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  1. Dave is correct. While I suspect this is a lot more than you're looking at spending (and doesn't include an arm and vest), this is the type of sled you should have to fly an Alexa classic (or other "full sized camera").
  2. This is a beautiful sled and very similar to my primary sled for over a decade. While I have not seen it in person, I'm drooling all over it.
  3. "I also like changing the spring tension while wearing it, often adjusting as I walk to the start mark." I'm sure Larry is aware of this, but to clarify - as it is a common misconception with the PRO arm, you can adjust it while wearing it and walking to one - you just use an Allen wrench (which can be stored on your vest when you get to one; I do this all the time).
  4. Larry, I cannot resit... eight years later... so much for your impeccable timing!
  5. "Wave requires you to pin-lock, power off, reset, power on when high to low reset" Slight correction here. When switching form hi to low mode (or vice versa) with the Wave, you only need to lock the blue knob, make your switch and then unlock. You only need to reset the power if you forget to lock it while switching as in this case, the unit shuts down on its own.
  6. Stephen, hope you're well. Try a shoe repair person as they may be able to replace the zipper (they have the heavy duty sewing machines), Otherwise: http://www.fikenca.com/steadi-cam-bags/ I forget the exact history but I believe this was the person who used to make the bags for Modular 51???? Anyway, you'll see they have a similar lineup
  7. " And biggest of all, relax! I even get called out on this by DPs I’ve worked with for a long time. If I’m tense, that tends to telegraph into the shot, and sometimes I just need to take a deep breath and shake out my hands and try again." Excellent advice for all operating - not just Steadicam. I have found that 99% of the time I'm struggling with a shot (Steadicam, dolly, hand held, etc), take a deep breath and slow it all down a bit. Long lens Steadicam can be great fun, but I still hate long lens wide shots! With a long lens close up, you really zone into the subject and get to play. Long lens wide shots are so much harder for me. I recall one on "The Americans" where I was forced to track an actor head to toe perpendicularly though the woods on the other side of a small creek and I cursed the fibers of my being! Should have been a dolly shot, but no time (and the grips would not have been pleased) but at that distance, the slightest shift in headroom is so obvious (I wonder how a Volt would have helped that).
  8. I've been doing Steadicam for 25+ years which is over half my life, yet every time I visit a workshop, I'm humbled and inspired by the talent as well as inevitably learning something new! It's like a second honeymoon with this marvelous instrument and career. I highly recommend the workshops.
  9. It's to protect the operator (and the camera) from being influenced by the wind.
  10. Paulius, Derek, thanks for the kind words. The app is simply called Omega Control. I messaged Ruben and asked he chime in here so let’s hope he does so.
  11. Derek, Headed off to work, but quickly.... I used the Omega AR a few years ago for an Ok Go Video. Read about it here: https://www.alecjarnagin.com/ok-go/ SINCE we did this, Ruben Sluijter developed an App that controls the rotation of the AR Omega in all sorts of fabulous ways while keeping the stabilization working. I used it with great success (on a dolly) on the Netflix film "See You Yesterday." Take good care, Alec Jarnagin, SOC
  12. I dare say, look at Volt versus Wave. The Trinity is an entirely different beast with an entirely different purpose in life. More importantly, start with your left pinky (right pinky if you're goofy foot) and learn Steadicam as it was originally created - an exceptional instrument with a magnificently simple mechanical design.
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