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  1. If you are not iam ready to take off the xcs 2” gimbal of your hands
  2. You must check and probably replace the gimbal and the top stage (I suppose we talk only for the rig , there is no reason to discuss about arm and vest )! dynamic balance is just maths you can achieve it as the gimbal it’s ok Diference always is huge it’s look like comparing a Porsche with a fiat !
  3. I suppose that I learn to live with wave and totally forgot the volt as I love 2” post
  4. We are still waiting mkv to modify volt on mkv 2” gimbal ......
  5. Searching for pro (sd) lower junction box pin Out
  6. Something change on Transvideo !Transvideo is not anymore the company we used to love !!! Previous weeks my rainbow just stop working (totally dead ) I have read a week before an operator complain about rainbow (remember that I read Transvideo don’t have the parts of it anymore) .So I called my local dealer of Transvideo and I clarified him to ask Transvideo if they repair rainbow had anymore .... after mails they clarify to me that they always repair their products and my monitor as they always do ,so the monitor gone to France and after some days they respond me via my dealer that it must replace main board circuit and the display also .;;;;;(have in your mind that iam the only user ,4 years monitor and not hard use ....) It will cost around 1000€ BUT They DO NOT have spare parts so they CAN NOT repair it !!!!!and they offer me the stargate for 1975€ ...bla ...bla...bla ..... so I Have 2 questions 1) why they said that always repair their products if they don’t have spare parts ?????(after all I mean why I must pay shipping to France and back with no reason?????) 2)Why I must buy a new Transvideo if I know that if I need service , probably Transvideo don’t have parts???
  7. What frequency working the old uhf mdr 1 ? Problems?
  8. Check your docking bracket...maybe the bracket scratching the post when you docking the rig .some scratch in the same point can be deseaster for carbon
  9. Also 1.5" bracket for both gyros included(I just remember I have it &hI must search it in basement
  10. Hi Dennis 2 k4 with inverter in pelican &2"post ring 3700
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