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  1. Tiffen replaced the battery in the little remote controller, and now all is good.
  2. The remote was a holding a bit of a charge and would operate the fore-aft and side-side motors, but yesterday I sent it to Tiffen for repair/new battery. -John Pinella johnpinella@gmail.com
  3. It seems that the little battery in the fore-aft / side- side remote controller (that normally mounts on the gimbal handle) won't hold a charge. It worked long enough to show that the motors work, but I guess it needs to go to Tiffen for a battery replacement. I have not yet talked to Tiffen about this.
  4. Tiffen Ultra2 package, sled, monitors, G70 arm, Klassen Universal harness . Ultra good shape. I bought it new. HD UltraBrite2 ten inch monitor (very good outside in the sun,) G70 arm, Klassen Universal harness (I was 5'9", 33" waist when it was made for me) Many extras! Marshall spare 7" monitor and bracket (also bright and good outside.) Low mode bracket MANY cables (I can list them for ya) Vehicle mount Klassen soft bag for harness (I put the arm in there, too.) Tiffen Thermodyne cases: two large ones and the smaller batteries/charger case The side-to-side and fore-aft motors work, along with their remote controller Six Tiffen Power Cube batteries and charger I don't want to separate the package, although I might separate out the harness, if it just doesn't fit you, or you don't need it. I won't ship out of the continental USA. The package is in Indianapolis, IN, and you should come check it out. American Grip Steadicam stand with TWO Tiffen docking brackets I also have a Preston two motor system with lots of brackets and cables, but the MDR quit and Preston won't fix it. I haven't been able to find a replacement. American Grip Steadicam stand with TWO Tiffen docking brackets
  5. Hey Brooks (or anyone who knows,) Can you tell me where to get hard foam for Pelican 1650 (and other) cases? Thanks! John Pinella DP/Steadicam/Red Epic Indianapolis
  6. SOLD the Master Elite! Thanks to all who were interested. Maybe I'll have my new Ultra2 for sale in a few years. Watch this space, but not for a while. And if you know anyone who needs an op with an Ultra2/Preston system in and around Indiana, and the world... :P
  7. NOW $21,000! Reduced AGAIN! (I know, I can't believe it either. The economy must be worse than they are letting on.) Shown here with a Varicam on a Frank Lloyd Wright house shoot (Varicam, and house not included).) John Pinella jpinella@earthlink.net
  8. Writers' strike over; time for a rig. Here with 435 in low mode (camera, Hill 435 low mode adapter and Klassen harness not included.)
  9. The new Ultra2 vest has been sold. Master Elite full system still available, though. Thank you all for your interest! -John Pinella jpinella@earthlink.net
  10. Low mode. More pics, John Pinella's Master Elite pkg. 4 sale I'm keeping the Arri BL-1 (it CAN be had) and the low mode cage. Also, the stand is not included. REDUCED to $22,000.
  11. Steadicam Master Elite package REDUCED! John Pinella, 317-251-3308, 317-201-3308 cel, jpinella@earthlink.net Steadicam Master Elite Sled *Quick-release top stage, new 2007 (with new large dovetail camera mounting plate) by Tiffen, Los Angeles *New gimbal bearing, 2007 (Tiffen) *Electronics check-out by Tiffen, LA, 2007 *Frame line generator *Panasonic/Nebtek conversion 16x9 LCD monitor, NTSC, PAL, adjustable aspect ratio, custom mount, power and video from sled?s Hirose monitor cable and special 4 pin Hirose to 6 pin Hirose adapter cable *Original Green screen monitor, adjustable squeeze *Three CP batteries, recelled by LentEquip, Toronto 2006, light use since *PAG charger for CP batteries *Three IDX Li-Ion NP-L46 batteries with custom mount (allows sled to power 24 volt cameras, mounts to lower dovetail (see picture)) *IDX charger for IDX batteries *Cable from NP-1 housing to Canon 4 pin, allowing unit to power other 12 volt accessories when not used to make sled 24 volt capable.) *Standard and Low mode docking rings *Docking bracket *12 volt 4 pin camera power cable (from rear of sled) *12 volt 4 pin power cable from 2 pin Lemo connector at the front of the top stage (great for powering eye lights, other accessories) *Preston power cable *Various other cables *Black ?Encore/Hollywood? hard Anvil-style case for sled, batteries, etc. Looks very good. *Pelican 1650 case for vest, arm, etc. Master Series Iso-elastic Arm *Overhauled by Robert Luna, 2006, painted covers, looks VERY good, no corrosion *Upgraded geometry (new bones) 4 years ago *This arm can carry both the little and the big rigs. I?ve carried Arri 535B, Arri 435, Moviecam Compact, Sony 900 tricked out, Varicam with big lenses, teleprompters. HDV cameras, as well. Short arm post and 18" arm post. Padded Steadicam logo bag for the arm Master Series Vest *Non-leather version. Vest not used for the last several years when I converted to a back-mounted harness. Looks good. *Soft bag for vest *Camera Essentials rainproof covers for sled, arm and monitor, used twice *Low mode F handle, or D handle, or whatever it is... Email me and I'll send more/better pictures and I can take more pics of specific things. Arri 35BL1 not included, of course, but CAN be had! I SHOULD keep it all as a back-up, but... REDUCED to $22,000 Come check it out! I really don't want to ship it out of the USA.
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