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  1. Hey Martin,


    Looking into purchasing your 

    Vehicle/rickshaw mount with scaff clamps


    How much would it be with shipping to Philadelphia, USA? 

    Thank you

    1. Martin Newstead

      Martin Newstead

      Hi Sebastian

      Leave this with me, someone said they wanted it but they haven’t paid for it and I haven’t heard back from them..

      ill let you know 

    2. Sebastian Nieves

      Sebastian Nieves

      Thank you!


      Here is my email, sebasnieves1@gmail.com

  2. Hi everyone, have a bunch of bits to sell, open to offers. VAT to be charged in UK, EU still zero rated for now, buyer responsible for import fees etc. JB SOS (Steadi on sticks) plate, great condition, works really well, only selling because I upgraded to Justin’s new plate that can take both sizes of dovetail. £275 Vehicle/rickshaw mount with scaff clamps Very solid piece of kit with standard socket block, I’ve owned both Tiffen and pro arms and they both fit this fine, has two Alistage 500kg scaff clamps on the back for 2 inch pipes. £350 Viltrox HD monitor Very useful little monitor, good for backup, very lightweight, has SDI and HDMI inputs/outputs, 4 pin xlr power. £75 Hawk woods dual V lock battery mount Good working condition, hot swappable. £100 Sony SXS cards, 2x 32gb 2x16gb and reader £100
  3. If you have a zephyr, it may be worth reaching out to Jerry Holway. He makes 3D printed items and made me a low mode docking collar for my volt, he may be able to do something similar for your rig. best Martin
  4. Bump - £2750 plus vat takes it, just need it gone its been sitting on the shelf for two months...
  5. Hello Martin, 


    How are you? i bought your master sled off you a few years back? 

    Its still going but i upgraded to an Artemis recently. 

    I saw your work on "dead water fell". Some really lovely shots mate.  

    Any way, im very interested in the G50 arm. had my eye out for one for ages. 

    but this pandemic has just seen all my work cancelled for the forseeable future. have you had much interest? 





    1. Martin Newstead

      Martin Newstead

      Hi Adam, Great to hear from you! 
      is the master sled still going ok? Did you keep the old master arm?

      I had a guy interested in the arm but he pulled out so I have put it back up, dropped the price slightly- still works great but could do with a service to get the return spring replaced in the socket block.

      let me know if you want to go ahead.





  6. Back for sale, no longer have the TB6 etc. Dropping price to £3750 (plus vat if in UK)
  7. Update- please note, after an enquiry from a fellow op, and subsequent testing, the small (flyer/archer) arm post won’t fit a zephyr sled, please be aware. You may be able to get one made up but take into consideration.
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