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  1. I'm visiting London from LA Monday, May 4th through Friday, May 8th. If anyone in London would like to get a beer, I'm game. Christophe ivins, soC
  2. I'm looking for a microwave transmitter upgrade module for the Preston HU1. Thanks, Christophe ivins, SOC C@ivinsC.Com
  3. Andrew, I own a Preston 1 UHF system. Please contact me at C@ivinsC.Com . Best, Christophe ivins
  4. I'm looking for a microwave transmitter module for the Preston HU1, in case any of those offers included an extra one that's been holding open a door. Thanks, Christophe ivins C@ivinsC.Com
  5. Hi Alexis, Welcome to the forum. I'm actually kind of new to the forum as well, having started sparsely floating around it in about 2000. Erwin will rightfully gig me for not using my full name as login, so don't follow my rebel example. I purchased a Silver Spring Arm in 2004 and have been using it ever since. I must say I was amazed at its smooth performance with the first very light camera I flew with it. Since then I have flown even lighter cameras without any bounce. It seems to me there is no minimum camera weight limit with my sled, as my sled weighs about 18 lbs. The issue is only to balance the sled and keep the gimble as high as possible. Previously I flew a 3A arm. I heard a few stories of springs throwing high velocity shrapnel around during bone failure. Apparently the Silver Spring Arm covers are bullet proof. In the Army we considered this attribute a good perk. This is great news when our eyes are our livelihood and windows to the world, yogis excepted. It is far easier to disassemble and service the Silver Spring Arm than the 3A arm which used to cost me about $600 each time. Now I personally service my Silver Spring Arm, and I ain't no high falootin' engineer or nothin'. Hugo Langer, at Steadyrig is extremely intelligent and conscientious and concerned with safety. He provides great immediate service. One drawback to my first run of the arm is a little noise, which I understand will be fixed with a free upgrade to new covers. I'm reluctant to get that upgrade, as my rig now matches my outfit - all black. Back in the day, Hugo had the time to custom color the covers. Oh, and shipping sucks, especially with Homeland Security breathing down my neck. Oh right, the arm... critique the arm. Obviously I have issues, but not with the Silver Spring Arm. The best thing is that every now and then I get a call from the outback of the other side of the Earth, "Hey, Mate... " Christopher Ivins Pro/Steadicam Owner/Operator www.ivinscam.com 1 (310) 994-1033
  6. ivinsc

    PRO Monitor

    My PRO I Monitor was destroyed on set, and the insurance company requested that I find a used PRO to replace it. Thanks, Christopher Ivins
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