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  1. Alec Jarnagin SOC

    Arri LF/PRO Power Problem

    Camera powered down or stopped recording? Were you rolling endlessly? I have seen that camera overheat and stop recording (in studio mode). You can’t roll endlessly but I think you’re talking strictly power.
  2. Alec Jarnagin SOC

    Game changing Betz Modification

    This is great. Can you please post additional photos? Front and side views? I wonder if there is a way to do this with the DB3 as well?
  3. Alec Jarnagin SOC

    XCS Basic HD PDL

    That is a nice saving on a great level. I already own one and am tempted for my second sled, but can't justify it. Someone grab this!
  4. Alec Jarnagin SOC

    Buying old vs new - cheap rigs- Steadicam Master Series

    What Janice says! Nothing wrong with older rigs - just make sure they don't vibrate or are so different from newer models that ACs want to run away (don't under estimate how much work they get you). Indeed, look at used PRO sleds too.
  5. Alec Jarnagin SOC

    WTB XCS Ergo Handle GOOFY

    A few notes for what it is worth... Greg still has a few of the "Goofy" ergo handles left (see what I did there) $1800. Right handed ones are sold out. This is one of the most wonderful inventions ever and may become extinct once all are sold out as the price of production has gone beyond reasonable.
  6. Alec Jarnagin SOC

    Weight cages and Plates

    Janice, Julian, Julian, Janice. Just thought I'd throw down an intro since you're both wonderful people. Janice, Julian was at one time a fabulous focus puller and 1st AC before he moved up and bought a rig. Don't get to see him as much these days, but a fine lad!
  7. Alec Jarnagin SOC

    Framing aesthetics question

    Ditto to Jerry.
  8. Alec Jarnagin SOC

    Steadicam LA Group Discount at Media Blackout

    Alan, this is great. Too bad I didn't see it sooner as I'm way behind (just wrapped a film yesterday). So glad you're catching up! Thank you!
  9. Alec Jarnagin SOC

    Wave-1 and Gyro combination?

    I've been using a single KS-4 mounted horizontally under the gimbal for pan with the Wave on occasion. Works great. Yesterday, for some long lens eCar stuff, I mounted two KS-4s (one horizontal and one vertical on the post) with the Wave. Heavy set top cause of the zoom lens, but I wasn't carrying the weight!
  10. Alec Jarnagin SOC

    MK-V Gen 4 electronics question

    Hey guys, need to power an AR Omega from my sled (to use as a roll cage only). The AR comes with MK-V power cables (for Version 4 electronics). Can anyone confirm that they are the same as the PRO Cine (NOT CineLive)? Lemo 3 Pin ERA-1S-303 12/24 port. Pin 1 24V, Pin 2 Grd, Pin 3 12V.
  11. Alec Jarnagin SOC


    What is the price point anyway? Just curious (happy PRO arm owner).
  12. Alec Jarnagin SOC

    FS: XCS Monitor Bracket.

    FS: XCS Monitor Bracket. This is the original style XCS telescoping monitor bracket. Single tube style so its very rigid! Native 2" post clamp but you can buy reducers for other size posts from various sources. $450US.
  13. Jerry Hill Arri Alexa+ Steadicam Plate (AKA Cinematic Precision). This is the bottom mounting plate to bridge the shoulder cut out of the camera (requires BPA-1 or equivalent on the Alexa). Screws into front of the body and locates in the shoe in the rear. This replaces your Steadicam dovetail . So it mounts directly. Lots of adjustment for different camera configurations. Plus (+) it will also work with the Red camera and you can remove the locating pin and mount it to the Sony Quick release plate. Spare "foot" included as well as the Alexa Studio adapter. $375US.
  14. For Sale: Cam-Tech Alexa/Sony plate (for Alexa, you'll still need a BPA-1 or equivalent of course). Please note, I filed down the red quick release lever to prevent accidental release! You can still get to it with a finger tip or screw driver though. I also elongated the "safety groove" for easier balance. Costs over $700US new. $495US.