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  1. After speaking with Marcus at Tiffen, I was told to hold the silver Trim button for 6 seconds which will reset and dump the cache in the memory of the Volt control box. I’ll try and if that seems to solve the issue I pass along. Cheers John
  2. I recently had the control box upgraded on my Volt for the newest Firmware and all seemed to be working fine and as expected. However I have noticed the system loosing its calibration in certain instances when the system has been placed in Pause Mode, like after completing a shot and passing the rig off to my Dolly grip or assistant. They would go and hang the sled in the docking stand as usual. The next time I go to grab the sled for the next take, whether I’m getting the sled or whether it is brought to me at the starting position, I’m finding that the Volt system is sometimes loosing it’s calibration. I have been recalibrating it quickly while wearing to facilitate getting the shot, but this doesn’t seem right and the system didn’t react this way before the firmware upgrade. And when I say it “looses” calibration, I mean that the system is caging and searching for zero level. It is a problem as you would be fighting the motors to control the sled. After the quick recalibration it goes back to behaving normally. It also seems more inclined to act this way if the sled was carried back to the stand in a manner in which the sled wasn’t really level, like a Dolly grip placing the sled at an angle on his shoulder while he heads back to the stand. As I said it doesn’t happen all the time, but I’ve found I have to recalibrate while wearing usually 4-6 times a day depending on all the different variables. I was curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue. I’ve reached out to Tiffany, but have yet to hear back. Thanks, John Joyce
  3. Price Drop on DM-1 to $1,900. John Joyce 310/963-9692 johnjoyce1@mac.com
  4. Used Preston DM-1 Motor for sale. Serviced at Preston last week (9/16/15). Motor is in excellent condition and works perfectly. $2,100 John Joyce 310/963-9692 johnjoyce1@mac.com
  5. I've been on a film show for the past 6 years and I've always used the Comp 2 input via the 8 pin on my Gen2. I went to prep another film job last week and the Comp 2 was not giving an image. The Comp 1 worked, but it's strange that the Comp 2 input that has worked for the past 6 years stopped functioning. I did do a full reset, but no luck. Looks as though it will have to go in for repair... John
  6. Price Drop!!! Will Sell as a set for $5,000 or individually $2,500 Ea. Great way to get into a Preston with future upgradability to the HU3 and the MDR2 upgrade service to the G4 Software. Or a very good PAIRED backup system as is. Cheers! John 310-963-9692 johnjoyce1@mac.com
  7. A used Preston HU2/MDR2 For Sale. In good condition, was fully serviced by Preston last summer and has not been used since. I upgraded to the HU3/MDR3 and kept this as a backup, but it's just not necessary with Preston's equipment. The handunit and MDR3 are both paired and have the G3 software. Price $6,000 John Joyce 310/963-9692 johnjoyce1@mac.com Equipment: Preston HU2 SN#2281 Preston Transceiver SN#49502 Preston MDR2 SN#1104 Omnishot Battery Adapter SN# 000138 x7 Focus Rings x2 MDR2-PRO Pwr Cables
  8. I'm selling my Gyro Base for a Pro 2 battery module. It has 2 gyro mounts, with the bottom one being able to adjust forward or back. In great shape. Asking $400 Call or email John Joyce 310/963-9692 johnjoyce1@mac.com
  9. Hill Steadicam MAG Dock for Sale. Used and in very good condition. Fits the 1.5" post and will only work with the smaller docking rings. $200 John Joyce 310/963-9692 johnjoyce1@mac.com Call or email.
  10. Gryro Mount System for Older PRO "Chocolat Bar" Batt System. This was part of Mark O'Kane's lower stage gyro system that I purchased a few years back, but it doesn't fit my current sled. It has 2 GPI Gyro spud mounts and an adjustable sliding position for the bottom gyro. It is in great condition, probably last used by Mark. The spuds alone run $84 each. Asking $250 Call or Email John Joyce 310/963-9692 johnjoyce1@mac.com
  11. Used Cinetronic 12" Long Camera Plate for Sale. In Excellent Condition and used only a handful of times. Helps with balancing the longer HD camera setups we sometimes encounter. $290 ($390 New) Call or email John Joyce 310/963-9692 johnjoyce1@mac.com
  12. Sorry for the late reply. I checked with Mike and there was a typo in the spelling on the email. It should be-- mikramer@sbcglobal.net My apologies, I don't check in here to often. John
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