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  1. If you are having trouble in the future just offer to buy Jim Bartell a few beers and he will fly over to Paris and repair it.
  2. https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/quattro2-monitor-arm-with-yoke/
  3. Sweet! Is there a demo before purchase opportunity?
  4. We work in a world where being seen in a reflection is bad, and for live operators the need is to remain as unobtrusive as possible. And providing the least amount of distraction to the actors. Anything but black is unprofessional, in my opinion.
  5. I have experienced an issue when I set a tilt angle and release my hold the frame dips ever so slightly. This is in "normal" mode. When in "sticky" mode the tilt remains exactly where it's set. I did a firmware update maybe 4 months ago that was supposed to fix this issue but it only fixed it in sticky mode. Perhaps there is a more recent update?
  6. Damn that sucks. Do these storage companies assume any financial liability for break-ins? Do they sell you insurance like the car rental companies do?
  7. Thanks for sharing that. Walter and Jen have been great in any dealings I have had with them.
  8. Would you consider selling 1 of the all in one headsets with battery?
  9. Not sure how this would work without a stabilized head. Think it would induce more movement, unless maybe you added a Wave.
  10. Did you ever sell the NB arm?

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