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  1. A month ago I started having an intermittent image on my Cinetronic gen 2. I knew Cinetronic was not servicing the monitors anymore so I looked all over the forum to find someone to help me with my problem. Finally I contacted Marianne at Transvideo and she agreed to help me out. Thank God! As she opened it up we found one problem after the next. The end result is she basically went through the whole thing from top to bottom, not only did she fix the problem at hand but she also prevented future problems by switching out ill fitting connectors, soldering things that were held together by hot glue and cleaning up some wiring. As we all know customer service is worth its weight in gold. I see a Transvideo monitor in my near future. Thanks again Marianne.
  2. I would be interested in both. Email me treyclinesmith@me.com
  3. Hey Ron, all is good. Just about to start up my show. I need to updat my old UHF Preston. People are starting to look at me funny. I'll call him
  4. looking for a microwave MDR and Handset. No need for cables or motors. Please call Trey at thee one zero nine nine zero 2476
  5. Hi Randy, Well that looks old alright. At looking at the picture I'm not sure if that's what I need. I have an old PRO 1 battery rack with the receiving end bayonet mount on it that I was going to put on a center post I have , but the center post has the newer, threaded mount on it and is not compatible . I'm looking for the bayonet mount that would mount onto the lower part of the center post. Is that in your picture? If so that is really all I need. Would you be willing to part with that? Let me know. Thanks Trey Clinesmith
  6. I need the old,old PRO bayonet mount. Please contact me at treyclinesmith(at)me(dot)com
  7. hi Geoff

    i was looking on the forum for preston stuff and i saw your old post. Does your pile of old Preston Parts still exist? I might be interested.Feel free to call,text or email.


    Trey Clinesmith

    310 990-2476 or treyclinesmith@verizon.net

  8. Hey Dan,

    i might be interested in your old center post and upper junction box for an SD backup rig. How much you think? You can text or call.


    310 990-2476

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