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  1. Hi All, I do hope everyone is safe n healthy in these uncertain times. Well, damn, never thought I'd be in the market for one of these again, but idle hands... I'm looking for a Practice Weight Cage - around 20lbs if anyone is tidying up their garage? Best wishes
  2. Hiya, I'm looking to find a Cinetronic GEN2 monitor, with or without yoke as a backup.
  3. Comprehensive Preston HU-3 G4 Blue Dot Kit For Sale $29,000 HU-3 not shown as it is being totally refurbished to look like new. Here's what's in the kit: HU-3 FI+Z Control (Totally Refurbished) HU-3 Focus Marker Rings (Qty. 6) Removable Handgrip Focus / Iris Unit Focus / Iris Marker Rings (Qty. 12) MicroForce Digital Control MDR-2 Motor Driver w/ Microwave Tranceiver and Antenna Digital Motor DM-1X (Very New) Digital Motor DM-2 Digital Motor DM-2 Radio Microforce Module FM-50 Battery (Qty. 7) FM-50 Dual Battery Charger 0.80M Output Gear ) 0.50" Wide 48pitch Gear (Pa
  4. G'Day All, I have a Preston DM-2 Digital Motor for sale in great working order. Some cosmetic chips to paint. Included Hill style rosette. $1900.00 Firm + shipping.
  5. I flew it a lot yesterday, really enjoying it!!
  6. Guys, I've finally had the chance to fly the Gen 2, and although I haven't really had the chance to test properly or get through all of its features, I HAD to gush about the absolutely incredible viewing angle - AMAZING!! There is NO orientation of my rig where I can't easily view the screen - Bravo Chris and Mike!!!
  7. Ozzie, Well thank you sir for catching that! In my typing haste, I f-ed up. The shutter count is in fact 20,223, which I'm glad to say is low :rolleyes:
  8. Canon 5D mkII Body great condition, except for a small imperfection in the LCD display - photo following. The body has 20,223 shutter actuations. with LE-6 charger, LP-E6 Battery, BG-E6 Battery Grip and AA Battery Tray. Viewfactor Contineo Powered Cage with 15mm Rod Bracket, HDMI cable Clamp and 6' XLR power cable Zaguto Z-Finder PRO 3x with brackets and LCD Frames. Black Magic HDMI to SDI mini converter with power cable to cage (and maybe AC adapter - if I can find it!). The price: $2800
  9. DM1 Motor For Sale $1900 (US shipping included) Recently checked by Preston Hill rosette included plus original 15mm rod.
  10. I am selling the following: 1x Nebtek Solar HDSC Monitor w/AB 3-Stud Battery Plate (Late 2009, Very Good Condition, albeit two light scratches on screen that are nor seen when monitor is on) 1x Antiglare Screen Protector 3x Brass Side Mounts 1x Monitor Yoke 1x Pelican 1400 Case $2800 FIRM, plus shipping
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