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  1. Bump £11500 + VAT for the record all the wiring in the sled is HD its just this monitor I am bundling with has only ever worked in SD
  2. http://www.thomasenglish.co.uk/pages/mk-v-sled-for-sale AR Omega ready £12,000 + VAT (vat for UK buyers) or nearest offer Images : https://adobe.ly/3aQdgp0 Includes a Cinetronic Monitor. Its a really bright solid monitor but since new never worked in HD. I used it daily though on my AR sled in SD which suited the slip rings. Using the downconverter provides a very bright and crisp image viewable from any angle. You may want to upgrade the monitor but I strongly recommend you try and get a monitor that fits this yoke. Its the best yoke I have ever had operating Steadicam. I include a spare downconverter in the kit and a flight case. V4 Electronics J and D box Very solid sled. I was a huge fan on the simplified base which keeps the sled as short as possible with the most clearance whilst also sending the weight as far away as possible. There are no vibrations in the sled its really solid.
  3. Selling my AR Omega rig. I am DoP ing full time now and not used in it 18 months so its got to go. https://www.thomasenglish.co.uk/pages/ar-omega-rig-for-sale
  4. Selling an mk-v 2inch gimble . From the backup rig I assembled and never used so it's pretty much brand new. These gimbles are my favorite as it goes. £2750 (+vat if UK buyer) http://www.thomasenglish.co.uk/stuff-for-sale PLease contact me by email tom@thomasenglish.co.uk
  5. Hey I'm looking for some regular check-in luggage that can fit a fully built Klassen vest and my clothes. Was looking at the Rimowas which are obviously very nice. Has anyone else found anything with good strong wheels? All film industry cases come in too heavy.
  6. I've got lots of cables like all the other jobbing Steadicam operators on this site. of the same sizes as the other jobbing operators on this site hence why the question was aimed at them.
  7. I've got lots of cables. Are there any folder systems anyone has come across so you can store all your cables, find them easily and know when any are missing?
  8. STEADI-SEGWAY £9000 plus VAT or without VAT for export www.steadiseg.com STEADISEG is the newest design of segway and mudguards. The muguard design helps keep you safe from riding up objects and crashing as has happened in the high profile accidents of late. Pretty convinced this segway design would not have had either of those accidents and it was specifically designed around safety. It is fast and you can do some awesome shots with it. Higher res photos available on : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/09ihxhewjoacliy/AAAWHrHqRxRQyYFyrVYnVjsfa?dl=0 This does not include the Klassen Hardmount although we can discuss. more photos on: http://www.thomasenglish.co.uk/stuff-for-sale Whatsapp me on +447970025389 email tom@thomasenglish.co.uk
  9. C-Volution C-Motion Radio Follow Focus with additional seperated Iris knob for DoP and CLM-4 motors This Radio FF has two motors one for Iris and one for Focus. It has an additional iris knob so the DoP can change iris on a seperate handset. All in really good condition. More photos on: http://www.thomasenglish.co.uk/stuff-for-sale PRICE: £6750 UK Pounds camin 2M No. 436 cvolution Handset No. 314 cvolution advanced knob No. 454 cvolution slider CLM4 – 7046 ARRI Lens Motor + slider & 15mm Insert CLM4 – 7049 ARRI Lens Motor + slider & 15mm Insert No. 97 Cvolution Knob Solo 1 x Canon Charger + Power cable 3 Canon 7,2V Lithium Ion Battery 2 CAM-4 Motor cable CHM-2 0.8m (lemo – screw in) 3 CLM-4 Motor cable 0.8m (Fischer – screw in) 1 CCB-1 CBUS cable 0.8m 1 RER-3 EXT – 4 pin EPIC cable 1 RRS-1 3pin to 3pin RS Power cable (ARRI) 1 RRS-7 Anton Bauer 2 Pin “D-Tap” to 3pin RS Power cable 1 4pin XLR to 3 pin RS Power cable 1 CCT-1 cinetape interface cable 1 Cstrap 3 Antennae 12 Focus Scales 1 Motor Offset Bracket (19mm to 15mm each with 15mm Bar and 15mm insert ) 2 0,8 Motor Gears 1 v-lock speedy clamp 1 Data upgrade cable 1 Case h:21cm W:54cm L:40cm approx. 9kg
  10. Transmitter and receiver with the rubber duck antenna as I am keeping the panel antenna for my boxx attom system More photos and contact information on my webpage: http://www.thomasenglish.co.uk/stuff-for-sale £1600 uk pounds, $2000 US dollars, 1880euros or nearest offer.
  11. Maybe your dynamic balance is off. It also sounds to me like the gimble isn't centred; This probably can't be fixed. If it is a relatively cheap rig with an out of balance gimble then just get on with it and start shooting.
  12. would you say it is any improvement on just putting it on the balancing pin? generally just shoot off the balancing pin unless the shot is a lock off then fumble about between tilt brackets and lazy legs. I've got the optical support tilt bracket.
  13. I just read the article. Thats dark. Yeah it is worrying how unsafe these film factories are. How quickly they move and how inconsiderate the turnips are that are at the helms.
  14. Certainly the same cable is used. I've both systems, Preston and a Cmotion. The CMotion Heden motors are modified to be slightly more tame. It is said not to use non-modified motors on a C-Motion. I'll be interested as to what other people comment to this.
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