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  1. The May workshop is filling up fast, only two spots available. http://www.steadicam-ops.com/workshop.shtml
  2. What is everyone seeing out at NAB? How was the Tiffen get together? Bummed I'm not there and jonesing for some info. Jay
  3. Hey everyone, I hope everyone had a great holiday and 2014 is off to a great start for you all. The Steadicam Operators Association has announced their Spring 2014 Workshop dates. http://steadicam-ops.com/workshop.shtml Please reach out if you have any questions. See you in May! Jay
  4. I have been using one for a month now, and I like it. There are things I love about it and some things I think I'm doing wrong. The reason I say this is because I have adjusted it quite a bit while operating. Some adjustments felt great, then I would wear it a little shorter or longer to see the range I had. I am curious to talk with Chris about the hip pads? I have an email into him about the pads and if there are options. I didn't have bruising, but sometimes would catch myself in a bad position and feel some pressure on my hips. I love the control I have with my shoulders and chest. I have been operating in a back mount for a while before this demo. I need to remember it's not so much in my hips now. (Another reason I tried adjusting things with the shoulders in the Exo) I LOVE that there is no strap under your arms to the breast plate. That was my biggest complaint with the other front mounted vests I've worn. This might be my favorite feature in the Exo. That freedom only, is worth the price of admission for me. 80% of my operating is live TV, I wear the rig for a fews hours at a time, like most live guys. One of the things I love about my back mount vest is how quick my body recovers after I get out of the rig. I have that same feeling with the Exo. I've been real happy with it so far. Jay
  5. Funny how when bullies are called out in public, and in private, they never respond to defend themselves?
  6. How come none of the bullies chimed in to defend themselves?
  7. Louis is correct about two things, GPI will not be there. The SOA workshops however are not run by Tiffen. Tiffen sponsors our workshop and generously donates the equipment we use. I run the workshops, I am not an employee of Tiffen and I do not own a Tiffen rig. The other thing Louis is correct about is that these are the best workshops you will attend. Jay
  8. There are a few spaces left in the upcoming Steadicam Operators Association December Workshop http://www.steadicam-ops.com/workshop.shtml Feel free to reach out with any questions. Best, Jay
  9. Torch, I like that idea, I'm going to have a quick chat with some of my ENG guys. They love projects like this. Hope all is well. Jay
  10. I'm a little late to the party here, but felt I needed to jump in on this topic. I am the President of the SOA and run the workshops that we conduct. I run every aspect of the workshop, renting the space, hiring the instructors and helpers and getting the gear to use. I do not own a Tiffen steadicam, the right fit for me was an MK-V, that's what I operate. I like Tiffen products, I like PRO, I like MK-V. There are great things about all of the different products out there. What we stress at our workshops is the elements of what you can learn and practice to become an operator. The SOA workshop is 5 1/2 days of steadicam practice. We bring in operators from all over the world, some of them use Tiffen products, some use MK-V, some use PRO, some even have frakenrigs. Honestly, besides the fact that Garrett and Jerry are SHARING their knowledge, the best thing about our workshop is all of the different viewpoints the students are exposed to. I feel pretty confident that students leave our workshop with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about all aspects of operating and what will work for them. I work really hard on making the SOA workshop a great learning experience for everyone who comes there. Frankly, I'm insulted that a seasoned and professional operator like Eric Flecther would reduce my hard work to, "Translation, this is a concentrated sales event and we don't want you to see the benefits of the competitors rigs." and that others would "like" his comment. Do some good in this industry Eric, you have a wealth of knowledge that many people could learn from. Instead, you throw out insults, bash people who do not think like you and offer nothing useful to our craft. 30 some years ago Garrett could have done the same thing, bash dollies, insult other ways of moving the camera but he didn't, he shared it with anyone who wanted to learn and copy what he did. Thank god he did, or I wouldn't have a job and neither would you or any other operator of Tiffen, MK-V, PRO or even Glidecam. Do us all a favor and offer up something more than just a mean spirited opinion, do some good for your craft.
  11. Hey Everyone, The SOA wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Our May 2013 dates have been announced, please pass the word, May 19-24. http://www.steadicam-ops.com/workshop.shtml
  12. Here is our workshop page, let me know if you have any questions. http://www.steadicam-ops.com/workshop.shtml Jay Kilroy SOA
  13. Not sure why Luis posted this, but thank you. Let me know if you have any questions. Jay
  14. I can also get you one if you still need it, let me know. Jay
  15. The dates are set and there are still a few spots available for the Steadicam Operators Association Spring 2012 Workshop. The SOA's workshops are what started them all, we pride ourselves as being one of the world's best workshops for learning the art of steadicam. We bring in top operators from all over the world to share their knowledge and skill to help you learn. Please check out the link to our website for more information. Let me know if you have any questions, we look forward to seeing you in May. http://www.steadicam-ops.com/workshop.shtml Jay Kilroy SOA President
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