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  1. Wheres my practice camera!!???? lol glad you are moving up Geoff. Thats rad. BJ
  2. Hi BJ

    i hope you are well.  Did you want a volt cover.  I saw your message a week or so back



  3. Hey guys and gals, I had a question that may have already been answered here somewhere. Does anyone have a technique or tip for making a rain cover for the volt gimbal? I have a commercial and we have rain planned on Tuesday. I just wanted to know what people may have done for rain. Post your pics if you have any. Thank you. BJ McDonnell
  4. If Nathan buys you DB3 Id be interested in the upper electronics. Not the lower. Let me know if you'd be willing to sell that separate?
  5. Anyone at cinegear wanna sell their wave 1 this weekend? Lemme know!
  6. You wouldnt happen to be coming to cinegear in Los Angeles this weekend would you? Or know someone who is?
  7. Im in Los Angeles and looking to see if anyone is selling their wave? Please DM me if you are thank you. BJ McDonnell
  8. Hey Rick, I just had someone buy it. You can get a third wheel to control the third axis. You can't tilt straight down though. Its cool. really solid.
  9. I'm selling my Maxima head which has been fully upgraded and has the latest software installed. It also includes the spider mount for the steadicam arm and it has the quick release plate. Also in the package is the PLC wireless veracity wheel set. Works flawlessly and easy to set up. It is a Anton Bauer mount for the batteries. I'm asking 18k for the whole setup. Its a great stabilized head and wheel setup and was just serviced by FOMA in Germany. PM me if interested. BJ
  10. Lisigav on the screws and on your junk should make things smooth. Miss you Ron. Been too long. Love your posts lol.
  11. Honestly, flying two F65 cameras is not worth it. That has got to be the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Ive flown plenty of 3D rigs and when someone asks you to fly two f65 cameras I'd say no. Its not worth the wear and tear on your body. Converting to 3D has become so good now I don't see why people are still flying 3d rigs. Just my two cents.
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