanks to Thomas and Mike for the kind words about the G-Zoom. Erik
  8. Alfeo there are some product shots on the website I have attacheda couple of others...I have asked some of the ops to send me some photos with it mounted I do have one attached here mounted on a clipper the pink tape was used to build up the gimbal handle....Rob as far as fit I make them custom to fit your rig just need gimbal handle diameter.
  9. Hello Robert Thank you for your interest...well I am not so sure I follow on the points that you mention and i appreciate you not putting me on the spot...I have had some minor problems with the thumb springs a bad batch not being able to catch it until it went out into practical use but is/was corrected...on the gimbal clamp I had a batch of thin composite at the clamp point but is rectified. Thats about anything I can think of that I have had issues with...with anything you can only test so much until it goes out into the real world with all of the variables that you cant replicate on a workbench...I try and catch and fix things before they go out but some things do get through and I try and take care of it right away for the customer and I hope that I have. With any problem big or small that arises I determine the cause and make sure that it get fixed and the next unit that goes out has the update so it wont happen again. Its always evolving with every unit that goes out and i encourage the criticism it makes a better product. Robert I hope I have answered your concerns if not you can absolutely contact me with any concerns you have at the number or e-mail below. Thanks again Erik Anderson 203-232-7507 erik@g-zoom.com
  10. Many Thanks to Claus, Bryan and Mike I really appreciate the kind words and always looking to make it better...the G-Zoom is always evolving. Thanks again guys!!!!!! Erik
  11. Hello All Thanks for all the kind words expressed about the G-Zoom!!! I really appreciate it...well there are 2 units at work right now in Vancouver for the Olympics also have units at CNN, NBC, Food Network, Martha Stewart to name a few places. As for fitting yes I will do custom fit to your gimbal handle just need an accurate measurement from you at time of order. As far as focus these units work with your existing system eg; Bartech Focus Device (Thanks Jim for this great product or should I say Device!!!!) as well as the newer Fuji and Canon lenses that have internal focus servos! Coming soon I will have an interface for you to use your own focus motor so that you will have a hardwired focus from G-Zoom to focus motor should you need to pull your own focus. Of course we all know the importance of having a focus puller I offer this product as an option you should always use discretion when deciding on pulling your own. The G-Zoom is always evolving as I get input from all the op's as to what they like and dislike and I haven't had to many dislikes. I am always looking to improve it as well so again thanks for your support for purchasing a unit or (2) in some cases! As always please contact me if you have any questions erik@g-zoom.com and you can go to the site for more information www.g-zoom.com Thanks again guys and safe flying!!! Erik Anderson, SOA erik@g-zoom.com 203-232-7507
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