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  1. PM didn't work for me either... Can I get a copy too? Thanks! jean-nicolas.dorion@cirquedusoleil.com
  2. I know Eric. Sorry if you don't get my sense of humor. Cheers! :huh:
  3. I was just kidding. I never had the chance to try the Makohead either. The dampener that Lawrence pointed out looks like a good solution though (still could be quite heavy on the sled). I wish Bose would start doing stuff for us since there suspension system seams to work pretty well? http://www.bose.com/controller?event=VIEW_...n_challenge.jsp Like I said before? "I'd still never mount that thing on a sled!" Or maybe with a small 1ccd camcorder? Fly safe! ;)
  4. "At only 12" tall and less than 50 pounds" I'd never mount that thing on a sled!
  5. I totally second that. Tilman is a machine and the crew behind him as well! Even worth to buy the DVD and watch the making off... Lots of stairways and complicated moves + small cold outdoors scene that could've ruin everything when he got back inside... VERY amazing work.
  6. Hi Mark, It depends more on what you could do with the rig at the point you are now... Let's say you show up with a brand new Ultra2 on set but can't keep your horizon... I second what Job said, the V25 is a good system to start with, not the best though but certainly not the worst. BTW if you can't afford the rig... Invest in the workshop and continue to play with the Flyer if you can... Good luck!
  7. I second Job and Chip. Marianne is realy kind. Merci Marianne! She always answered my questions the same or the next day. (Even if I'm not a client yet) Just a couple of days before NAB... Be patient guys! Thanks again Matianne & Transvideo for your good customer service.
  8. Thanks for your input Brant, I hope to see you there for a beer if you are around... I want to thank as well all the seasoned operators that help us all to get better. I'll try to do the same in a couple of years... Fly safe!
  9. Hello guys, As an outsider in all of this, I was happy to finally see a satisfied MK-V customer... But here we go again... Howard just doesn't seem to know what's a patent for. He should'nt try to take credit or profits from someone else's ideas. Even though he looks like a good fellow and is really inspired in all he does, he needs to calm down and settle things out. I would have difficulty to trust MK-V and prefer to give my money and confidence in Garrett and Jerry which I respect over all... That's my opinion. Cheers!
  10. Thanks Rob. Now I can't choose between the June or October one! Just kiding. I can see nice colors here each year too... The sooner the better! Thanks for all your help guys. I made up my mind. Can't wait to get there. I'll try to make it to the Arrowhead Lake next time... Someone else thinking of going in Rockport in June?
  11. Too bad Eric. I would've been glad to meet you there! Fly safe
  12. Hello James, I knew David did it and was going to send him an email... Thanks for the tips!
  13. Does anyone have comments on Paul Taylor's 5 days Steadicam workshops at the International Film & Video Workshops facilities in Rockport, Maine? It's not very far from Montreal and I'm seriously thinking about going there next June. I'd like to go to one of the next Arrowhead Lake Classic workshop as well...
  14. NAB is coming soon and unfortunately I?m not going to be able to make it? The worst is that I?ll be in Vegas the 8th till the 12th! Working for the Cirque du Soleil, I?m going to see 3 of our shows and 2 backstage? at least I?m not going for nothing! I was wandering if any of you guys are going to be there the week before NAB. Maybe Eric is going to be there on the 8th for the Champ Car World Series in the streets of Vegas? I would be glad to meet any op over there or chat over a drink in our Revolution club (nothing to do with MK-V or Howard by the way, for those who have sense of humor)? Cheers from Montreal!
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