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  1. Hi!. I agree all opinions about this 3 sleds. It is like choice between Audi/BMW/Mercedes. All are the top and works really well. My choice... I´ve been working all my life with STEADICAM products. Yes, sometimes I had issues like all of us, but the end is... I love my ULTRA2. My 2 cts.
  2. Hi guys!... I so long time out this forum... But, I am here again. My post... My post Is coming from my heart. Few month ago, for a special Tv. program, I had the opportunity to re-create one of the best and most famous steadicam shots done by GARRET BROWN. "Child in the corridor with 3 wheels"... From "Shinning" film Is stupid.. It was stupid, may be... but... when the director told me about the shot he wanted,... Inside me, my heart, my brain... All inside me was in shock. It was the opportunity to do (recreate) one of the most famous shoot at the steadicam story. "THE SHOOT"... "I SHOULD HAVE TO DO THE SAME... Mr. BROWN DID SO LONG TIME AGO...". Nervous... Nervous, nervous, exciting, and.... This is the shot. It is not edited or stabilized... This is the original file from camera... I hope you enjoy it. Thanks in advance. May be in this link :https://www.facebook.com/amando.crespo/videos/10153821822006182/
  3. Hi!. It can help, but isn´t the answer for walk effect.
  4. Lol... Igor. Hi Rob. I Will be in touch with him. I am working with OBS crew for open and close show (relieve crew also). Super Johan (Eurovision segway master) will be too.
  5. Hi folks!. Greetings from SOCHI (Russia).
  6. ..Thanks all !!. I´m on the wave again....
  7. After 2 moths in a medical prescription dry stockade,,, For a working accident (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151573950086182&set=vb.732531181&type=2&theater )... I´m in "fear" mode and scared about my future like steadicam op. No problems for normal life..But plenty of troubles to fly big weight.... I had lateral and back ligaments breakage, muscular (quadriceps ) damage... I am scared...
  8. Hi !. Is not the first time I heard the death of "STEADICAM" at hands of a new gadget. (With those all users´ books I have a tower). MoViE is a new tool in film/video production. WELCOME for a new tool. But... For the "other galaxy gurus" who speak about the STEADICAM end... I only can said that they try to do this: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151542149741182&set=vb.732531181&type=2&theater We are speaking about a shot whit a full dressed Alexa Plus.... Welcome to all new innovation for our cameramen work. But to kill STEADICAM is .... My 2 cts. (I can´t upload the shoot because the film is in progress, but I´ll do it ASAP).
  9. Amando Crespo


    G70X at home.... WoW!... I LOVE IT.
  10. Hi friends!. have some one worked with this device? http://www.varizoom.com/wireless-follow-focus-s/1822.htm Thanks in advance!.
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