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  1. Worked with Steve last year. Did you get one of his $2 dollar bills fom him? Really nice man.
  2. Thank you to everyone who replied. Just waiting for a job comfirmation to justify the expense. Regards Rich
  3. Hello Folks, Can anyone tell me if you can achieve dynamic balance with the flyer? Is there enough adjustments on the unit to help achieve DB. Just curious as I was looking at buying one as more often than not I'm shooting with the HVX200 and I'm sick of humping the damn thing into a weight cage just to fly on my Master system. I've downloaded the manual from tiffen but the instructions look very similiar to the old SK system, which I owned many years ago and I know I couldn't achieve DB with that so thats why I'm asking if this newer model has more functionality/adjustment. Thanks in advance Rich Steel Steadicam Owner/Operator www.steadicams.com
  4. Shot a music Video a few weeks back on an SR3 Advance with Cooke S4 85mm Lens Arri LCS and an Arri Video Tap. It's pissing down with rain, It's dark, the DOP has placed a 4k right behind the talent about 100 yards down the street and around 15ft in the air, I'm preceeding the Talent by about 3-4ft, I'm maxed out on height to lose the 4k and the Sharpy is working a T stop of 1.3......We do a couple of rehersals and I'm not happy. I've got a 12" arm post to try and help but I'm still not getting the shot the sharpy is losing focus all over the shot and my talent is bouncing in and out of frame. Oh! and it's 3am in the morning. Now, I ask the DOP if we can shift the 4K as this seems to be the problem, he gets a bit arsy and shifts it. This resolves the height issue. Phew, but we're still on T1.3 and the Talent just isn't listening to us as we tell him he needs to keep a constant pace. After 4 takes I'm not convinced we've got it in the bag so we go on the sticks. My question is: Was this the right thing to do or should I have given it some more time? Thoughts and Comments?
  5. Rich Steel

    New Toys!

    Someone has way too much time on there hands........
  6. The Shining, a heart warming comedy: http://www.ps260.com/molly/SHINING%20FINAL.mov Regards Rich Steel Steadicam Owner/Operator www.steadicams.com
  7. For some reason I don't have permissions to post in the for sale section so I'll post here instead, Sorry. (removed by admin)
  8. Hi Folks, Just uploaded a recent project I shot for a client. Using the Sony Z1 (PAL) and was graded in post. Apologies for the size of the file (65Mb) but the quicktime codec retains the image quality really well. Almost forgot to say that the movie is presented in a seriously SUPERWIDE aspect, so when I was framing shots I had to remind myself the director was only interested in 1/3 of the image. Not overly impressed with the grading but thats the feel the director wanted. Anyways, go to the the link below and click on the recent projects page. Comments and feedback always welcome. www.steadicams.com I'm the one in the red jacket.......doing my cameo appearance. One last thing, the movie was shown on a giant 60ft wide screen and took over 36 hours to render the grading.
  9. This movie cropped up on this forum a couple of years back. I think I recall someone mentioning that the rig was a dummy and made of fibreglass.
  10. Rich Steel


    I Believe Howard is in China at the moment. So perhaps can't pick up his emails. As for customer support, don't start flaming the guy just cause he's missed your email. I'm sure he'll have a perfectly good reason why he hasn't responded. Regards Rich Steel
  11. Hi 4mat, The class has been and gone I'm afraid. As for work, I tend to get most from DOP's and Directors I've worked with in the past so it's all down to getting in the loop, so to speak. I still want to get into features but I rather like the lifestyle I've carved out for myself up here so I'm not willing to move 'dan saf'. That I think kinda Kiboshes any chance of getting into features as there's not much getting shot up here. It's a bit of a cottage industry up north and unless you want to do football (which I don't) week in and out during the football season then there's not really much getting shot on the rig. Work wise for myself is the ocassional TV Advert, some corporate and every once in a while I get a call for Drama work. Not fantastically busy but making a living and enjoying life. By the way, the video you shot in Manchester is pretty trick. Did you use Twixtor or something to get that "time slice" feel at the start of the subway sequence?
  12. This is the first time he's done one at the Film Festival. You never know he may well be invited back for next year. Can't really say. It's up to the festival organisers. Cheers Rich
  13. Hi Folks, Got a phone call from John Ward last week wondering if I could help out in his Masterclass at the Film Festival here in Edinburgh. My thanks to Howard at MK-V for putting my name forward. John is one of those "Old School" Gents who's seen it all and done it all and found helping him very inspirational. It smacked home, just how much time you have to put into this profession to truly become a Master. I've been doing steadicam for just over 6 years now but doesn't even come close to the time John has been in the business (over 40 years) boy and man. Although he's hung up his steadicam spurs he's still a pro-active cinematographer and still working with the best of the best of the best. I can only hope that my future career as an operator is as long and as prestijious as Johns, although being based in Scotland somewhat lessens my chances I think. Regards Rich
  14. I've seen something similiar done on an exhibition stand and it was a complete failure. They had a pipe with holes where the smoke came out. You couldn't really see the projection with your eyes never mind a camera. After seeing the exhibition stand I'd recomend you try and contain it, like Mitch says....sandwich the steam/smoke/dry ice between 2 pieces of glass and I think that will work AOK. Good luck either way...you'll need it.
  15. If the new productions are willing to pay the "GOING" rate this should be a wake-up call for you to not under sell your services as an operator.
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