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  1. Selling (2) Preston Cinema MDR2 motor controllers. 2 x 12v XLR power cables 2 x Power and Run/Stop pigtail cables. 2 x ARRI R/S on /off cables 1 x 2 pin power cable 1 x Panavision Run/Stop cable Panavision Accessory Power TAKING ANY REASONABLE OFFER.......
  2. Alfeo, I don't think I have ever re-celled them, just replaced a few as they were damaged. They all seem to be working really well and the Charger has had zero problems. Switching to Anton Bauer batteries for reasons I'm not sure of... These have been great.
  3. IDX V-mount batteries and charger for sale. 10x powercube batteries 1x endura 96Wh battery IDX VL-4S charger with ac cord. Make an offer.... gfsava@gmail.com
  4. Pair of Preston Cinema MDR-2 (G4 Blue dot) motor drivers for sale. $2000 for the pair, $1200.00.each. Preston to Cinetape Interface cable for sale, $150.00
  5. I have a Bolt 2000, with 2 receivers and cages, all cables and the Pelican case it comes in. Also a brand new Array antenna. Will be available for sale in early March. Possibly sooner. Can you wait? Gerard
  6. Mike, I can get you $7300.00 today. Gerard Sava
  7. Selling 2 sets of UHF SD transmitters and receivers, all in good working order. (2) Modulus 3000 transmitters with all cables and individual pelican cases (2) Sony TU 1040 receivers with AC cords, multiple tuned antennae. One is factory original, the 2nd is a 4channel "quadversity" diversity receiver modified by Video genius Dennis Green. (2) CIT sharkfin antennae. Cables include Modulus power from: Master/ultra steadicam 3pin RS (arri) Panavision Lemo Aaton XLR P tap Any one using standard def video or in need of redundant video transmission for handheld monitors or monitoring over tremendous distances, this setup is fantastic. All offers considered. Some acted upon. Gerard Sava gfsava@gmail.com
  8. Bump. I really want to sell these. Make an offer, it kills me to see them in my shop and not doing somebody some good. First serious-ish offer gets the lot.
  9. Found the battery plate. Right in the clever spot I put it so that I'd never spend an entire morning looking. Hmm.
  10. Asking $8000.00 each for arm and sled. $14,000.00 for the lot.
  11. Power Cables available with the sled include: 2 x 12v XLR right angles 1 x 12v XLR straight 1 x 24v XLR straight ( no idea what that was for) 1 x 24v small lemo (PV XL power?) I said that a Tiffen 24volt battery plate was included, but after searching all morning, I can't find it. Sorry. The 24volt batteries and chargers are available but you would need the plate from Tiffen to use them. Gerard
  12. I also have a complete Ultra sled for sale. Listed on this forum.
  13. Selling my Tiffen Ultra Steadicam with lots of bits and pieces. This rig has served me very well since 2001 and according to Dan Ikeda at Tiffen, it is probably the most updated of the generation 1 Ultras. The battery system has been upgraded to the idx v-mount style and everything works well. Full disclosure, this rig was dropped while in low mode last summer and some damage was sustained. The camera and lens took the majority of the impact but the nose of the top stage was bent slightly downwards. the base of the rig hit the ends of the carbon rods and they seem fine. As it was part of an insurance claim, I had the rig sent to Tiffen for a full disassembly and inspection. They looked over everything, saw only what I saw (the bent nose) and sent it back to me. I powered it up, everything works fine except for the side to side motors in the top stage. They are stuck but I think I can fix it. I have the original Green screen monitor for it as well but haven't used it in years since getting my Transvideo monitor. The CRT was banged up a few years ago, the screen has a crack in it and the magnets on the tube need realigning a circle on the monitor appears slightly ovoid. I have always taken very good care of this rig and I think its cosmetic and mechanical state speak to that, but it was used. A lot. I am happy to discuss at length any questions about the rig, I know there might be trepidation about this but having spent a long time with it since getting it back fro Tiffen, I think it could serve someone very well. If you are in the market for a very affordable rig that can support and power the biggest cinema cameras and lenses, this could be it. For piece of mind, I could ship the rig to Tiffen for another inspection if the buyer was interested. Elsewhere on this forum I am selling an excellent, very clean Tiffen Ultra Arm with 4 posts and a new socket. Could be a match made in heaven (or Burbank) Included with the sled are: lots of spare parts, CRT monitor with 2 cables yoke for Transvideo 6" monitor yoke for any monitor with a 1/4-20 screw mount. 3 camera plates, 2 long, 1 short Antler dovetail mount ( I used this for mounting a Codex Raw Recorder to the bottom of the sled) IDx and Tiffen 24volt battery mounts. 6 Tiffen 24volt batteries (recelled by Emory Soos at Lentequip) with 2 PAG chargers in a hard case. All offers considered. Happy to ship internationally at buyers cost. Gerard Sava gfsava@gmail.com
  14. I was premature in posting that last ad. In going over the gear, I am in the process of putting it all back together. The nose of the top stage was bent in a crash this summer and I won't know the status if the rig until I get it together and power it up. Then I will re-post . Thanks for your patience. Gerard Sava
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