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  1. Hi Justus You can buy the Artemis post for a volt. (I think the price is around $3000) If you have a doub, send an email to Jorg. He sent me this info bellow. Best to all, Gus
  2. Take care of Drex Timmy. He contacted me by email trying to scam. Gus
  3. Looking to buy a Walter Klassen iBaird 4 inch right side (Regular mode) adaptor. Let me know if you have one to sell. Best to all, Gus
  4. Im 6´1" and I have the same doubt
  5. Hi Horia: We have the same top stage, but you haven’t the focus Bracket!
  6. Hello everyone A few days ago a scammer contacted me outside the forum trying to sell me a sled - which was posted on the forum by another user - I followed the game to see how far it went.. He called himself "John Weekend", and his email is: johnwkd468@gmail.com Googling his email I found that he had already tried to scam in another forum: https://www.thecj2apage.com/forums/scam-user-name-johnwkd_topic50570_post514794.html#514794 The paypal account where he wanted me to send money is: ndungufran23@gmail.com Be careful. Greetings to all, Gus
  7. Looking for an 1.5" Artemis Post from Sachtler/Arri. Just the Post, no cable needed. If you have one around let me know. Best to all, Gus
  8. Hi Horia I use this bracket on the Artemis Follow Focus bracket: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1476974-REG/smallrig_bse2294_swivel_and_tilt_monitor.html It works fine for me. If a find a picture I will post it. best to all, Gus
  9. Hi Lars If you are in Europe, contact Markus in Germany: baer-bel@gmx.net web: http://magento2.p599278.webspaceconfig.de/de/ or try Maurizio in Italy: https://www.maurizioaloi.com In USA: Jerry Hill: https://steadimoves.com Best to all, Gus
  10. Hi Alex I bought my arms in 16x9 (Los Angeles) https://16x9inc.com I dont know if 16x9 repairs in case of a trouble, but is VERY EASY to solve any problem. The arm is very easy to do maintenance. There is a Facebook group where you can ask if you have any doubts. The Manufacture respond inmediatly beside owners of X Arm around the world: https://www.facebook.com/groups/registeredflowcinexarmusers Best to all, Gus
  11. Im using FlowCine X Arm after using an Artemis Arm (gen 1) during more than 15 years, and Im very happy. The FlowCine X arm Is very smooth, lighter, and strong. The Post sale service is fast. They always answer any questions or what you need from them. Best to all, Gus
  12. Hi guys. I had a problem with my Teradek 500. When I started to work, the TX didnt pair with the receptors (I have 2 RX) I tried pairing but nothing. Finally I connected the to the computer, Paired again and everything worked fine, untill I turned off the TX for changing batteries and the TX didnt pair with the receptors again. I connected again to the computer and worked fine, but each time when I have to change batteries and turn off the TX, the receptors didnt find signal. Any advice?
  13. Hi Teddy I was looking in the old manual (by Sachtler) and the new (by Arri) but it didnt appear. send an email to Curt: cschaller@arri.de or Jorg: jpitzing@arri.de They can help you. Best to all, Gus
  14. Hi Brett I think was Eric Catelan, a french operator who operated in others Noe´s movies. Nice work.
  15. Hi Werner, can you do a little video showing how to do that? Thanks in advance, Gus
  16. Yesterday I worked for the first time with a Teradek RT. I loved it and it seems very good and smooth. Any experience to share? Thanks in advence, Gus
  17. Hi Cedric Like Lisa said, I prefere always in Missionary, but it deppends the speed. If the take is very long, I prefere to change angles of the take -and not to shoot the same frame- during all the take, but it depends what the director wants to do. Just my 2 cent, Gus
  18. Ciao Luca The old and the new model are different, and both works VERY good. I prefere the old model, I feel more comfortable, but it deppends of each operator. 2200 euro? buy it! Just my 2 cent, Gus
  19. Hi everyone. Did someone try this new 7" tv logic? http://www.tvlogic.tv/new/M_Spec.asp?sidx=66 Any opinion to share? Best to all, Gus
  20. https://www.steadicam-ops.com/searchlist/state/New%20York Contact a local operator in NY and ask them. Gus
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