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  1. Looking for a Klassen Universal or flex. Medium sized. possibly located in the UK thanks
  2. Selling my personal O’Connor 2575D head, three years old, never dry hired. Located in the UK, 7000£ plus VAT where applicable, can ship anywhere. can send pictures.
  3. Sits in the flight case with no use at all for me. Great workhorse, still unbeaten in sunlight. Very good overall conditions, can send pictures. Located in the UK 1000£ plus shipping
  4. Selling a gpi pro telescopic post, excellent conditions . Located in the UK, can ship anywhere. 2300£ plus Vat where applicable plus shipping. Can send pictures on request as can’t upload here
  5. Hi all, Looking for a second hand Easyrig, preferably UK/Europe based. Please PM me. Cheers F
  6. Hi all, sorry for not updating this post. I already bought a Preston kit. Many thanks for replying, sorry again for not updating it. Cheers
  7. Holy Shute dude, throw that thing out of the window and go get some fresh air! What the heck! That's not a gimbal man
  8. Igor, Sorry to hear about your family situation. First off, you may increase chances to sell your equipment if you post in English. Second, this is the Want to Buy section, you'll need to post your stuff in the Marketplace area. In order to do so you have to be a forum sustaining member. Best of luck F
  9. Emilian, it woud be interesting to see a video of yourself operating, that could help understanding what is the problem behind. If you could upload a few seconds it would shorten the troubleshoot I think.
  10. Stefan, At that price, I'd suggest to look at PAG L96E, they come with any mount of your choice. Reliable batteries, light and small. The E version is the cheapest (no lcd readout, only digimeter).
  11. 18000€ for a hybrid 3A frankenrig ???? Please look at the steadicam marketplace to have an idea of what you can get with that money!!! Good luck with your sale
  12. Still available, open to reasonable offers Cheers
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