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  1. Hi Toby: Do you have a digital camera? Take a photograph of slead and put on the messagges. Gus.
  2. Toby: Yes the Hirose connector carries 12v power and video. There are two hirose. The other is for accesories. Best regards, Gus.
  3. Ciao Gus. Ho visuto nela Italia e adesso ritornerĂ² per un paio de mesi. Si tu conosci qualcun Steadicam Operator a Milano o Roma, e vuoi, ti prego me invie il suo e-mail per entrare in contatto. Grazie mile. Gus from Argentina..
  4. Hi guys! My english is limited... I will fly with my equipment, and I will go in the same fly. My qustion is: Usually, you send all the cases, included the smaller with the follow etc, in luggagge place (down in the baggage place or you carry on as backpack . I have Pelican cases for my equipment. I dont know if is positive send the Monitor (TB6) "down" (i dont know how say that!) in the case of the sled (Pelican 1650) I have fear for the monitor (maybe can broke something during the handling to the plane) Is confiable the pelican cases in this cases? I Must separate the Monitor of the case of sled and carry on like backpack? Saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gus PS: I have insurance of all the equipment always! PS: Yes Michael, Rome is a beautifull place, is like a museum outdoor. (I lived 1 Year in Italy)
  5. Thanks Ramoncito! Please, give him my email. I am Argentine speak Spanish and Italian (I lived one year ain Milano) but my english is Horrible! :D Un abrazo, Gus.
  6. Hi guys: I will fly with my equipment. The question is: When you fly, Do you send all the equipment on the airplane? or carry on (up) some equipment, like a Monitor or follow Focus? (the cases are smaller) :unsure: I have Pelican cases to send my equipment, but I have fear to send a Monitor, for example, together whit the post. Ayyy sorry for my English. Gus. www.steadifilm.com.ar
  7. Hi BJ: How much is the PRO1 Monitor? Send me an e-mail or leave an msg Gus.
  8. Thanks a lot Ramon. Do you have his Email? --------------- Si guille, Peter estuvo "divirtiendose" con la 535 con chasis grande. :o El brazo estaba contento. :angry: La espalda ni hablar... :(
  9. Hi: I will go to Italy in July. Is anybody from Milano or Rome here? :ph34r: Best regards, Gus www.steadifilm.com.ar
  10. Guille: El de SteadyRig esta muuuy bien. Yo repare mi brazo con ellos y el trabajo que hacen es excelente. Si avanzas con ellos te cuento la movida para traerlo a BA que hice. Abrazotes, Gus. PS: Nunca me dijiste como resolviste el tema Heden :angry: PS: English Spoken, sorry again... :P www.steadifilm.com.ar
  11. Guille: Si, hay muchos brutos detras de una camara pidiendo boludeses pensando que "el Steadi todo lo puede" Saludos, Gus. PD: Sorri english spoken :P www.steadifilm.com.ar
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