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  1. Hey Ozzie. Happy to see you are doing well! I wouldn’t mind seeing it plugged into the Stanton. Don’t have one though. But I will in the next day or two. I will have Rob bring his by the shop. He originally asked for it. It’s Mogami Cable, so it’s not stiff. It’s about 6” long and I can plug one end into the other.
  2. I was chatting with Rob the other day. He told me that there was a need for this. It’s a Stanton 12pin Hirose Right Angle Adaptor Cable. It attaches to the present cable to give a right angle coming off the Stanton.
  3. Later reply from Garrett should be accurate. “in that case must be prototype for our model II c. 1977!“
  4. New guess from Garrett... Prototype for the Model II circa 1977.
  5. Garrett just guessed it as a Russian Model II. But I don’t think he is sure either.
  6. Charles, check out the vintage test rigs picture that I posted in my Boring day in lockdown.
  7. Yes they were for the model 1. These were taken before my time with Steadicam. That would put them about 45 years old. I’ve been doing a lot of digging old stuff from my files. These pictures, as well as the two Teddy rig pictures hung above my workbench for years.
  8. Found these early Steadicam pictures. Seemed appropriate. I will always miss Ted.
  9. I still have the Moviecam Super Service Manual in my file cabinet. I do have an odd assortment of stuff. The Academy came by the shop to pick up the early model Steadicam schematics that I had filed away for the last forty years. Garrett told me that they have the Steadicam that I show in my forum picture.
  10. When I would travel to the workshop, back in the early days. I would have wires, cutters, a small soldering iron and batteries in a carry-on bag. These days I would be called a terrorist! Times have changed!
  11. How many of you can find old Steadicam stuff in the closet like this? Evolution of Steadicam test fixtures from the mid 70’s through Steadicam III. The first one was used from early Steadicam. The second was the one I built in order to build and test the Steadicam II electronics. The third was for the Steadicam III circuit boards.
  12. I should be getting the connectors by the end of the week.
  13. Hey Clarke. Weren’t you planning to call back with a cable order for your new Steadicam?

    1. Clarke L Smith

      Clarke L Smith

      Hi Terry. Yes. I took a step back and wanted to check all the cables I needed. I'll call you next week. Thanks for the follow up.

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