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  1. Wave 1 in perfect condition. Was serviced a year ago and never used after. Comes in pelican case with two PRO power to wave cables and one Dtap to wave cable. Will throw in a mounting plate also. $5,500. Its located in Los Angeles, Ca. ted in Los Angeles.
  2. Selling my barely used PRO telescoping arm. Cost new $1,450.00. I will sell for $900. serious offers only. Thank you.
  3. Hey everyone, My Cinetronic just powered up and the image has a weird almost false color whiteish issue. Its like snow predator vision. I am posting a pic and if anyone has had this issue and knows how to fix it ( other than throw it in the trash) lemme know. We tried everything and its just the monitor being the issue. Im prepping and shoot next week. Lemme know! I pretty much know that Cinetronic won't help resolve this issue so thats not even a way to go. Thanks!
  4. Hey Quick question, do any of you charge a weekly rental on your wave alone? Im possibly using mine in a handheld configuration and was curious if anyone has weekly or daily rental rates you have received for the wave. Lemme know! Thank you.
  5. I agree that the google authenticator is really a pain.
  6. Cleaning out my garage and have some Steadi things to sell. One VERY USED Walter Klassen back mount harness lite. This is one of the originals. Comes with a very used bag , pump for the bladder, extra buckles. Make me a offer. One Paralinx Arrow -x with one transmitter, two receivers, two Array antennae, and lots of cables and brackets. If anyone is interested make me a reasonable offer. Everything works great. I just don't use this stuff anymore. You can send me a message on here. Buyer pays shipping costs. All is located in Malibu, Ca. BJ McDonnell
  7. Thank you Randy. Anybody else wanna suggest any monitors or setups?
  8. I am currently using the Cinetronic 2 but I'm a bit worried of the customer service if it goes down. What are you guys using right now? Are the 703 small HD monitors the new go too monitor? I've been outta the loop for a bit on the forum so I just wanna hear what you guys suggest. I'm in Los Angeles so customer service is important. Kinda like when PRO was here in LA but now gone up in Oregon. I miss being able to drive to PRO and get my gear serviced and walk out with it. Lemme know!
  9. Steadi in the rain isn't fun. This looks like a whole new level of no thanks lol.
  10. Wheres my practice camera!!???? lol glad you are moving up Geoff. Thats rad. BJ
  11. Hey guys and gals, I had a question that may have already been answered here somewhere. Does anyone have a technique or tip for making a rain cover for the volt gimbal? I have a commercial and we have rain planned on Tuesday. I just wanted to know what people may have done for rain. Post your pics if you have any. Thank you. BJ McDonnell
  12. If Nathan buys you DB3 Id be interested in the upper electronics. Not the lower. Let me know if you'd be willing to sell that separate?
  13. Anyone at cinegear wanna sell their wave 1 this weekend? Lemme know!
  14. You wouldnt happen to be coming to cinegear in Los Angeles this weekend would you? Or know someone who is?
  15. Im in Los Angeles and looking to see if anyone is selling their wave? Please DM me if you are thank you. BJ McDonnell
  16. Hey Rick, I just had someone buy it. You can get a third wheel to control the third axis. You can't tilt straight down though. Its cool. really solid.
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