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  1. ARRI's Curt Schaller will be doing a demo at Cinema-Vision on Saturday, October 14. Click link for details and to reserve your spot --> http://conta.cc/2yrIj6m http://www.facebook.com/TeamARRI/photos/a.117451524060.96832.75451039060/10155738172374061/?type=3&theater
  2. Hello Adam, you are right this two screws are a part of the silver safety block. Now I hope you still got the 6 other screws, which you will need to mount the bended hip plate. Please place the screws into the smalls holes of the safety block. Now place the bended hip plate over the 6 threads and start withe the 2 screws at the lower end, there where the 2 springs are. If you need more help, please contact me under artemis_info@me.com Cheers Curt Still don't understand why the vest had been disassembled :-)
  3. Dear all, I personal like the idea that our customers mixing Greg's great Ergo Handle with the artemis Gimbal (1.8" or 1.5"). To ensure a perfect fit, we made an adapter axle. All operators which are using our solution for this great combination are absolute happy. Nothing more to say :-) For more detail just contact us: artemis_info@me.com cheers Curt I wish you all a happy and great 2015.
  4. Dear operators, good news! We made two new adapter kits for the 6" artemis ACT2 monitor bracket, which allows you to use the 7" SmallHD and the Cinetronic Gen.2 monitors with all versions of 6" artemis monitor brackets. So from now on, with just one monitor bracket you can use 3 different monitors. You can use any 6" Transvideo CineHD monitor with the 6" artemis ACT2 monitor bracket and by adding the right adapter kit, you can use also the 7" SmallHD or the Cinetronic Gen.2 monitor. Just have a quick look at the artemis web page to get more information. www.artemis-hd.com
  5. Hello Denny, :) sorry to hear from your problem reaching us. Send me a mail or call and let me what we can do for you. :-) Curt Here are all contact data you will need: Curt O. Schaller artemis camera stabilizer systems mail: sales@artemis-hd.com mail: curt@artemis-hd.com web: www.artemis-hd.com phone: +49 89 321 58 122 The Vitec Group plc Camera Dynamics GmbH Erfurter Str. 16 85386 Eching Germany USA East Cost it is Len Donovan Key Account Manager NE and SE The Vitec Group plc Camera Dynamics, Inc. P: (609) 268-2405 F: (609) 268-3204 C: (845
  6. Hey Alf you got my private email why do you not use to talk to me, Curt :-)
  7. :D A ready to shoot Artemis DV Pro System incl all cables, c-stand, docking bracket and so on is 8550.-?
  8. Sachtler and steadi-works.de will do a workshop from April 10. till April 14. 2006 in Munich Germany. For more information please visit: www.steadi-works.de or www.sachtler-academy.com :-) Curt
  9. Dear Alf, Yes there is a little loose of power in the rig. Beside the battery capacity electronic, Tally electronic, another diode is build in the system. This diode managing the ?A? and ?B? batteries. It make sure that they will not charge or discharge the two batteries in the ?24? mode. This diode is also passive active in the 12V modus. For any further questions or information please contact: service@artemis.com With best regards Curt O. Schaller
  10. At IBC 2005, Sachtler introduced a new member of the Artemis camera stabilizer family. The new artemis DV Pro system is the right tool for the professional operator of today. Obviously this system is the needed follow up of the artemis Cine/HD, Cine, EFP Pro and EFP systems, and the DV Pro offers the same quality of construction and functionality. For more information, please contact: curt@artemis-hd.com
  11. Artemis Camera Stabilizing Systems Workshop Munich from August 6 to August 10 2005 taking place at the Sachtler academy in Echin / Munich Germany. Register at www.sachtler.de/academy www.sachtler.com/academy www.steadi-works.de or Phone: (+49) 89 321 58 224 Fax.: (+49) 89 321 58 227 Mail: Marion.Ahrensfeld@sachtler.de
  12. The Sachtler Low Mode cage offers a adjustable 15mm rod for the motor
  13. Sachtler offers a bracket to mount the scorpio receiver at the focus bracket of the artemis systems. This bracket can also be used with the focus bracket of GPI rigs and Chrosziels focus bracket of the Genio, Aladin and Fox for 15mm rods.
  14. Artemis CineHD Demo At: CINERENT LTD. No.7, Cumberland Road , Kowloon Tong , HONG KONG TEL: +852-2338-7188
  15. Sachtler will show the Artemis EFP Pro SDI HD system at ShowBiz East NY from March 3. till March 5.
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