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  1. Hi all, I made a fairly ridiculous site about working in the film industry (I had a couple quiet weeks okay :); you may like it. Hope you don't mind the promotional post. http://dopgifs.tumblr.com Cheers, Ed
  2. Might be in the market for an Arrihead (will consider v1 or v2); please give me a buzz if you're thinking of selling, or know any on the market. Many thanks. Ed
  3. Hi all, Selling my magliner - only 18 months old; usual Backstage modifications plus the Steadicam riser with swing away handles. Take a look at http://www.bblist.co.uk/item.php?item=33565. Many thanks, Ed
  4. Hi Matteo - this was the standard Archer 1 not the SE (they did end up putting a tilt stage on it for some reason) and it was a few years ago bought with a lot of other kit so possibly we had a good discount. Bought through Creative Video. E
  5. Hiya, just to say the video Scott shot with me with the Meridian system is back online: We're very happy with the system. In fact, in the stage just next door another op is using two Meridians on his rig for the live-to-air BBC show "Magicians". He's got the remote CCU control setup as well and all seems to be working flawlessly. No interference issues either despite him being on only the next channel up from me. PS we have the high gain 5 way antenna Scott demoed above and it was the only thing that caused us an issue: I started with it on thinking there'd be no downside; the reality was that the signal strength overloaded the receiver and we got a little digital noise. So you really only need to break out the big antennas over really long distances. E
  6. The video of me waffling on about the Boxx Meridian system is back online: Sorry to Scott for making him take it down seconds after it had gone up; we realised the cast / character list was visible on the side of the camera and it's all hush-hush. The Meridian has been absolutely flawless. Can't recommend it enough.
  7. Hey all - yeah you need SDI kit capable of working with the "3G" variants to deal with the output from the Epic. We're about to start a show that has four Epics vision mixed to a live audience (with the real edit happening later from the r3ds) and the vision mixer doesn't like the the 25P 3G from the Epic. We've got a load of those Redbyte converters as mentioned above and they're working great. I also have a original Decimator doing something somewhere and that takes the 3G signal too. Incidentally I'm using a boxx.tv Meridian to send HD-SDI back from the steadicam and that seems completely happy with the 25P as well. Not tried a CamWave. EDIT: I think we have the Redbyte converter set to change the 1080 25P to 1080 50i PsF, there's no need to drop down to 720 if you don't want to.
  8. Just to say Mark Fisher from Marshall got in touch and it is indeed a factory upgrade. However it's free and they'll pay your return shipping. Contact details for Mark: Marshall Electronics 1910 E. Maple Avenue El Segundo, CA 90245 USA +1 (310) 333-0606 x 1179 mark@marshallelectronics.net
  9. Hi all, Thought others might be interested in a simple mod I did to mount a spare Marshall V-LCD70XP-3GSDI 7" monitor I had lying around into the stock Archer monitor mount. You can probably pick these monitors up now for £500 or so second hand. The Marshall is only about 400 nits so it's really only for indoor stuff, but I have 8 weeks in studio coming up and this was a much neater solution than the stock 700 nits monitor with downconverters and a lousy image. Obviously it's nowhere close to the league of the UltraBrite and so on but frankly, whatever the nits rating, with the contrast and brightness up a little it is perfectly visible to me for interiors and it's a MUCH nicer, fully-featured monitor than the stock SD model. The Marshall monitors don't have mounting points on the side, but if you hunt down their part V-LCD70TMB-02 you can screw a little block onto each side which proves a 1/4 thread. You still end up with about a 10mm gap either side which I filled with some plastic spacers I had lying around from a plasma TV wall bracket kit. Then an inch long 1/4 bolt is the perfect length to go through each side of the bracket into the monitor. As the only available power for the monitor on the stock archer is through the multipin Lemo which I wasn't about to screw with (I just velcro-tied that whole loom underneath the base for when I need to swop the stock monitor on again - http://edmooredop.com/images/ArcherHD8.jpg), I added a D-tap socket to the V mount plate. For some reason Tiffen chose not to specify V-lock plates with that included but IDX supply them for free if you ask nicely and it's very simple to solder in. In the photo about it looks like the XLR4 connector sticks out loads - it actually doesn't go out any further than the width of the monitor bracket and I figured I'd rather have the right angle plug there than straight out. Power then comes off that plate and is neatly cable-tied under the base into the XLR4 on the monitor. (see http://edmooredop.com/images/ArcherHD7.jpg) For video you have to use the "HD video" lemo on the stage to get video down to the 3 BNCs just at the front of the monitor mount. You could probably make this cable yourself - I bought one from Optical Support for £125 or so. Tested these lines with HD-SDI and works perfectly. Got a Hoodman H700 shade which perfectly fits the monitor and trimmed it down a bit to suit. All in all cost me £125 for the cable and maybe £10 in bits and pieces. Now thinking of getting the Marshall V-LCD-HI which provides an onscreen digital level which they say is suitable for steadicam, but can't find any video or reviews of it so a little nervous as to whether the sensitivity can be tweaked to suit. Hope someone finds this useful! Ed
  10. hello 10.000 how about

  11. If I ever have to explain why it's an issue to operate with thick cables attached to the rig I tend to give the example of trying to do fine calligraphy whilst a hyperactive child randomly flicks at the other end of the pen...
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