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  1. Hi folks. For sale is my Atlas Arm, SN #12. Purchased new from GPI. Comes with 2 Blue and 2 Gray canisters, all new style, no windows. PRO Arm bag, 5/32 T Wrench, 6" Arm Post, Spare kit with the Gold wrenches and a few bits you will one day need all of a sudden on set. It all works perfectly, Ready to ship or deliver if your in South Florida. 12k best, Ozzie
  2. Hi folks... on the top stage there is a little Red safety tab....where you almost need two hands in order to unlatch the plate. This is a part that I wish was on the wave as well but being that the wave latching mechanism is almost cradled inside of the two arcs I feel a little safer with that one and I was very happy to see the safety mechanism on the top stage when I got it. I'll send you guys short video clip of it tomorrow. I too had heard some folks saying it was vibration-free and other folks saying that there were vibrations and then I heard that they made some improvements to the
  3. I just found out there is a 7" Betz plate. if anyone has one stateside let me know, looking. Thanks. Also looking for the short rods for the Betz Top stage.
  4. Hi. You touched on a few things I had not in my post. It took 30 minutes for me to put in the first contact and when it was time to take it out at night another 10-15 and each time my eye was sore and tired from the monumental effort. My wife helped several times, it was no fun. I explained it as having my eye have a mind of it's own and fighting tooth and nail the thought of something foreign touching it. I was told I could keep it on my eye a few days at a time but my body was making quite a bit of protein to ward off the contact and I would need to remove it each night to clean it. I did sl
  5. Hiya folks. Price is now $2950 shipped anywhere in the USA. best, Ozzie
  6. Hi Geoff, I loved reading thru this thread. I'll tell you my story. Years ago...I turned 41 , Great year. My 1st child was born and during that year I noticed I was spinning the diopter on the Broadcast Eyepieces closer and closer to one side, effectively needing to increase the magnification in the eyepiece. My Far vision was impeccable at 20/10 both eyes. My close vision went from being able to focus on my thumbnail at 6" to having to hold it at the furthest extent of my arm. then even further. For steadicam this was still fine. since the monitor ( Always a Transvideo) was
  7. there was a dock mounted timer from CP.. dos anyone have a pic of this thing?
  8. Hmmm, would like to see it at work connected to the unit. Is it a stiff cable?
  9. Finally got the Betz Stage 2 weeks ago. Been working with it for the last 5 days. Great Top stage! Thinking about doing the Cramped Attic modification to lower the whole thing just a bit. Ozzie
  10. Hi folks. Looking for a used Betz camera plate. I'm gonna cut one end of it shorter so it can be rough looking as long as it's still fully functional. DM me with details. Thanks. Ozzie Miami, FL
  11. Hi folks. Looking for a lightly used LP4 charger. Just shopping around.. Funds are not as plentiful at the moment so looking for used. Best, Ozzie
  12. The Optical Support Lever Latch system has been sold. What's left is the DB3 regular OEM and has the Optical Support 15mm rods. Price $3050 shipped anywhere in the Continental US. Email or text for pics. Ozzie
  13. UPDATE: GPI Plate has been sold. Price is now $3500. After a few inquiries about the plate and OS parts, I'll return the DB3 to OEM with the regular latch and the Diving board up front, and have the OS parts available separately . Both the 15mm Rod upgrade for the front, and the Latching mechanism. They are pricey though. and the plate will be separately as well. Other prices for the OS parts will be coming in a few days if the Built stage doesn't sell. Ozzie
  14. Hi folks, Selling my trusty DB3, I did the optical support lever upgrade as well as the 2-15 mm accesory support rods up front. It is used but in great working shape. On the non latching side you will see a square hole that is where the tension lever used to be and that is what you're left with when you do the optical support upgrade with tool less Latch. You might also notice some gray putty around a bracket that supports the right side fore aft inching knob, the DB was like that when I bought the donkey box over 7 years ago and that glue did come undone probably from a bump while b
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