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  1. Yo Clean! If you speak of the post that goes in the arm and gimbal handle I have never experienced any issues with Aluminum. So no need for me.
  2. This tool is so great. Had my Klassen hard mount for years and finally got one. Don't know how I got by without it.
  3. Selling my personal Arrihead. Serviced at Otto Nemenz. Wheels are true, nothing bent. Super Smooth! Includes several Eyepiece levelers, tie downs, Arri 15mm bridge, and case. High Hat not included. Located in Santa Monica, CA. Local Pick up or willing to ship. Buyer pays for Shipping. $16,000 I also have a set of E-Gears remote motors and console (European version of Hot Gears) I am willing to sell separately at a giveaway price.
  4. Selling my backup PRO arm with 4 Blue and 4 Black canisters, Steel socket pin, 4 arm posts, tools and carry bag. One owner, well cared for in perfect working order. Asking $14,500 US. Shipping not included. Located in Los Angeles. Please message me if interested
  5. If you can't remove them from the socket block the simplest thing is to screw them in and cut the damaged threaded end off with a hack saw. I recall having this problem at one time. I saw someone on this board has machined hardened screws with a cupped extended tip that would compress with use but not damage the threads. Do a search
  6. You could always just run a thin BNC directly out of the camera to the monitor and bypass the post connectors. Dropping it down from under the lens and it would not interfere with operating. Good Luck!
  7. Seems like a lot of work just to avoid spinning the dock around 180 degrees. Plus I really like that spud off to the left of the center post. Great for balancing without worrying if the stand will fall over. Its not for me but to each his own.
  8. My Titanium socket block split in two at the thinnest surface and I believe starting at the little hole where the spring end fits after years of use with a my WK vest. It was actually a very light camera package (Alexa Mini) on my PRO sled. Replaced it with a steel block and never had a problem since.
  9. I use a poncho. No problem with the extra material and I wear a goretex rain jacket underneath to keep my arms dry. For cold weather I have a long insulated coat with a slot tailored in the side for the arm to poke through.
  10. I believe it does (I have the bracket but don't use it with a 703) but each monitor requires a specific side adapter and possibly a longer horizontal bar for that one since it is so wide
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