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  1. Osvaldo Silvera SOC

    Transvideo Cinemonitor HD6 X model, Red Knob

    Got it. Thank you.
  2. Osvaldo Silvera SOC

    Klassen Backmount Vest $2,000

    I have extra pads if anyone wants to buy some.
  3. Looking for Cinemonitor HD6 Red Knob X model. Ozzie
  4. Osvaldo Silvera SOC


    Replied here and also sent email, and email was bounced back
  5. Osvaldo Silvera SOC

    Arri 416 Steadicam Bracket

    Looking to see if anyone has the Arri 416 Steadicam Bracket. It's a small squarish plate with a captive 3/8-16 screw and a couple of locating pins and a bunch of 3/8-16 threaded holes under it. Ozzie
  6. Osvaldo Silvera SOC

    First Steadicam workshop 1980

    Was this the 1st Steadicam Workshop? I thought it was at Image Devices in Miami. A rental house owned by David Haylock. (The place is still there and still open under the Budget Video Rentals now, same owner). Dan Kneece I believe was in attendance.
  7. Osvaldo Silvera SOC

    Anyone else get the cold shoulder from Atomos?

    Pamela Berry was my 1st contact, got an automatic email telling me she was no longer with the company to send my inquiry to Rodger or Travis and I send an email to both of them still nothing.
  8. Hi folks has Atomos closed down? Been trying to get my samurai blade 5.2 serviced and I've emailed 3 different people and not one has replied to any of my requests for service information. Been trying for about 2 months now but work has kept me pretty busy so I haven't pressed on but maybe there's a representative on this forum that wants to answer my question about where to send it for repair. I know you can't normally just send something in without an RA number. Just not sure if the company went bankrupt or out of business? They seem to still be selling items. Does anyone know a direct phone number where I can call someone for some help on getting my samurai serviced.
  9. Osvaldo Silvera SOC

    Wtb Tango

    Hi there so what is a Tango unit going for nowadays? And how heavy of a camera or sensor pickup Mount can you put on the front of that thing? I have a job coming up that I think the reach and mobility of a Tango would be great for this particular shot. Can you put something like a Red helium with a prime lens on it? Ozzie
  10. Osvaldo Silvera SOC

    PRO gimbal vz, center post, gen 4, cam jam

    Does the Post have the HD Cable inside? the one with the 2 HD individual lines?
  11. Osvaldo Silvera SOC

    Betz Top Stage or Pro DB-3?

    How is this thread holding up? Any other Converters to the Betz? I have had a DB3 for years, and before that the DB2 for years and before that the DB1.2?, 3A, 3, Model 1, etc... I have the Betz Wave, and the Betz Handheld shoulder rig. and I'd love to have all the mounts be the same. What is everyone thinking at this point 7-8 years later after the Betz top stage came out? I have at one story of vibration from the Betz top stage, causing the op to switch sleds all together. trying to gauge the current thoughts out there before plating some $$$ to TEST something out. If I went with the Betz, I'd always have a set of short rods on there to have the Hill MDR bracket on there. Ozzie
  12. Osvaldo Silvera SOC

    Cinemilled Pro Ring for Ronin2

    Hi there, What are the other parts that come with it? Is there anything that's not pictured? I see the $399 Frame and the $199 Universal adapter and the Tube Clamp Kit $99. Best, Ozzie
  13. Osvaldo Silvera SOC

    Top Stage.... USED

    Hi folks, putting together another sled. Looking for a Top Stage. Used, As long as it works well. Could be a Betz, Could be a DB2, Maybe even an MKV3A XY top with a plate? Let me know what you have. DM me please. Thank you, Ozzie
  14. Osvaldo Silvera SOC

    Great condition Anton Bauer HC Batts.

    All sorted out. Thanks Paul at Anton Bauer.!
  15. Osvaldo Silvera SOC

    WTB. Teradek sdi bolt in LA

    Hi there, Thank you. Already sorted it out this morning. Thank you so much. Ozzie