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  1. Full details at https://www.davechameides.com/for-sale Artemis 1.8” Steadicam Sled w/Green Screen Monitor plus lesson and CamWok 2000! Compare to Arri Cine Broadcast Sled Included in the sale • Sled/Post/Tool-less Gimbal/3 AB Batt Mounts w telescoping bottom battery rack and fine tune adjust ring • XCS TB-6 Green Screen Monitor (IMHO still the finest monitor you can fly) • Decimator (for down-converting the signal for the SD monitor) • XCS PDL Electronic Level (works only with SD signal) • 1 Artemis Docking Bracket • 2 Preston MDR Brackets • 1 Fitted Custom Sled Case • Power Cables (TBD) • Gimbal adjustment tool • If you are a newbie to Steadicam, one personalized socially distanced, Steadicam class with this rig, in my backyard, in Los Angeles (you’ll need to supply your own arm and vest and be ok with a dumb dog being annoying). Depending on timing NM is a possibility as well.
  2. Sounds like just what Im looking for. Email me atproteusmd@gmail.com?
  3. Sounds like just what Im looking for. Email me atproteusmd@gmail.com?
  4. Looking to buy a PRO sled. Upgraded, not upgraded, let me know what you have, conditioner dn how much you want. Thanks Dave
  5. Purchased new in May and used five or six times. Retails for $7700 new. Looks and works like new with no issues. 4 pin xor cable and the other is a 4 pin lemo (small male video/power on most rigs). I had to change this over myself in the field. Works great and is solid but isn't extremely pretty. Happy to have it professionally done if you are ok with holding off. Available August 1. Price does not include shipping. Email me at proteusmd@gmail.com if interested.
  6. I'm interested in the hermaphrodite. Does he/she require daily feeding and would they take issue with light housework? Also I tend to be doing more Arri shows lately but wouldn't bring it up around the house. Will this be an issue as this is a Panavision hermaphrodite? I'll take my answer off the air.
  7. That's unsubstantiated at best. Besides, I keep it in my underwear like everyone else.
  8. Anyone who knows me knows I try to do things differently and I've always balked at buying $200 items that common sense says I can figure out another way. Finally broke down and got an HD monitor (although I've yet to use it). A Small HD DP7. Won't fit in my case and I'm used to pulling my green screen for travel anyway so I went to Cabelas and found this little number. Under $30 and fits like a glove, plus the inside of the lid is soft "fur" and acts to protect the screen. It's a soft case so for any kind of traveling you'll want it inside a larger piece but for going to and from set or for a backup monitor this works great. Perfect fit for the monitor with yolk. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Bulldog-Hard-Sided-Nylon-Case/730575.uts?Ntk=AllProducts&searchPath=%2Fcatalog%2Fsearch.cmd%3Fform_state%3DsearchForm%26N%3D0%26fsch%3Dtrue%26Ntk%3DAllProducts%26Ntt%3Dpistol%2Bcase%26x%3D10%26y%3D6%26WTz_l%3DHeader%253BSearch-All%2BProducts&Ntt=pistol+case Case.tiff
  9. Taj, email me at proteusmd@mac.com. I may want this. Why are you selling? Dave
  10. Have had this in the basement for a while. Has two AB plates up top and connectors in the font for charging different batteries. I used to use these for my old 3A batts with that connector. Fires up and fans and lights go on. No reason to think it doesn't work but as it's fairly old being sold as is. Buyer pays actual shipping. Email me with any questions. Shipping form CT.
  11. Don't know what to get that special op for the holidays? Well fret no more, here's everything you want in one place! Who could ask for more? You can. With each purchase you'll also get one piece of refreshing gum* so you'll make a good impression on your next job interview with your minty fresh breath. Think of it, not only will you be getting gear, but a job as well. It boggles the mind! Buyers pay actual shipping, insurance, and whatever else they need to get it to them. Paypal and checks ok. Some wampum. No trinkets. For Sale 1 Long XCS Steadicam Plate with 15mm holes on front and back - $250 OBO I used this for a while on my rig and now it's yours. Because of stupidity on my part that I won't go into here there is a slight burring on one side of the plate (you can see it in the third pic). If you have a Sachtler rig you'll need to tighten down to get it to stay. Any other rig with a standard locking mechanism should be fine. If you get it and there is a problem I'll take it back and I'm throwing in an extra piece of gum on this one for my stupidity. Great plate. Will hold many cameras and has lots of holes for screws, fish hooks, dog whistles and whatever else you can think of. 1 Classic Pro recorder plate - $40 OBO Slides into the three screws on the back of the earlier PRO rigs (the ones with the chocolate bars). Can hold a recorder, a sandwich, or maybe even that sweet piece of gum you'll be getting when you buy this classic piece of gear. A must have for any early PRO model flyer. Having owned this myself I can assure you that more than once I've heard extras on set looking at my rig and saying "Wow, look at that early PRO auxiliary plate on his rig, I wish he'd sell that to me for $40 OBO." I kid you not. Throwing in the velcro for free. 1 PRO Chocolate Bar Battery Charger Connector Doohickey - $10 OBO Look at the pic. If you have these batts, you know what this is. What you see is what you get. Have a blast. Impress your friends. Charge some batteries! 1 PRO Dog Leg Rod - $35 OBO Worked with my old PRO plates. Will it work with yours? How should I know, but give it a whirl. Great for adding a motor, hanging out delicates to dry, or stirring cold coffee when not on your rig. Screws not included, gum is. * Gum is for personal use only. I cannot guarantee what flavor or brand it will be but am relatively sure it will not have been chewed and will not have any teeth marks that I know of. One piece of gum per item. Claims made my dentists about the effects of chewing gum are to be taken at the chewers own risk and I make no claims as to the validity of such claims. Gum cannot be returned and may be subject to additional tariffs and/or TSA regulations.
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