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  1. Totally stupid? Cut holes? WTF are you talking about? It's our responsibility to not infect others if asymptomatic and keep production from shutting down. That is partially accomplished by wearing a properly fitting mask without a vent. Breathing through a mask is no big deal; I've been doing it for months while humping the rig around. Hope others let you know that if that's how you act on set.
  2. Tiffen includes a handle that will accept PRO sized posts (5/8") with a Volt. Did you not specify that when you bought it?
  3. The Tiffen bracket has a docking/balancing pin just to the left of where it mounts to the stand which I like. Means you don't have to pull out the docking pin or spin the dock around (which you still can if you want to spin balance), just lift the rig and place it on that pin which is close to the center of the stand and you don't have to worry about being over a leg and the stand tipping over. Hope I made myself clear here. The Tiffen dock as opposed to the Hill Gorelock takes a little getting used to docking below the gimbal and you must take care not to pinch your hand when placing the rig
  4. I have not. Sometimes the AC's change batteries on the rig between takes or setups without telling me and calibration is lost.
  5. There is an instructional video on the Tiffen website as to how best to avoid the bump. I still prefer to use it in "Sticky" mode where it locks in perfectly with no bump wherever I leave it.
  6. Have you tried, when balancing it on the stand, tilting the rig up or down 45 degrees, locking in the tilt and seeing if it pans left or right? If it pans adjust the side to side balance until it stops. Maybe this will fix your issue. I believe there is a video that Tiffen made showing how to properly balance the Volt.
  7. I suppose I know the answer but wondering why Anton/Bauer does not offer an option to re-cell their batteries and save the planet from more plastic waste? Honestly, I could have taken advantage of the trade in offer at only a slightly higher cost but I found the reuse/recycle option so much more appealing.
  8. If it wasn't clear, he is looking to buy one.
  9. So the problem is that toggle switch is blocking the lock knob from going any higher? Just cut it shorter with a hack saw. or change out the plastic headed thumb screw with a smaller allen headed bolt.
  10. I'm guessing the directing thing is working out for you ;-)
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