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  1. I bought a Mitchell Mini last year because I didn't have a lot of chances to practice here, being a new member of IA, and therefore not getting a lot of calls (yet!) I absolutely love the wheels since I learned how to use them back in the early 2000's, and I practice from my balcony with a russian 500mm lens. I have a small airport on the Toronto Islands facing my building, so I follow the planes coming in, landing, or taking off. I follow the boats, jetsskis, and people on the sidewalk, cars on the highway, etc... I'd like to find, or maybe put together, some kind of list of the classic gear head shots, like back panning for example, to maybe create an exercise guide for people who want to practice. So... if you guys have ideas and want to participate... Shoot ! :D
  2. Hey All ! I bought a used GEnio 2 but it came without the manual, just a quick facts sheet. It's pretty straightforward but there are a few functionalities that require multiple buttons pushes and such... Anybody here would have a pdf version of the manual or the address of where I could download one please ? Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu ! :) Z
  3. Hey everyone ! I have an old seitz 8700 as a backup remote and I cant' find a way to power the receiver when I'm noy plugged in a steadicam 3A. Can't find anything in the manual. Maybe I'm missing a cable. I have a db-9 to the amplifier splitter, know where to connect the amp to the receiver, but that's it... Anyone has a suggestion ? Heeeeeeeeelp ! :) Zefred Steadicam/camera Operator Toronto, Canada
  4. I really have a problem with the forum smileys. I meant :) of course...
  5. Hi guys ! Just a little word to tell you that I've tried the basson system, and it really isn't THAT bad compared to other low end cheap systems. Of course it's not a Provid, but for 3-4000$ you can fly a betacam or a super16 very properly. The system has its drawbacks, but it's far better than any other in the same range of prices.(no comparison with the glidecam V-serie which are really what you don't want to try for a pro job). Don't forget it's only a low-end cheap system after all. :o) Fred
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