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  1. Bump! I've had a few little enquires, nothing thats come together as a deal yet. Let me know any questions you have. Kit is in LA if you want to inspect it. Thanks!
  2. Hi there, So I've had a couple of crazy low ball offers, which I passed on thank you! In saying that, I'm open to offer, I'd like to keep it north of $5000. Cheers Leigh
  3. A reluctant sale of my Bartech remote focus kit. I'm selling my entire steadicam kit with a change of direction for my work so it's all up for grabs. This is a very complete kit that can go to work right away. HedÈn M28VP with .4 .5 .6 .8 gears M-One with .4 .5 .6 .8 plus spares (plus extra wide .8 gear) HedÈn M26P (this is the older style horizontal motor, nice back up if nothing else) Aaton to BFD power Aaton camera run Panaflex to BFD power+camera run Glidecam BFD power 4 x motor cables Right angled motor cable BFD to BFD piggyback short BFD to BFD piggyback long Dtap and 4 pin XLR power cables 24v Arri / Movicam power / run cable Arri 12V to BFD power Red camera remote run Data cable / hard wire for backup in case of interference. 2 x butterfly clamps to hold focus / iris units together. 2 x neck straps Case Extra white marking strips PHOTOS: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/pho/5611631928.html $5500 Kind of bummed to sell this kit but I don't use it so time to let it go. It's pretty bloody rock solid and has never let me down. I spent an enormous amount of cash on this kit, feels like a crime to let this go but such is life! Thanks.
  4. Well, the time has come to part ways with my love! I'm selling off all my steadicam kit. I've throughly enjoyed myself but work has me in a different direction and it's pointless having all this kit sitting in boxes. I'm selling my Glidecam GOLD 2inch post sled, arm and vest along with all the other bits I have kicking around. Also selling my Bartech system in a seperate ad. I did mostly live tv work and commercials, this rig has been a killer system, I'll miss her. Here is a link to the official Glidecam site for all the specs and tech talk: http://glidecam.com/product-gold-sled #NOTE# My sled has the 'anton bauer' base with V-Lock plates. Included in sale: SLED (HDSDI internally) ARM VEST Docking bracket (no stand) 2 x pelican 1650 cases. The sled case has a removable lid for tools and spare bits. Everything in the photo is included, tools, cables, talley light etc - (the two blue cases aren't included, they are part of a Vocas kit, I just forgot to take them out for the photo!) Blue wedge plate with Sony VCT plate Jerry Hill hard mount - BRAND NEW, never used Spare vest ratchets NEW x 4 Spare yellow wedge plate Triax header cable 2 x extra docking stands - I used on on my magliner Marell 3 way bubble with elastic strap Low mode cage Padded arm bag Collapsable wind break, custom made with clear viewing panel Extended post for arm - get that extra length you've always wanted Tally for Sony cameras - use the viewfinder plug various BNC cables and a sled to 4pin XLR cable for monitor I'm throwing in a Marshal 7inch LCD. I think this monitor is a piece of crap but I have no use for it so I'll chuck it in. It'd be fine to throw in the kit as a back up but it's only good for indoor situations. (piece of shit!) My heart breaks a little to see her go but it's time. Kit is located in LA and can be viewed in person. Let me know any questions you might have, leigh@loosecannon.com.au Thanks. PHOTOS: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/pho/5611611617.html $8000
