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  1. Hi Ben Is March again, and nowaday I have 5 years waiting you to send my Benz 5000 Follow Focus that I paid you. in your last e-mail, you told me: -"take it easy Gus, Is just wait the equipment be anodized" Where did you send the equipment to anodize? I think the guy who is anodizing it is a little bit slowly...
  2. hey gus watched the video clip nice finish actually that was a great match alot going on,and i am glad to see that i'm not alone as well, i've been with relson gracie for a little over 15 years now and i think it is the best cross training for steadicam ops and almost anything else you do but with all said great job,and mike's got a great idea we can do a steadicam op tourney that would be a blast and i know it would suck cause you guys would have to come to hawaii to do the tourney lol then we'll have a steadicam surfing contest at pipeline to that follow up hehe best to all 15 years training with Relson!! Mark, you are a dangerous man... I have a freind training in Hawai, Paula Daian. She is blue belt. Maybe you know her. If not, see her. http://pauladaian.com/ She is model and also windsurf professor over there. Maybe we can invite her to our Hawaian JiuJitsu tournament ;) My weight division is 97 kg (213 L) and yes, I always train JJ fighting from my guard. Take care of my triangle choke guys. See you on the tatami. Best to all, and Armando: Go on! Gus
  3. I won the NAGA (North American Grappling Association) last year with a head and arm triangle (the tecnique used at 1:53 of the YouTube video. Wow, didn't know so many Steadicam Ops were into BJJ. I won two 2nd place medals at NAGA for Gi and no-Gi. It was fun! Unfortunately, I got owned at the Gracie Invitational last year. Trying to work some flying triangles and arm-bars though, figure that's the last thing anyone expects these days. So, Amando you'd love Jiu Jitsu for its art, plus I can only see it helping as far as operating goes (as long as you know when to TAP) haha. -Kat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Amazing. Im not alone. Im surprise other Steadicam operators are training BJJ. After training during 10 years, Im brown belt under Mario Sukata here in Argentina. Next july I hope go to Brazil to fight the Mundial Master. Mike, The choke is called "kesagatame" and usually I train it from mounted position or guard position. if you mistake the choke, you can take the back Here is a video of 2002 fighting a Submission cup. Im in a red tshirt that master Carlson Gracie give me to me in 2001. best to all and take care of knee locks! Gus.
  4. I train Jiu Jitsu & Judo since 10 years. You´ll forget all your stress when somebody is on top of you looking for a choke for you... If you want, I can send you info of some Academies in Barcelona, Alicante or Madrid where I trained. here a video.Enjoy it:
  5. Hi guys I was searching on the forum the e-mail of Robert Luna, but I couldn't find it. Does anyone have his e-mail? Thanks in advance. Best to all, Gus
  6. Hi Jerry Archos 605 is great: http://www.amazon.com/Archos-Wi-Fi-Portabl...6115&sr=8-3 You have to buy in order to get video signal the "traveller adaptor": http://www.amazon.com/Archos-DVR-Travel-Ki...6345&sr=1-1 Best to all, Gus
  7. Im using Coherent since 6 years ago. Maybe is not the chepear equipment, but is not the more expensive too. www.cocom.com Gus.
  8. Happy Birthday Charles (maybe you are the "Benjamin Button" of the forum...) Best to all, Gus
  9. Hi Andrei Ask to your seller and try to change the new for the old model. Maybe is easy to find Hytron 120 model than 100. If not, Rob's 2nd option is my suggestion. best to all, Gus
  10. This topic is only to say thanks. Days ago I had a trouble with my BFD reciver. I sent an email to Jim and the next day the spare parts arrived to Argentina, here bellow of the world. Now, the BFD is working perfect, as the last 4 years. Is really a pleasure to work with you Jim. Thanks a lot. Gus
  11. Hi Anthony I have the Artemis Vest, but I never tried the new model. It looks good and I hope try it , but I have no problem with the first Artemis Vest model. I feel it VERY comfortable. Best to all, Gus
  12. huhuhuuhhuuhuhuhhuhu :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Hi Fabrizio I have the Anton Bauer mount on the Cinemonitor IIIA, but I never used a battery there in order to get a Balance. Yes, I have to used it when I need to power some accesories (The mount is XRL4, not Hirose 10), When I was using all the 12V power from the sled... Best to all, Gus
  14. Hi Juan I saw one of them in Canal 7, here in Buenos Aires. When you come here in December, you can go in order to see it, but I dont know if they can sell the equipment. See u, Gus
  15. Thanks for the answers. I think next time in low mode, I will work without cables. If they don´t wanna work in this way: regular mode. Best to all, Gus.
  16. Hi Richard yes, this is my classical discusion with the video HD operators here. All cameras rental companies have cables made all togheter (audio & video) and covered. I have my thin cables set for audio & video, but always they are complaining against my cables. Anyway, they use the remote -and I don´t have remote cable- and the remote cable that they use is inside in the covered cables (with 2x BNC, and 3x Audio cables) I have not a lot of chances, and I have learned to use the steadicam with cables, but Low Mode is a nightmare...
  17. Hi all, I usually work with video cameras, and always I have to deal with cables. After years, I feel more comfortable using the cables in this way: I use 90 degrees BNC adaptor in the camera, pass the BNC and audio cables under the camera, do a big loop and after going to my shoulder, under the vest. That´s in regular mode. In Low mode, I couldn´t find a comfortable way, and the cables are always pushing the camera. I´d wanna know how you are you using the cables in Low mode. Best to all, Gus
  18. Hi Alan I hope is not too late. I ´d like a copy. My email is steadifilm@yahoo.com thanks for sharing. Best to all, Gus
  19. Hi guys My brother has a TB6 in his Artemis sled, and I use a Transvideo Cinemonitor IIIA in a BaerBel. Im thinking in take his Electronic level - http://www.xcsinc.com/PDL.htm - and adapt it on the transvideo. Did someone do that before? I´d want to know if is possible do that before burning the equipment and my brother kill me... Thanks in advance, Gus.
  20. Hi Richard Years ago I had the same symptom using BDF and M-One, and the problem was in the Motor cable. try changed for a backup motor cable if you can. All the best, Gus
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