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  1. Hi, Still available?


    1. Jay Clennan

      Jay Clennan

      Yes. Please Email me if interested.


  2. Matias Mesa

    To Trinity or not to Trinity

    Hi Guys, Im just about to take the plunge but need some first hand experience, anyone for or against the Trinity? Any guys with shooting days under the belt with this rig? Thanks Matias Mesa SOC www.steadimatt.net
  3. Matias Mesa

    TERADEK 3000

  4. Hi. Im interested in the storm Surface. What cameras can you fin inside? What is the difference between both published rigs? Thanks

    1. Robert Lynn

      Robert Lynn


      The Storm Surface Mount was designed for most 35mm Cameras with a short zoom and 400' film mag. Most Digital Cameras should fit fine.

      The difference between the two packages is the addition of Power/SD AV cables with marine connectors and a back plate that those cables can be passed through (the back plate has a rubber sleeve and hose clamp but is not absolutely water tight - thus surface mount). The system comes with a water tight bag that can be surface submerged when not using the back plate. Also included is a standard diver's cylinder, regulator and hose.

      The second unit does not have cables or a back plate and comes with a Turin Mini Air Bottle.




    2. Robert Lynn

      Robert Lynn

      Hi. Still interested?

    3. Matias Mesa

      Matias Mesa

      Hi. I didn't see your message. Im interested, I just want to understand a little bit more how it works since I can't fin any information online about it. Can you enlighten me? pictures, manual or something like that. 





  5. Matias Mesa

    Wave 1 for sale

    Sorry, Sold it some months ago.
  6. Matias Mesa

    MSDS Anton Bauer

    Thanks a lot.
  7. Matias Mesa

    MSDS Anton Bauer

    Does someone have the MSDS for the bionics HC and the Dionics 90? Im traveling and my cargo agent is requesting them. Thanks
  8. Matias Mesa

    Wave 1 for sale

    Bump. Price includes shipping to anywhere in the world or Universe. $ 7000 includes shipping
  9. Matias Mesa

    Wave 1 for sale

    Selling my almost unused Wave 1, Has been used in 5 shoots only. It looks like new and works like new (even smells new) Still under warranty. $ 7000. Will ship anywhere in the world.
  10. Matias Mesa

    Rickshaw wheels....

    I used sports wheelchair hubs that come with a QR system....
  11. Matias Mesa

    Rig in Denmark

    Hi Thomas. Thanks for the help, Ill check the out. Hope you have been very good, That was cold shoot in Austria!!!! I still remember that lovely place, what was its name?? Thanks
  12. Matias Mesa

    Rig in Denmark

    Hi Guys. Im looking for a rig in Copenhagen to use on a feature for 1 week, this will happen on the second half of August. Im looking for a Cinelive, Ultimate, etc.. Thanks Matias Mesa
  13. Matias Mesa

    Magnum FF

    Hi All, has anyone used the magnum FF hard wired? I was told by Chrosziel that you can use a regular BNC to hardwire the unit up to 150Ft but the user manuel says something different. Any comments? Any users? I need it for underwater applications mostly.... Thanks
  14. Matias Mesa

    Red Motors and Preston

    Hi All, Are the RED motors compatible with Preston's MDR or Scorpio MDR? I need the smallest motors I can find and I think RED make the smallest. Thanks Matias
  15. Matias Mesa

    SilveraTray's back in stock, same with zoomrisers.

    SilverTray would have been a better name for this great product, for the next batch. Hope it sells fast.