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  1. Brad, while I'm not positive, I believe you can purchase it as a kit and do it yourself. There will be a few minor cosmetic differences since the lever on the right is no longer needed, you'll have the "nipple" (for lack of a better word) sticking out where the latch used to catch.
  2. Twenty years old and still ticking. May be the best monitor ever made. While I finally gave up mine, none of the LCDs are as visible in harsh sunlight.
  3. Critical typo above: "not" should read "now."
  4. Mark, I have not taken the plunge but rest assured should I, I'd be keeping both my XCS 2" post and XCS gimbal (and Wave).
  5. Maxwel, There just isn't a market for it. CRT tubes are practically extinct (especially ones of the quality in a TB-6). Putting money into redesigning that monitor seems far fetched.
  6. An update RE XCS. Rather than modifying the XCS gimbal to accommodate a Volt, Greg has opted to sell a 1.75" version of his post in XCS or Pro mounts. This way the entire gimbal remains within the jurisdiction of one company (Tiffen, M2). I don't speak for Greg or XCS in any official capacity but I know he has long maintained (and still does) that his engineers told him years ago, the proper post diameter for a full sized Steadicam is 2". You risk vibration with anything less. This said, I suspect his 1.75" post is second to none as that is the way XCS builds things. I am saddened that they di
  7. I traditionally like short sleds and change up arm posts (especially for high mode) far more often than extending the rig (to keep the gimbal closer to the camera). Now, I use an XCS mid-arm swivel instead of changing arm posts, but similar idea. Of course, there are times when I DO change the center post length.... They are all tools available to us. And, if you think about it, if you are using a Volt or a Wave, the need to keep the gimbal close to the camera for horizon sake, really doesn't apply.
  8. Orlando, it is not that the first generation of Ultimate 2 can't handle HD (it does), but there are significant differences in the way that it processes the signal. The Ultimate 2HD has an entirely different upper junction box with (for the lack of better words) an HD/3G distribution amplifier that guarantees proper signal distribution from all outputs. In fact, it (and now the Ultimate 3HD) are the ONLY sleds on the market that do this. All other "HD sleds" use good old solid, 75 Ohm BNC cables that in theory support most (if not all HD signals). The original Ultimate 1 and 2 will do this as
  9. Hi Orlando, I suggest editing the tittle and the opening post to reflect this sled is actually an XCS Ultimate 2HD as this is a later model and an expensive upgrade. Frankly, when I saw $30K for an Ultimate 2, I didn't think much of it, but when I saw it was an Ultimate 2 HD I started to think this is a good deal.
  10. Just remember folks, it is not just the weight, but the weight distribution that influences the "feel." Spread your masses to add pan inertia and you'll likely much prefer it.
  11. I've always been a fan of practicing with medium weight most of the time (mix it up occasionally). It serves as a nice balance in terms of building endurance while building operating chops. You are absolutely right that the little rigs are harder to control in many ways, but they can also allow you to get too comfortable with the rig being too far from your body and other bad habits. Conversely, if you always practice with very heavy loads, you'll build muscle but then realistic builds (Arri Mini, etc) will seem squarely to you. Of course, this advice also depends on what market you are in and
  12. I use an XCS gimbal with an Ergo handle. While the Ergo handle has the added benefit of having the same hand position for high or low mode, any long handle will likely give you a better view of your monitor and be more comfortable.
  13. Brandon, Welcome to Steadicam and NYC. Fierce combo! The SOA workshop is fabulous so I am glad to hear this. Shoot me a line some time.
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