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  1. Dear Scott please contact us with your wishes Betz-Tools GmbH info@betz-tools.com
  2. Keep in mind just a little note! The Wave is an accessorie which can be used on any device to stabilize the horizon not only on the Steadicam. It is a very helpfull device also for Handheld, Shouldermount, Easyrig, Twister, Cars, Boats, Remote Heads etc. Operators love it and we do not know even one person who sold the Wave cause of bad function etc. The Steadicam Volt is a more than great device and a must but it is fixed on your Steadicam. Christian Betz
  3. We are more than happy to welcome Valentin Monge as the fifth Master. He is known for his visionarily, exceptional Steadicam work. For this reason we have two places for participants left. Hurry up to be part of this unique event Any info on www.betz-tools.com
  4. Dear Marty, thank you so much I'am happy when our customers are lucky! Christian
  5. STEADICAMP 2018 ATTENTION! Larry McConkey - Peter Robertson - Alex Brambilla are fully booked for this year. Steadicamp and Stabilizer Lounge in February 11th - 16th will be the only chance to meet and learn from the masters in 2018 NEW FOR FEMALE OPERATORS Don’t believe the story Steadicam™ is a heavy machine which can be operated only by strong guys. Female beginners and operators are very welcome. The young American Operator Jessica Lopez will train you. DARE YOU! WE NEED MORE FEMALE STEADICAM™ OPERATORS !
  6. We are proud to announce the international Steadicamp 2018. Workshop for Steadicam®-Gimbal-Stabilizer and Support Systems for beginners and advanced operators as well. Info: camp@betz-tools.com
  7. SteadicamTM - Electronic Gimbal Stabilizers - Support Systems International Workshop This Workshop will be performed by a group of the most esteemed instructors worldwide. They are of outstanding skill and reputation and have a large variety of shooting expertise in any field. see enclosed pdf Steadicamp2016.pdf
  8. Selling our Maxima Demo Gimbal series one with newest software, remote control, quicklokplate. info@betz-tools.com
  9. Selling our Demo Gimbal Maxima MX 30 for a special price please ask info@betz-tools.com
  10. Fantastic Garrett at Camerimage join this great event ! I'am very proud to make this Idea possible, thank you very much Agnieszka and Marec for the best Camera Festival of the World. Christian Betz http://www.camerimage.pl/en/Garrett-Brown-At-Camerimage.html
  11. International Steadicam Workshop with electronic Gimbal Stabilizer Symposium March 29th – April 4th, 2015 lake Starnberger See, south of Munich, Germany Larry McConkey USA “Lucy“ 2014 “Django Unchained“ 2012 “Hugo Cabret“ 2011 Peter Robertson England “Edge of Tomorrow“ 2014 “Anna Karenina“ 2012 “Pirates of the Caribbean“ 2011 Patrick De Ranter France “Intouchables“ 2012 “A Dangerous Method“ 2012 Robert Patzelt Germany “Der Medicus“ 2013 “Hotel Lux“ 2011 Register latest until March 5th, 2015 mail: mahlo@betz- tools.com more info: http://www.betz-tools.com/pdf/Workshop_en2015.pdf
  12. Handsfree with Pedalstearing from Reinhard Ansorge and Walter Klassen Hardmount for Sale. Two nearly new Batteries, 3 Sets of Tires one with Spikes for Ice. Handsfree was just used for Demos please see photos. We like to sell it for Euro 5.500.- Contact: info@betz-tools.com Phone Germany: +49 89 65113220
  13. Does anybody sell a PRO Gen2 Monitor?
  14. International Workshop 30 June - July 6, 2013 Don't miss this unique event in Germany with Garrett Brown Larry McConkey Chris Fawcett Alex Brambilla Jörg Widmer still some places are left ! for final registration: call +498965113220 or mail: mahlo@betz-tools.com
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