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  1. Im a retired operator from New York, currently un rigged and letting my back heal:) Love the work this person did considering the low light level, constant movement and weather issues. Lou
  2. First off I'm returning to the Steadicam Forum after being off it for many years. I still use my rig but sparingly. I had been using Ron Rathbone's service for about 3years and had no issues with the quality of the workmanship or the efficiency. That all changed at the end of 2007 and it has turned into a quagmire. Without slamming or defaming anyone here, I want to say that I STILL have not received my AB Trimpac and Compac AS IS from his workbench since the beginning of 2008. I sent them to his Tennessee facility in February and he has since told me only Monday night, that my old cells will be shipped back this week. I totally agree with Alec's post a few months back and I can also say that there are many clients of his on other forums who are more irate and have more product out of their hands than I do. Since I knew I was going to have to move up to lithium chemistry batteries sooner I agree to buy one of his smaller AB clones with a small charger. That order was paid for months ago and is supposedly being shipped soon with my old cells. I can only compare this to my event business. If a client comes to me saying they are NOT happy with the work I've done, I make good on the product. Luckily its never happened, but if it did I would offer a refund. Finger pointing never works to attract more clients or keep disgruntled ones. My other question is WHY there are only 2 companies that re cell Anton Bauer's and one is Rathbone? Have other operators moved away from Anton Bauer due to the re celling dilemma? thanks Lou Rosenberg SK 2 modified for widescreen with the L7 (Glidecam mon)
  3. Rick My SK 2 was NOT 16x9 capable and I had to upgrade recently to a GLIDECAM L7 Pro which is working out fine. As far as I know, the SK2 was shipped with only a 4x3 monitor.
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