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  1. Gus Trivino

    Teradek RT

    Yesterday I worked for the first time with a Teradek RT. I loved it and it seems very good and smooth. Any experience to share? Thanks in advence, Gus
  2. Gus Trivino

    Walk and Talk technique

    Hi Cedric Like Lisa said, I prefere always in Missionary, but it deppends the speed. If the take is very long, I prefere to change angles of the take -and not to shoot the same frame- during all the take, but it depends what the director wants to do. Just my 2 cent, Gus
  3. Gus Trivino

    Arri Artemis

    Ciao Luca The old and the new model are different, and both works VERY good. I prefere the old model, I feel more comfortable, but it deppends of each operator. 2200 euro? buy it! Just my 2 cent, Gus
  4. Gus Trivino

    New 7" 1500 nits TV Logic.

    I saw it was discontinued
  5. Gus Trivino

    New 7" 1500 nits TV Logic.

    Hi everyone. Did someone try this new 7" tv logic? http://www.tvlogic.tv/new/M_Spec.asp?sidx=66 Any opinion to share? Best to all, Gus
  6. https://www.steadicam-ops.com/searchlist/state/New%20York Contact a local operator in NY and ask them. Gus
  7. Gus Trivino

    VEXIS Video Wireless

    Thanks Jason
  8. Gus Trivino

    VEXIS Video Wireless

    Hi guys Did someone had some experience using the Vexis wireless video? https://vaxis.us Thanks, Gus
  9. Gus Trivino

    Teradek Bolt Pro 300 SDI For Sale

    Hi Joe, it´s not a 300 model. Its a Bolt Pro gen 1. Gus
  10. Hi Sean See this video. Then try changing your droptime ("pendulum swing") between 1.5" to 3 "
  11. Hi Sean Did you try changing your droptime? Gus
  12. Gus Trivino

    Looking to rent a betz wave 1 in Spain

    Hi Josh / Mike Alvaro has a Wave1, but he lives in Madrid. Contact him, maybe he can help you. Álvaro Carla Phone: 34 639 622 604 Mail: a.carla@steadyready.es Best to all, Gus
  13. Gus Trivino


    PM sent
  14. Gus Trivino

    Garfield Mount this week, Rome

    Hi Joseph Call Emiliano Leurini http://www.emilianoleurini.com/contact.html 39 338 7322604 Best to all, Gus