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  1. For Sale Cinemilled Pro Ring. Used a couple of times with my Wave. No longer have a Wave, So don't need it. Handheld Mounting Plate for PRO-Ring System - Compact × 1 PRO-Ring Tube 8 in. – Pair × 1 CineMilled PRO-Ring Handlebar System × 1 PRO-Ring Handlebar 14x14 × 1 Universal Cheese Plate Mount × 1 Tube Clamp Kit × 1 Feet for 25mm Gimbal Rings - Pair × 1 Foam Grips for PRO-Ring System - Pair × 1 Spindles for Ready Rig GS & 25mm Gimbal Rings × 1 Paid - $1,339.92 USD Selling – $800 USD + Shipping From Toronto
  2. Used but good condition Wind Killer 4x6 $230 USD + Shipping from Toronto camerasteve@gmail.com
  3. Never used Dock N Roll for sale. Paid 395 Euro - Selling $250 USD + shipping Item located in Toronto https://www.betz-tools.com/en/accessories/accessories-abracam/tilt-dock.php At last, a solution to those shots at the end of a day where the Steadicam® Operator is required to perform “human tripod” lock-offs or you end up holding your Steadicam® at an angle in your docking bracket. Abracam DOCK N ROLL for the Jerry Hill and Tiffen Docking Brackets Achieve lock-off shots from the docking stand whilst finely tuning your frame The whole operation of setting the shot is quick and accurate Once the rig is docked and saves your back in the process Fits the Jerry Hill Gorelock with no modification to your existing bracket Steven French camerasteve@gmail.com
  4. Selling a Teradek 600 SD/HDMI Kit. All works great. There is one small bit of plastic broken off one of the RX V-mount receiver mounts but the battery still locks in fine. $2,800 USD obo I just never use it anymore. 1x Teradek 600 TX 2x Teradek 600 RX 1x V-Mount Plate TX 1x Dual V-Mount Plate RX 1x Single V-Mount Plate RX 1x L-Series Battery Plate 12x Antenna 5x Spare Antenna 1x Antenna Pouch 1x Clamp 2x TX Screw 1x Hard Case 1x Cable Pouch CABLES 2x Mains Power 2x Ptap Power 2x 2pin to 2pin 2x Hirose Power 2x XLR Power 3x HDMI Cables 4x BNC Cables camerasteve@gmail.com
  5. A used but good condition MK-V V4 Nexus with XCS Gimbal and Betz Top Stage. The Gimbal has been used once since its full service from XCS. Its comes with a regular ergo and straight handle. The Top Stage is currently being serviced at Betz and will be back later in the week. I have two full sleds and enough parts to almost make a 3rd. Time to sell one. The only real blemish is a cosmetic scratch on the gimbal hand grip. -MK-V V4 4-Stage 2”nexus Sled - XCS gimbal with regular ergo and straight handle - Betz-tools topstage - Dovetail Plate with 15mm and 19mm Rods - 1x Docking Brackets - 1x Sled to 4pin XLR Cable - 1x Monitor Cable - 1 x Dual Rear battery plate - 1x Single bottom Battery Plate - 1x Sled Case KT PL-LW-97W Located in Toronto, Canada $17,850 USD obo Email me for more pics Camerasteve@gmail.com
  6. Selling for a 1st AC Friend 1 custom Handset 1 fstop reciever V-21 1 M21VE-L motor 2 900 mghrtz wave antennas 2 916 mghrtz wave antennas 2 916 mghrtz Long Articulating Antennas 2 Motor Cables 1 Start/Stop Cable Arri (plc 940 0030) 1 Fstop Arri Power Cable (3 pin-2 pin) 1 PTap Power (ptap- 2 pin) 1 PLC Custom Case w/Foam $2,650 USD obo - Buyer pays shipping Located in Toronto email me for more pics camerasteve@gmail.com
  7. Betz-Tools twister for sale. Used a couple of times. I just don't use it enough to warrant keeping it. https://www.facebook.com/acopage/videos/969744406563988/?tn-str=k*F Peter Robertson ACO talks about using the twister on Bohemian Rhapsody. I have spoken to an operator who has but I haven't had good results using it with a steadicam arm while walking around. Using the steadicam arm to take the weight and booming works well. Also had good results using it with an easy rig, ready rig and sling shot. TwisterQ - Twister set with quicklokplate, short handles, docking pivot with 3/8“screw to mount on Quicklokplate, hook with lockpin TWLH – Long Handles double sided. TWAP - Armpost 5/8 S2 Connector – Easy rig Clamp Pelican Air 1555 Case New $2,635 Will sell for 1750 USD obo + Shipping. Located in Toronto, Canada camerasteve@gmail.com
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