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  1. I should be getting the connectors by the end of the week.
  2. Hey Clarke. Weren’t you planning to call back with a cable order for your new Steadicam?

    1. Clarke L Smith

      Clarke L Smith

      Hi Terry. Yes. I took a step back and wanted to check all the cables I needed. I'll call you next week. Thanks for the follow up.

  3. To those who missed my Chocolate Lab, Harley. Meet our new two month old Black Lab. This is Lillie. She will be excited to meet you!
  4. Hi Janice. Just posted this and another workshop pic on the forum.

    I hope all is well with you.


    1. Janice Arthur

      Janice Arthur

      • Terry;

      Great picture haven't seen that in decades, thanks. 

  5. Hi Joe. You should already have HD lines running down the post. The Master was built with multiple coaxial lines. What you should do is disconnect the coax that goes to the 4-pin Hirose supplying Composite Video to the Monitor. You dont use the comp video much any more. Since there isnt enough room in the front section for a true HD coax, you will need to wire to a comp vid BNC. You must keep this connection as short as possible. HD hates losing its coax orientation. Next you need to find the other end of this coax and wire it to a BNC in the lower stage. That will be one of the three BNC connectors that will be replaced with an HD style BNC. This procedure normally take about three hours for me to do. So with parts it usually runs about $500-$600.
  6. Also you might see if you can get in touch with Mary Whitehouse. Derrick may have those items. Wolf Seeberg would be another source.
  7. Hi Chris. I dont know if they are of value to you. But you did like the Steadicam 35 that I gave to Garrett! I have a file cabinet with technical schematics on the Steadicam back in the 70s and 80s. I also have a Arri IIIC Manual, a Moviecam Super America Manual... I will be at the Stabilizer Gear Expo today. But I dont want them lost to history to when my time comes to retire in the not so distant future. So you might want to send someone by my shop to look through my files, see if you want any of it.
  8. I just built my first Pro to DXL power cable.
  9. Well put, Brooks. I have always made myself available to answer questions about the equipment, because that was how Steadicam raised me. In such an industry where each and every operator has only educated me with their thoughts, I would be closing off one of my greatest resources if I were not to listen them. Keep your minds open to the two-way flow of ideas. We need it now more than ever. We all have something to contribute to Steadicam. To paraphrase Rob. PEACE OUT!
  10. We've been fooled again. Welcome to the Fourth Reich!
  11. I worked with Derrick for many years at CP. Derrick would send me some really sick and funny jokes. He will be sorely missed.
  12. There actually was a Modulus 4000. It was a total pile o'crap. Things got real slow on the Modulus sales when l, Wolf Seeberg and Able Cine Tech LA were notified by the FCC that we were in violation of the law. And we were to cease and desist or face fines of $10,000 to $100000 per infraction. I had to hire an attorney to talk to the FCC. But since their ability to fine me, far exceeded my ability to pay their fines...
  13. At what point should I stop being quiet about operators not paying their bills. I have one customer, initials JS that has been using my cables on his Pro CineLive sled for 2 1/2 years, but has ignored all attempts at collection. Would it be doing a service if others knew that they will be stiffed! And exactly who is doing it!
  14. And this. I hope you all enjoy them!
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