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  1. Transvideo monitor yoke, fits HD6 or similar sized monitor. Surplus to requirements, offers invited.
  2. XCS TB6 Steadicam monitor with accessories Good used working condition, was repaired and serviced last year at XCS, barely used since as a backup. This was the brightest, sharpest Steadicam monitor available, still beats my transvideo XSbL, was worth around £10K new. Green screen, standard def. Comes with mounting bracket and rods for 1.5’ posts. XCS level and cable. Decimator 2 hd to Sd downconvertor Rain cover Offers invited, monitor is in the UK
  3. Martin,

    I sent you a message, I'm interested thanks


  4. Lots of interest, plus a few questions so in order to answer them all I’ll put them here. Vibrations - so this is a very solid, well built sled and is a quality item as you would expect from Sachtler - it is not an XCS Ultimate though... I recently ran backwards with an actor, Mini LF, cooke 40mm, onboard, all the extra bits, no vibrations in the shot whatsoever. I have found that most vibrations have come from the way the camera package is built and mounted rather than the sled components. You need to invest in a good solid monitor mount... Batteries and hot swap - There is no hicap wiring, this sled was built when 35mm was king, and broadcast cameras didn’t pull much power (relatively). So to power an Alexa/Amira/mini etc you have to do it in 24v mode, 12v doesn’t have enough ooomph’ to give you much up the post. No hot swap. I spoke with Curt at Arri and this sled can be modded to have the sdi, hicap power and hot-swap. The post is extendable, and with the three battery mounts you can fly a wide variety of cameras.
  5. - Sachtler Artemis Cine HD sled (original version) with 1.5 inch post, 12/24v, 3 x battery mounts, good condition. This is a great, solid sled for someone wanting to move up to a full size rig, I have owned this rig for the last several years and only selling due to purchase of a brand new Volt sled. The gimbal is very smooth, top stage is solid with no vibrations visible even on longer lenses. I have been using this on a wide variety of productions, from feature films, tv dramas to live tv and it is capable of doing it all. Comes with low mode bracket, docking yoke, dovetail plate, focus bracket, post tool and various power and video cables I will throw in to get you started as well as a big Peli type rolling case to house it. This is an original sled and does not have the SDI cable or the hi cap wiring down the post, this could be done as an upgrade at Arri if you want. You will need to provide your own monitor and bracket etc, this is for the sled only. Battery system is V-lock. I am open to offers around £4000, ( plus VAT at 20% in the UK ). Please note, no batteries included, just for demonstration.
  6. Not just American friends — people of the earth, come buy my stuff so my wife doesn’t say I have too much gear....
  7. Ok, just advisory the transvideo hd8 has one bid, the pound is rising because someone in our government has see sense over ‘you know what’ - American friends grab a bargain before we go over the edge.....aaaarggghh!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Transvideo-HD8-Classic-Steadicam-Monitor-With-Mounting-Yoke/183693930059?hash=item2ac502ee4b:g:mcAAAOSwKmhcYzeP
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Transvideo-HD8-Classic-Steadicam-Monitor-With-Mounting-Yoke/183693930059?hash=item2ac502ee4b:g:mcAAAOSwKmhcYzeP https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/XCS-TB6-Steadicam-Monitor/183693938413?hash=item2ac5030eed:g:sqQAAOSwLdJcYzqv
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