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  1. For Sale: XCS Standard Camera Dovetail Plate in Custom Red. Was my Back up, never used. $ 350.- (Plus shipping from Europe) Please do not message, use my e-mail: steadicam@landaucamera.com
  2. Looking familiar... been a while though! ;) The gold mounts were from the original Ultimate when it was just the Ultimate (pre Ultimate 1 or 2 or the like). I still have a Superpost that pre-dates even that one (with black mounts!) Can't remember if that was one of the original non extendable center posts that Greg made for me... but I ended up with a very short extendable post instead, to be able to fit it in my 1650 case without having to take it apart... and I like to fly it very compact anyhow! ;) Equipment always shows up again... a couple of months an operator send me a picture of one of my PRO Lites that I modified 15 or 16 years ago... still working! Just amazing the longevity of some of the stuff! Good Luck with the sale! Erwin "this business never ceases to amaze me" Landau
  3. Anybody tried the new XT Batteries yet? What's the verdict? I am in the market to replace and/or add to my current HC's... The Cine version is just to "out of shape" to be considered or I would have to change all my cases! They would have worked great with my old PRO Lite though! I saw them at this years Cinec in Munich, but the Anton Bauer booth was small to say the least. Thanks!
  4. For Sale: Cinema Products Mini Worrell Gear Head In great condition! One blemish: The Tilt Wheel got backed up into a wall while on the dolly many years ago. So it’s out of round. I got it that way. Did a couple of movies on it, never bothered me. Comes in fitted Anvil shipping case. CHF: 4500.- (Swiss Francs) Plus Shipping.
  5. For Sale: Arri UDM-1 (Cinetape) Ultrasonic Distance Measure (Arri’s Cinetape version) Includes: Sensor Unit Display Unit 2 Sensor Cables UDM to RS Cable UDM to Alexa Cable UDM to PSC Cable UDM to UMC Cable UDM to P-Tap Cable UDM to XLR Cable Universal Mounting Arm Manual Condition: New, Never used on set. CHF: 6000.- (Swiss Francs) Plus Shipping.
  6. For Sale: Arri SXU-1 Single Channel Follow Focus Includes: Wooden grip Focus Ring Lanyard Manual NO Battery included!!! Condition: New (comes in original Arri shipping box). Bought for a project but never used on set. CHF: 3500.- (Swiss Francs) Plus Shipping.
  7. Backstage made the horizontal, (I never cared for the vertical version) "rig support pad" for me ages ago... They used to have them in stock, not sure they ever added it to the catalog... Give Zig a call, he knows.
  8. I am trying to future proof my AB chargers or at least keep them up to date... I have several 2702 with firmware revision #4.2 and one 2401 with #3.6. I believe the latest is Revision #5.8 (or is it?). Any ideas where to get those chip sets, preferably in Europe, my search turned out quite thin as they officially seized the manufacture of those chargers. Unfortunately I can no longer just drive over to BandPro in Burbank and get one... So: Where can I get the Revision Chip #5.8 Where can I get Discharge module for a 2401 Does the TWQ need/has chip upgrades? I tried to contact Paul Dudeck but I am guessing he is on vacation. Thank you. Sincerely, Erwin
  9. I have # 50/50 so the last one made... Still have it, even though I no longer use NTSC (mainly PAL now) I can't bring it over me to sell it. I guess after 14 years of owning something you get attached to things... Oh well, good luck!
  10. Had a chance to make some pictures while doing some testing/comparing. Enjoy: https://www.facebook.com/erwin.landau.5/media_set?set=a.1464615738558.61964.1328436018&type=3
  11. Yes but then I had to shoot you afterwards! ;) I'll post some fresh ones that are not top secret when I get mine next week!
  12. I saw and used the prototype 8 years ago... Getting mine on Tuesday...
  13. I am having a déjà vue... Maybe it's just me...
  14. Peter Abraham used to make a gadget called the POM or piece of mind adapter. A set of two arm posts that would convert the 5/8 (3A, PRO) size to the Master/Ultra size and vise versa... Just for such an occasion. Used to be in every operators bag of tricks. Guess thats not that common anymore...
  15. Please change your name to your real name!
  16. Anybody tried it as of yet! Prototype or pre-series model? Just curious!
  17. Anyone had a chance to test a unit yet? Any news?
  18. They constantly come up on e-bay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ARRIFLEX-ARRI-400-FEET-35MM-STEADICAM-STABILIZER-MAGAZINE-RARE-SAVE-THOUSANDS-/231513142828?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35e742362c
  19. Thank you Tim! I think I reached my limit quite some time ago!
  20. Did you try: http://www.cameraessentials.com/stabilizer_camera_rain_covers.htm
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