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  1. Hi Taj! im thinking I would take that bracket. What is the socket block made of? Thanks! Bud K
  2. Very interested, please contact me? budkremp@yahoo.com
  3. Hi Justen, I’ll buy your cinebag. Feel free to text me 818-402-6411 Cheers Bud K
  4. Still for sale Ladies and Gents! Price Drop! $4,000 USA PURCHASES ONLY PLEASE, Thanks for your consideration! Cheers, BK
  5. Hi Guys! Still for sale! Was asking $7,000 but will entertain any reasonable offer. Again, for sale in the US ONLY. Best, Bud Kremp
  6. No, Tom, it’s not “fine”. First, I’m not sure how you know what I have in my package to tell me my rental rate. You must have special powers! Secondly, the slow, methodical chiseling away at the $3,000 3 day week non pro rated (agreed... more if your package demands it) to a $600 5 day pro rated week is producer math that doesn’t add up for Steadicam operators who invest $1.000s of dollars on equipment and maintenance. It’s bad enough production wants movi’s And wave 1’s but aren’t willing to pay for them. $3,600 per day is $720. Thanksgiving weekend you’ll only be getting $2,160, I’ll be
  7. Any CURRENT or recent ABC series op that has shot in LA and received a $1,000 a day non pro rated $3,000 week rental on rig? I’m being told ABC’s policy is $600 a day, 5 day week pro rated...even though I have proof of two ABC shows that I got 3 day weeks on. Beware all you low ballers out there! They’re coming for you! The only way to defeat them is to hold strong and together on a $3,000 non pro rated week! It’s industry standard! Help me fight them off! Private text me if you want 818-402-6411 please include your name! Fraternally, Bud Kremp
  8. Selling Segway Handsfree Transporter. It's built on an X2 turf chassis with off road tires. Item has been kept in climate controlled garage and connected to charger so battery is in great condition. Includes removable hard mount and key. Item located on west coast. Shipping in Continetial U.S. only. Asking $7000 Thanks!
  9. Good Morning Damien, Is Wave still available? Would you consider $6,000 for it? Cheers, Bud K
  10. Hi Nathan, Is your Wave compatible with Pro Rigs? Still avail? Thanks!
  11. Hi Brian, Hope this finds you well! (and not "Atlanta hot"! Post says there are pics, but don't see any? Thx, Bud
  12. Hi Nathan, Is your Wave compatible with Pro Rigs? Still avail? Thanks!
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