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  1. I use a poncho. No problem with the extra material and I wear a goretex rain jacket underneath to keep my arms dry. For cold weather I have a long insulated coat with a slot tailored in the side for the arm to poke through.
  2. I believe it does (I have the bracket but don't use it with a 703) but each monitor requires a specific side adapter and possibly a longer horizontal bar for that one since it is so wide
  3. Great write up Shawn. I too have an NB arm and can echo everything you said. Especially the increase in boom range over my PRO arm. And Nir and Elinor have been very supportive, Couple of months ago I surprisingly received a huge replacement bag of new latex bands that Nir sourced and felt were better.
  4. I will pass this on to a DP I know that might be interested. Will know in a day.
  5. Anyone in LA have a dovetail plate for an Arri Amira that slides into the channel on the bottom of the camera body that I can attach my Steadicam dovetail plate to? Looking to borrow or rent for 1 day shoot on Tuesday 4/19. DP owns the camera with the WAP-1 and ENG type quick release plate combo which raises the camera CG up so much and has play.
  6. I had this problem with the PRO diving board. Replaced it with this and have had no issues since. Very solid mount: https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/volt-to-pro-db-iii-bracket/
  7. I've had those 8" wheels for my American stand and found them too hard to move around and heavy. Gone back to the standard small wheels. And I've always had a cart to carry AKS, Preston, Vest, Arm, Stand, Lisigav and snacks. Can't imagine working without one.
  8. I believe so. I'm hearing several complaints about the manufacturing tolerances and reliability of the newer Volt gimbals. I've got the V1 version which I've had for almost 2 years and have had no real problems other than the pause switch on the brain box (this is built in to the M2 sleds) getting hard to switch and was quickly replaced by Tiffen at no charge.
  9. Not sure about the smaller motors (don't think so) but one difference is the encoder ring is built into the gimbal, which I believe gives it slightly more clearance above the gimbal.
  10. Used "Garfield" or "Vehicle Mount". Great condition. Essential add on for any Steadicam package. Mount your Steadicam arm to a dolly, rickshaw, quad runner, Griptrix, vehicle, etc. Includes U-Bolts for mounting to speed rail. $600 plus shipping and 3% PayPal fee. Local pick-up in Santa Monica, CA. Email me at doc659@gmail.com if interested
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