  5. SOLD. Thanks so much for all the emails. Great to chat to everyone!
  6. For sale: Preston HU2 with Digital Micro force zoom 2 x batteries in great condition 1 x fast charger Rain jacket for HU2 Preston wired iris controller Jerry Hill PAM arms (plus a few other Hill brackets I'm not as familiar with) 3 different MDR power cables + 3 Camera run cables. (Panavision, Aaton, Arri) 2 motor cables Emergency hard wire 7 white discs Neck strap Instruction manual Yellow pelican case Everything is in MINT condition. This has essentially never been used. You can see by the photos it's condition. I don't have a Preston MDRII or motors so it's time to let it go. I can provide loads of photos of all the gear. Email me an offer or any questions you may have. Gear is located in LA - Thanks! Leigh leigh@loosecannon.com.au
  7. Ok, well the time has come to let my first rig float out the door and into the hands of someone else! For sale is my Glidecam Gold rig (SLED) with NP1 base. The sled is 10yrs old but hasn't been used for 5 1/2 years. It's been living in it's case since I upgraded the sled to a 2inch version. It's still in good condition and functions perfectly. The gimbal is in perfect condition. Only modification is the rubber grip I added. Sled comes with two LCDs, the original Panasonic plus a spare L7 Pro as a backup. (I preferred the Panasonic but the L7 was there just incase) Also included are 11 Lithium NP1 batteries. (10 pictured) 6 of these are brand new with barely any use. Charger is NOT included. Jerry Hill balacing bracket included PLUS a Mag Dock bracket for another stand or if you have a Magliner etc. ($1000 in those two mounts alone!) A Marell Digital level is also included with the sled plus associated cables. Brand new GOLD wedge plate. Custom road case. Wet weather covers. Sled has 12/24 volt power, loads of 12v/video out lemo connectors. It's a workhorse and earnt me a good living in my first years of operating. I had some heavy loads on the old girl back in the day. This would be a great starter rig for someone getting into the game or upgrading from a small light weight system. I'd be thrilled to see it go to a younger operator starting out. I was lucky to have lots of help when I started out so if I can help answer any questions it would be my pleasure. I have been keeping the rig as a back up but I think it's time to let her go for someone else to play with. NOTE - This rig is wired for a SD composite signal. I spoke with the guys at Glidecam and for less than $1700 they will totally rewire the rig for HD-SDI. If you'd rather just use a down converter then you'll save yourself a few bucks. If you'd like to learn more about it, check this link for the full blurb! http://www.glidecam.com/product-gold-sled.php This sled sells for $16,000 and that's with out the extra gear included above. Sad to see her go! Sled is based in LA. Price $5000. Email me if you'd like more details or you have questions. I have approx 25 photos I can email through. leigh@loosecannon.com.au
  8. Nick, I hope you spoke to your financial manger before making that bid?! Those sort of outlandish bids are the things that get you into trouble!!
  9. Hold on folks, we're stepping into a time machine here! Before I begin I appreciate that an item like this is probably almost never used anymore however, in the interest that someone somewhere might put it to use, I'm keen to offer it up. It's a Marell green daylight monitor. I've had it for years but I don't think it ever saw more action on more than a handful of jobs. Still powers up great and looks the goods. Naturally it's SD to you'd need to had a down convertor inline if you only have HD out of the camera. I have no idea what it might be worth these days. I coughed up $4K back in the day! The monitor is located in LA. The pelican case is included. If you think you could use it, feel free to email me an offer. Ok, everyone go back to 2013 now! cheers Leigh Hubner Los Angeles leigh@loosecannon.com.au
  10. Hi there Time to off load some gear and I'm sad to see this unit go. For sale is my Preston II kit. HU2 with 2 batteries and fast charger. Micro Force Digital zoom demand Iris box with cable 2 x MDR power cables 2 x Motor cables Panavision cable Arri cable Aaton cable Emergency power cable. 8 x plastic marking rings Various Hill arms and mounting brackets carry handle Preston rain cover Preston instruction manual Small Dick Tracey style video split wrist watch! Pelican case with soft dividers This kit is in TOP condition. Only been out of the peli case a few times in 2 years. (Thats why it's got to go!) I had trouble getting a MDR2 to suit and now I'm planning a Preston 3 so this gear has to go sadly. I payed $8500 2years back. Make me an offer and we'll see where it leads. I'm not in a huge rush so make it a serious offer! I'm in LA and more than happy to show it off to anyone around town who'd like to see the gear in the flesh. If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks Leigh Hubner Los Angeles leigh@loosecannon.com.au
  11. Hi there Not sure if anyone can help but I'm looking for a good tax agent in LA who knows their way around the film and TV game. If they happen to be roughly in the Burbank area then even better. Its not hard to find listings of people on the net but I often find a recommendation from someone as the best way to go! If you don't want to publish details here, feel free to just email me. Thanks so much, really appreciate the advice. Leigh Hubner leigh@loosecannon.com.au
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