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  1. For those of you who have a Cinema Products Arm, Models III, IIIA or EFP, your elbow bumpers may have reached the point where they have perhaps seen better days and require replacement. A lot of you have probably experienced in the past that they are near impossible to find the exact matching bumpers and screws. Well, we have plenty of original Elbow Rubber Bumper in Stock. If you’re interested click here: https://www.steadyrig.com/product/arm-elbow-bumpers/
  2. We put this post up about four weeks ago, then the unexpected happened. We were inundated with enquiries and found ourselves overwhelmed with a huge number of requests, but we managed to get them all dispatched. In the midst of it all, trying to keep up, someone suggested we should create an online storefront. This way, operators can view the price, tailor the order to their needs, purchase the quantities of stainless steel and/or high-tensile screws they would like to buy and provide their ship-to details. We are happy to let you know that our IT Administrator has been hard at work and that our new online storefront is now open! If you visit the Steadyrig website’s products page or click here: https://www.steadyrig.com/product/socket-block-adjustment-screw/ you will see we now list the Socket Block adjustment screws in our new “Shop Online” section, and you can put your order in. Kind regards, HugoRig EngineeringMelbourne, Australia.Rigs Can Fly.T: +61-4-1356-1635E: admin@steadyrig.comW: www.steadyrig.com
  3. For your interest Here in Australia, our financial year ends on the 30th of June and leading up to this date, we are conducting our annual stocktake and have found that we have too many socket block adjustment screws. These screws have a nib machined on the end so that when the end of the screws becomes galled over time, one can still unwind and disengage the screw from the socket block. The nib also provides a positive and convincing engagement with your arm. We have stainless steel and high-tensile available. The stainless steel won’t rust, but being grade 304 (surgical grade steel), It is a little more malleable and will tend to wear down a little faster than the high-tensile screws. On the other hand, the high-tensile screws (which our industry has been using for decades) are not subject to wearing down so fast but can be subject to surface rust in general environments and more so in tropical and higher humidity locations. So, to minimise this, we have treated them with a black oxide coating. We are happy to sell them as a pair and singles if you want additional ones. If you are interested, please send us an Email. Kind regards, Hugo Langer Rig Engineering Melbourne, Australia. Rigs Can Fly. T: +61-4-1356-1635 E: admin@steadyrig.com W: www.steadyrig.com
  4. Thanks for your interest. For many years I've had a number of ideas that I planned to pursue when the time was right. However, frustratingly, though I've started work on many of them, I've always been too busy to complete them. Then we were hit by the pandemic, and we went into Lockdown. I thought to myself, Hoowww's that! Excellent. This is the time, this is the perfect opportunity to make progress on the projects, so I headed to my workshop and had a nice, quiet time with few distractions. Several of these projects have now been completed, but I've not had the opportunity to introduce them to our industry due to restrictions caused by the lockdowns. The product of today's topic are Arm Spring Covers, made to suit Cinema Products' older edition arms. I developed these spring Covers to fit CP Models I, II, III, IIIa and EFP Arms. If you own one of these Arms and it suffers from general wear and tear damage such as battle scars, being bent, scratches, dents, cracks, creaking or outright tired, this product should provide a fix. The material that these covers are made of is more robust and thus less prone to damage in the future. Furthermore, over the last twenty-five or so years, I have on numerous occasions worked on some CP arms that had a problem with their springs scraping the inside of their covers as you boom up and down. I guarantee that these Spring Covers won't. Despite the dimension-critical requirements for making these Spring covers and the unique differences between various CP models I had to account for, I am pretty confident that I have got the geometry right and come up with a universal Spring Cover to fit all the older CP model arms. Frustratingly, now some products are not so easy to bring to the marketplace so quickly, since many of our suppliers are in catch-up due to Covid. In the future, we will gradually be releasing more other products at the rate that our suppliers can provide. For expressions of interest, please PM us here, or you can send us an Email at admin@steadyrig.com Kind regards, Hugo Rig Engineering Melbourne, Australia. Rigs Can Fly. T: +61-4-1356-1635 E: admin@steadyrig.com W: www.steadyrig.com
