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  1. Looking to buy the 6” version of my G50x arm post. Tiffen says they’ve stopped making them.
  2. Anybody here have this arm? It checks all the boxes and has a decent price. Michael Tien
  3. I’m considering getting a G50x arm. When the specs say max 50lbs can it handle a 50lbs load solidly or does it starts getting weak around 45lbs?
  4. Have you sold the Wave yet?

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    2. Mathieu Charest

      Mathieu Charest

      Montreal, Cote des neiges/NDG

    3. Michael Tien

      Michael Tien

      I’m leaving in 10. My phone number is 613-850-8036

    4. Michael Tien

      Michael Tien

      I’m leaving in 10. My phone number is 613-850-8036

  5. The little tightening handle on my armpost lock disintegrated. Where can I get a new one? It's a Steadyrig Silver Spring arm.
  6. How much does the Helix weigh?
  7. Found a welder! Not pretty but works for the meantime. Hopefully I can still get a backup. I'll check out the Klassen.
  8. Jess I'm in Sudbury Ontario presently. We've sent it to a welding shop to see what they can do.
  9. Innocinema informed me that Action Products is no longer in business. They might have one in stock though. Fingers crossed. Do you think epoxy would hold this together until I find a replacement?
  10. I broke the arm receiver on my Actioncam vest yesterday. Looking to get a replacement. Will another manufacturers' part be compatible? Any ideas?
  11. Hi Louis; Thanks for your quick reponse. I look forward to your list. Yes a beer would be great! Cheers Michael Tien
  12. There's a good chance I'll be going to Melbourne Australia next February to shoot some episodes for a TV we just wrapped here in Canada. I'm seeking recommendations for a Camera rental house that carries the RED EPIC and Ziess Ultraprimes. I'm also looking for a Gaffer with a package truck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Michael Tien
  13. Any tricks for getting the focus strips to line up each time? Michael Tien
  14. Hello all; I've got a Steadyrig arm with a stuck aircraft pin. Does anyone know who might be able to unstick it here in Canada? Or better yet a safe DIY alternative. I've tried the WD-40 technique without success. Michael Tien
  15. Has anyone tried out the Long Valley Equipment's RED camera lightweight rods? http://www.longvalleyequip.com/rodsupport.php Cheers Michael Tien
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