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  1. Hello I'm selling my used Preston Hand Unit 3. All the details on Ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/175503405085
  2. Hello I am selling my Preston Light Ranger 2 sensor only for sale. In full working order. Used for three years. Comes with 'lens' cap and smoke or fog adaptor. No cable or brackets included. I will pay to have the items shipped slow boat UPS ground to a USA address (I have had bad luck shipping items overseas). 3,500.00 No warranty or returns. All sales final. Please email with any questions. leevickery35@gmail.com
  3. Hello Selling my used personal Cine tape. Comes with: Cables: 1-Serial (Preston) to cine tape 2-Panavision power to cine tape 2-3 pin to 3 pin cables 3-Ptap to cine tape cables 4-horn to cine tape brain cables used case Cine tape brain Cine tape horns or sensor ext tubes some home made brackets 1,500.00 I will pay to slow boat ship only to a USA address. (I've had bad luck shipping electronics overseas sorry) leevickery35@gmail.com
  4. Hello Selling my used cine tape. works. The case has custom foam. The the case is functional but has numerous scratches. 800.00 I will pay to ship a USA domestic location. Contact me if you have question or would like more pictures. leevickery35@gmail.com 1-cine tape display (Brain) 1- horn 1-noga arm 1-horn extendor 2-Panavision power cables 2-Sensor cables 1-Arri power cable
  5. Hello Does anyone have files for a P-touch that can be used to print out labels for a Preston single channel ring? I would love to get a database going. Any lens types (Cooke S4, Master primes etcthat anyone has would be handy. I have some files for the Zoom scale of a Hand unit 3. Just no files for iris. All the best. Lee Vickery 12-1 copy.lbx 28-76.lbx 45-120.lbx 15-40.lbx
  6. Hello selling my used Small HD Dp7 Hi Bright, comes with P tap to four pin power AC to four pin power anton bauer back Sun shade Homemade screen protector I will pay for slow boat shipping in the USA. Sorry I've had trouble shipping overseas, no shipping overseas Asking 450.00 contact me via email: leevickery35@gmail.com
  7. Hello there! Price drop: 1,500.00 Contact me via email: leevickery35@gmail.com
  8. The head as sold. Thank you for all for your interest. As a side note: I'm also selling my Preston single channel MDR please see post on the forum.
  9. Hello Selling my used O'connor 2575 C. Head was just repaired and serviced. Comes with: One Euro plate fully functional One Euro plate that is broken, The reason I have two is I was short on time and purchased a brand new one. Could be used for parts or repaired One PCM plate (panavision camera mount) One front box bracket One, one piece handle One two piece handle One extra short handle Part of the extension eye piece bracket The head has a Cartoni speed mount tie down One shipping case (I fully admit not the greatest case but it works) The head for its age is in good shape. I will pay for slow boat UPS shipping in the USA. Sorry no international shipping. 3,500.00 or best offer contact me via email at: leevickery35@gmail.com more pictures on request
  10. Hello Selling my working used Preston V/F lens control unit included is: Mounting arm MDR to PV power cable MDR to PV run cable (Film camera) MDR to P Tap power cable I will pay for slow boat UPS shipping in the US only. Sorry no international sales. Asking 2,500.00 please contact me via leevickery35@gmail.com
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