  5. Our "Steadyrig, previously owned, totally rebuilt Arm" has been sold. We received a number of enquiries from operators interested in buying. We are now looking to buy-back a couple of Steadyrig arms. If any one is considering selling, please Email us. Kind regards, Hugo Rig Engineering Melbourne, Australia. Rigs Can Fly. T: +61-4-1356-1635 E: admin@steadyrig.com W: www.steadyrig.com
  6. In recent times, we here at Rig Engineering, have done a total rebuilt on a pre-owned Silver Spring Arm. This arm has been stripped to the bone; we gave it the whole nine yards, which included: · A complete dismantle · Metal surface refinishing, · All new screws · All new bearings · All new cables · All new bumpers · Completely re-anodized · New pin block return spring · Comes with an original speed crank · Bench tested · 13 to 63 lbs. lift range · Comes with a standard Rig Engineering full warranty After this process, this arm, effectively, is what one may consider, as almost a new Arm. For those who may be interested please send us an Email. Kind regards, Hugo Langer Rig Engineering Melbourne, Australia. Rigs Can Fly. T: +61-4-1356-1635 E: admin@steadyrig.com W: www.steadyrig.com
  7. Hello! We would like to express our thanks to everyone who have taken an interest in this project and also to those who have contacted us and are now participating in the testing of these BNC cables. For those who have missed out this time, don't worry, we will be seeking Beta testers on more projects in the future. The operators who have contacted us can expect to receive their cable in the near future. Depending on the delivery timeline, subject Covid. Take care and stay healthy, Kind regards, Hugo Langer Rig Engineering Melbourne, Australia. Rigs Can Fly. T: +61-4-1356-1635 E: admin@steadyrig.com W: www.steadyrig.com
  8. Thank you kindly for your interest Well, I have to say; it certainly has been a long time coming! For years, I have been renting out Steadicam equipment, and on too many occasions I have received the gear back in good order but with the regretful acknowledgement from the operator that the RG179 BNC cable had been damaged. The problem was clear, Rig engineering needed to make a good thing better, I did some serious research on the internet. In my searches, I think I’ve viewed literally just about every BNC connector in the marketplace globally. I made a number of purchases, but none of them held up to the standards I believe all of us require. Even worse, I was getting frustrated with this absolutely ridiculous and irritating thumb-and-two-finger grab and twist of the tiny, knurled portion of connector. Then I found the (Neutrik) BNC connector and made another purchase. When I received it, I immediately realised what it was that I had stumbled upon. The design was different and simple; the boot is rigid and once assembled, actually becomes part of the bayonet section. They also rotate together as one, independent of the cable itself. I organized a number of cables to be made from the best quality RG179 available on the market (BELDEN), and though they worked beautifully, for a time, they eventually broke. This was by no means an unexpected result. Although it was more robust than the previous designs that I had purchased, the assembly and construction needed to be modified to strengthen it to achieve the outcome we all need and to avoid the costly process of adding to landfill. I worked on a number of ideas to improve its strength, and eventually decided upon a final design. I was preparing to do this post and to then start sending the cables out for Beta testing. But then the pandemic hit!!! So now they've been sitting here at Rig Engineering on the shelf for the last two years. Recently the Government started easing restrictions and we are now able to move around freely to engage with suppliers. So now is the time to return to this one of many new projects. Keep in mind that we have a limited number of product available, we are inviting operators to participate in the Beta testing of this new-design BNC cables. We are seeking your critique and suggestions, ideas feedback and contributions. We are hoping that in future this will result in all of us having a fine piece of practical equipment that should comfortably last for many years to come. Finally, it’s time to reveal the features of our prototype BNC cable, and the steps we’ve taken to lift its performance beyond the current standard! The Cable is an RG179, 75 Ohm, HD-SDI Coaxial cable with a multi-stranded, silver-plated copper braid. Due to its small diameter, it is very flexible and of course lightweight! We steered clear of the Single-Core Coaxial cable design, due to its tendency to be stiff, fatigue and break, instead opting for the more flexible and fatigue resistant multi-strand core design. The operating Temperature Range is: -70°C To +200°C (-94F to 