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  1. Hi guys. I had a problem with my Teradek 500. When I started to work, the TX didnt pair with the receptors (I have 2 RX) I tried pairing but nothing. Finally I connected the to the computer, Paired again and everything worked fine, untill I turned off the TX for changing batteries and the TX didnt pair with the receptors again. I connected again to the computer and worked fine, but each time when I have to change batteries and turn off the TX, the receptors didnt find signal. Any advice?
  2. Hi Teddy I was looking in the old manual (by Sachtler) and the new (by Arri) but it didnt appear. send an email to Curt: cschaller@arri.de or Jorg: jpitzing@arri.de They can help you. Best to all, Gus
  3. Hi Brett I think was Eric Catelan, a french operator who operated in others Noe´s movies. Nice work.
  4. Hi Werner, can you do a little video showing how to do that? Thanks in advance, Gus
  5. Yesterday I worked for the first time with a Teradek RT. I loved it and it seems very good and smooth. Any experience to share? Thanks in advence, Gus
  6. Hi Cedric Like Lisa said, I prefere always in Missionary, but it deppends the speed. If the take is very long, I prefere to change angles of the take -and not to shoot the same frame- during all the take, but it depends what the director wants to do. Just my 2 cent, Gus
  7. Ciao Luca The old and the new model are different, and both works VERY good. I prefere the old model, I feel more comfortable, but it deppends of each operator. 2200 euro? buy it! Just my 2 cent, Gus
  8. Hi everyone. Did someone try this new 7" tv logic? http://www.tvlogic.tv/new/M_Spec.asp?sidx=66 Any opinion to share? Best to all, Gus
  9. https://www.steadicam-ops.com/searchlist/state/New%20York Contact a local operator in NY and ask them. Gus
  10. Hi guys Did someone had some experience using the Vexis wireless video? https://vaxis.us Thanks, Gus
  11. Hi Joe, it´s not a 300 model. Its a Bolt Pro gen 1. Gus
  12. Hi Sean See this video. Then try changing your droptime ("pendulum swing") between 1.5" to 3 "
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