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  1. Bump, please note, selling with grey canisters only. £7000
  2. Plenty of enquiries but no firm offers yet. Reducing to £7250 (Plus VAT / Tax if applicable)
  3. Bump, still available. £7500 plus vat (if applicable). Comes with two arm posts (both standard and smaller for archer/zephyr type sleds) Arm bag and tools, great arm in great condition. Grey canisters (20-45ibs) Just flew my M2, Sony Venice and signature primes on a commercial, super smooth and no noise or other issues. For the lucky buyer I will ship to optical support in London for a full check up for peace of mind.
  4. Really need this sold now, surplus to requirements, £8000 or near offer.
  5. Arm is still available, open to reasonable offers, may sell with black canisters included for the right price. Will include an old front mount vest (3a copy), good for a starting out op.
  6. This is a very reluctant sale for my one year old pro atlas arm, only selling due to my next job requiring trinity and the atlas won’t quite lift the sled, so upgrading to the Titan. This is a beautiful arm, in immaculate condition and performs perfectly, I bought it brand new from Optical Support in London and paid £12429 plus VAT for it. Has everything you would expect from GPI, the legendary build quality, smoothness, ease of maintenance and feels very natural to use when compared with other arms I have owned in the past, the boom range is phenomenal... Lift range 20-45ibs with the grey canisters, this has covered me for every type of camera. Just to give you an example of the versatility, I’ve worked on two tv dramas recently, both using Arri Alexa mini LFs and either Cooke or Arri Master Anamorphics and the arm has handled this weight with no problems, on the flip side, I’ve flown a range of live broadcast and ENG type cameras with the greys. The arm came with the black canisters, which carry a lighter load but I have not needed them, most professional cameras, even the lighter broadcast cameras fall within the range of the grey canisters. I was going to keep the black canisters for my new arm and discount the sale price accordingly, but if you want them we can discuss. My price is £8750 plus VAT, this includes the arm bag with the toolkit and arm post for standard size gimbals. For peace of mind I will ship, at my expense, to Optical Support for a full check up by the techs there before shipping to you.
  7. Hi all, Going on eBay with the rest of this stuff, unless anyone is interested. still have the SOS plate, sxs cards, vilitrox monitor available. best wishes and hope everyone has a great new year!
  8. Hi everyone, have a bunch of bits to sell, open to offers. VAT to be charged in UK, EU still zero rated for now, buyer responsible for import fees etc. JB SOS (Steadi on sticks) plate, great condition, works really well, only selling because I upgraded to Justin’s new plate that can take both sizes of dovetail. £275 Vehicle/rickshaw mount with scaff clamps Very solid piece of kit with standard socket block, I’ve owned both Tiffen and pro arms and they both fit this fine, has two Alistage 500kg scaff clamps on the back for 2 inch pipes. £350 Viltrox HD monitor Very useful little monitor, good for backup, very lightweight, has SDI and HDMI inputs/outputs, 4 pin xlr power. £75 Hawk woods dual V lock battery mount Good working condition, hot swappable. £100 Sony SXS cards, 2x 32gb 2x16gb and reader £100
  9. If you have a zephyr, it may be worth reaching out to Jerry Holway. He makes 3D printed items and made me a low mode docking collar for my volt, he may be able to do something similar for your rig. best Martin
  10. Bump - £2750 plus vat takes it, just need it gone its been sitting on the shelf for two months...
  11. Back for sale, no longer have the TB6 etc. Dropping price to £3750 (plus vat if in UK)
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