392F) Furthermore, the construction of the cable includes internal Teflon insulation, and an outer Jacket made from FEP – Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene – resulting in a finished product that is nice to handle and smooth to the touch! As for the connector, it has been manufactured by Neutrik specifically for use with RG179 cable. The design is great from the operator's point of view, the unique design of the connector allows for use under extreme circumstances, for example; with ease in connecting to a camera or monitor where you can feel your way through the process, and not needing to rely on your sight whilst working in a dark location and one can Grip and Twist the Rear of the connector with one finger and thumb with ease and get a positive and convincing engagement, and for example it will be most helpful when you may perhaps be in a location like Canada, mid-winter at 20° below zero wearing gloves. Also at the back, where the connector meets the cable internally, we have strengthened the connection; they have now been bonded together. It’s now robust, but not indestructible (Though I suppose nothing really is). So, I guess we can describe it as “Ruggedized”. At the point of transition between the Connector Boot and the Cable, we have included a heat-shrink sleeve secured with a thermal-activated glue. As the cable is so delicate, and this point is the most vulnerable part of the entire build, we have paid special attention with the intent to minimise issues of fatigue, fraying and breakage. For expressions of interest please PM here or email us at admin@steadyrig.com The video title on YouTube is BNC Cable for steadicam® operators https://youtu.be/tcc_V_hyGZY Kind regards, Hugo Langer Rig Engineering Melbourne, Australia. Rigs Can Fly. T: +61-4-1356-1635 E: admin@steadyrig.com W: www.steadyrig.com
  9. Hello everybody We would like to let everyone know that Steadyrig will be closed from Friday, December 17th through to Monday, January 10th. Throughout the Covid lock-down period we have been quietly beavering away at developing many products. Some completely new, some old and some improvements to older traditional and conventional products, making good things better. Early February we will commence bringing these products to you, and for some of them, we will be seeking Beta testing operators. We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday with your friends and families. Take care, stay safe and healthy. Kind Regards, Hugo Rig Engineering Melbourne, Australia. Rigs Can Fly. T: +61-4-1356-1635 E: admin@steadyrig.com W: www.steadyrig.com
  10. Hello Everybody, In the last 3 weeks we've had a rush on LEMO connectors for HD-SDI upgrades, and are now clean out of stock. We are moving as swiftly as we can to replenish our stocks. We would like expressions of interest/intent of you having your Sled upgraded to Steadyrig HD-SDI. We, Rig Engineering, wish everybody all the best, Take care in these uncertain times, Kind regards,Hugo LangerRig Engineering Melbourne, Australia. Rigs Can Fly.
  11. Hello Everybody, As an account holder with Fed-Ex, they have courteously sent me a Q&A update link from the World Health Organization. Within is a lot of helpful information for our fellow Steadicam colleagues. We need to all care for, and look after, each other and ourselves, so that is why I am actively sharing this throughout our community. Please note the 2nd last item, titled: “Is it safe to receive a package from any area….”. We all need to be able to send items amongst ourselves with confidence. https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-coronaviruses?cmp=EMT-1005824-2-1-200-1000001-GLBL-AU-EN-CCMZNOTIZCORONA&ET_CID=767960&ET_RID=17793723&LINK=BodyCopy-WHOLink I’d be happy if you were to share this with your friends, family, and colleagues. Kind regards,Hugo LangerRig Engineering Melbourne, Australia. Rigs Can Fly.
  12. Hey Joel, We here at Rig Engineering may have a previously-owned and loved Silver-Spring arm available in the not-too-distant future. Contact if you want further details. Kind regards, Hugo Langer Rig Engineering Melbourne, Australia. Rigs Can Fly. T: +61-4-1356-1635 E: admin@steadyrig.com W: www.steadyrig.com
  13. Hi all! Posting today to give everyone the lowdown on our website, which went down for a moment there. We're still here, and our website is back up and running. It does look a bit different, though, as it's currently undergoing reconstruction! Between day-to-day running the business, providing for customers, and our behind-the-scenes work, we're making time to update and upgrade our website. The website address has not changed, it's the same as it has been for about the last 20 years, easier to use, and you can access the site the same ways you used to. Kind regards, Hugo Langer Rig Engineering Melbourne, Australia. Rigs Can Fly.
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