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  1. Hi all, I was reading the post on the oldest arms out there and wanted to share my arms history and age with you all. I am currently using an arm that initially came from a Mk2 sled. Its Sn. is U025. The sled belonged to ATV Ten In Australia and was first operated by Harry P in Melbourne. I purchased it with the Mk2 sled and original vest from Tristian Wake in London '96 and had Hugo at Rig Enginerring in Melbourne, Australia give it the full treatment, new trunions spring covers and Steadyrig Silver Springs. It has served me faultlessly for 15 years. There is a lot to be said for equipment so well designed it has remained virtually unchanged in its form or function for nearly 40 years. Bravo Garrett
  2. Hi there, i am interested in your digital level. what will you accept for it today? i can pay immediatly kind regards andy
  3. thanks guys my problem is on its way to being solved.
  4. Who makes and markets brackets for Heden motors ? Heden's web site dosnt point anywhere nor do they seem to want to sell gears or any accessories.
  5. I would like some advice on where to find a good range of motor brackets and dog bones? Having a difficult time finding any up to date info. Anyadvice greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks Louis, But I think it may be fixed! I found the grub screw, cleaned and re assembled it to find it runs perfect. Contact cleaner did the trick. Thanks to everyones advice, Stanky.
  7. Well, I screwed that repair up! Got damm thing apart but a grub screw holding the motor in place has walked off! Surprisingly simple inside, now I have to just fing that grub screw.
  8. Hey, thanks for that advice. Im going to look at taking apart the motor today. I suppose the gears on the FMG are the thing i liked most. will see if i can modify them to work with my other motors. regards Andy
  9. Can any one help me with a chattering FMG.6 motor? Its worked well for me over the last 5 years, but has started to chatter. I see in other posts these motors are now redundant. If I was to try to service it what would I be looking for that is causing the chattering? Im in Australia and sending it away for service just isnt a option. Also, where do I look for gears for my Heden m26t and vt motors? Regards Andy Stankovich
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