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  1. Lisigav on the screws and on your junk should make things smooth. Miss you Ron. Been too long. Love your posts lol.
  2. Honestly, flying two F65 cameras is not worth it. That has got to be the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Ive flown plenty of 3D rigs and when someone asks you to fly two f65 cameras I'd say no. Its not worth the wear and tear on your body. Converting to 3D has become so good now I don't see why people are still flying 3d rigs. Just my two cents.
  3. Looking to see if anyone is selling a red epic with accessories or without. Pm me if anyone does.
  4. Selling my spare PRO II battery hanger, center post, and J box. Standard def setup just add a gimbal, D box, and a monitor and go! If interested please pm me. Make me a offer. Thanks!
  5. True story, many years ago I was on a feature shooting in Arizona. We were on the top of a very small mountain. I was operating a crane shot and my rig with camera on it was put off to where the equipment was being held. Not much room on top of this place. Somewhere during the take a crew member bumped into my stand and it went rolling over the edge of the mountain. The camera and all of my gear was toast. I called Gpi and told them what happened. They immediately began building my new gear and was in talks with production for the insurance claim. He next day when I came to set Gpi sent out a loaner rig so that I could keep going on the show while my new gear was being built. THE NEXT DAY!! Talk about quality service. I will always be a PRO owner and with the service they bring I will say no other can compete.
  6. I have to say the cable cam stuff looks pretty sweet. I'm not a lover or hater of the movi. It's not going to replace steadicams. It's just another tool to throw in the kit. The fact that it can only handle smaller cameras gives it a limitation the steadicam does not. I actually think the movi and movi knock offs are pretty cool. I think that it's only gonna get better over time. I was just in Vancouver on a film and a guy built a set of wheels to operate it. If the response time gets better (which it will) it' could be very useful. And honestly if they built a movi to handle say an Alexa I mean are you really gonna try to muscle that all around? I think not unless you are wearing a easy rig and have plenty lisagav to oil up your spinal cord. For the smaller cameras I say radical stuff!
  7. Hey thanks you guys! It was a fun little project to do! Directing this was such a fun small gig but getting pretty damn good hype!! Again thanks for checking it out .
  8. If anyone is selling one this weekend lemme know. I need one!!!
  9. Im selling my MK-V Nexus sled. It has barely been used as I used it mostly for AR shots. I have sold my AR and have no need for this sled anymore. It is in excellent shape. Used on features "Jack Reacher", "Battle Los Angeles", "Halloween 2", "FAME", "Macgruber", etc... -2" Deluxe Four-stage post to extend to super low or super high mode shots -Deluxe V2 Gimbal with interchangeable post handles -V2 Monitor Arm -Wolfe Video monitor ( Its good for a beginner but I would upgrade to a high quality monitor) not hi def -Betz Topstage super rigid and vibration free with built in bubble level -2 Camera mounting Plates (one with built in motor rod holder) -V2 + D-box and J-BOX standard def -1 X Dual and 1X single Battery module for Anton Bauer batteries. Can be changed to V lock - Gorlock docking station with 2 rings on the sled for hi and low mode. Best docking station available -Full power cable set ( Arri, Pana, 12v XLR and 24v XLR, Red one power, Preston MDR Power) -Full set of allen wrenches - Pelican case 1730 (holds all listed above ready to ship) Make me a offer. Serious offers only. bjmcdonnell@mac.com
  10. file://localhost/Users/bjmcdonnell/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Masters/2012/08/18/20120818-174309/185467_4046908763827_1942403948_n.jpg
  11. Nice you guys. I too don't come on here much anymore. This forum was a lot of fun when I first joined and the information was fantastic. There was a great level of support with the community of ops and professionals on here. For the last few years its seems like there is a ton of bashing and BS. It got to the point where I would only check the "FOR SALE" section then bail off. I hope this forum can get back to what it use to be. Can't we all just get along lol.
  12. Hey Guys, I have sold my AR and I need to do some Cleaning of my garage. My Nexus sled is up for sale so Hit me back if anyone is interested. Lets discuss a price! Comes with a Gorelock system, Camera Cables, And full Pelican case. NO Monitor. email me to discuss. bjmcdonnell@mac.com
  13. HEY!!!!! Yea Im in bud!!! No idea you were even in town!! I don't know if I can do tomorrow but Sunday yea!!
  14. Mind if I tag along? I could use a few. Everyone is invited.
  15. I will buy you one, and have much to discuss. Especially on the topic of calling someone first.
  16. I am a big believer in using a doorway dolly or a western dolly. It comes in the grip truck and costs you nothing. Also hard mounting to a regular dolly works pretty great too. Does production pay extra for a segway? Do you get a good rental on that?
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