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  1. Joe Wilbur has been great with few repairs/upgrades over the last couple months. Thanks for the quick turnarounds! Chris Allen CNBC Television
  2. Yes, Gregory...I made the adjustments as described in the manual. And yes, Rey did get up early and call me on the East coast this morning to touch base...much appreciated. We're gonna look at the earlier manufactured stage. So all is well! C
  3. See the little homage to the OKGo video? I love these things...
  4. Anyone experience a "tightness" after mounting your camera and making side/side or fore/aft adjustments? My first (2015) M1 rig has tightness in the bearings and now feels bumpy with the fore/aft bearings. Side/side is smooth, but tight. I've never gone to the ends of the adjustments...use my XCS shift plates always. Second M1 rig...just bought in October...mount a camera and you feel the same tightness...but not any bumpy bearings at the moment. Of course, with no weight on the bearings...all is smooth. These are studio rigs and haven't seen any time on a vehicle or the like. I've replace bearings and races on my U1's...some I'm guessing this is the same issue... thanks, Chris
  5. Top stage fore/aft side/side bearings? I've had a few issues with my U1's concerning these bearings...especially if you push the side/side to the ends of the adjustment.
  6. Thank you. I'm guessing he's a one man band... Chris
  7. I want to discuss purchasing some shift plates, but can't reach anyone at XCS...by either email or phone. thx, Chris
  8. Big Kudos (again) to Mr. Luna for making my favorite arm feel like butter again. Anybody needing service for Master series or older style arms should seek him out at Luna Aztec based in LA. Always courteous, always professional. Chris CNBC Television Steadicam
  9. Chris Allen

    Pro Vest

    Maybe I'll fly to Cali and see if I can't get the folks at Pro to get my vest to fit right...I know I would love it if it fit right, but just can't get it. Demoing the less expensive Klassen vest soon...waiting for it to arrive. Chris
  10. Chris Allen

    Pro Vest

    Thanks Tom! and thank you Ian for coming up with a solution... Cheers, Chris
  11. Chris Allen

    Pro Vest

    I may be slow, but i just can't seem to get the adjusted under load even with an assistant...how do you adjust and tighten the shoulder bolts? what comes first adjusting the shoulder strap bolts or the velcro in the back? The center spar is lined up with my chest bone, and the hip pad is just even with the hip bone, but the arm mount is so high that my right eblow and forearm pretty much rest on the lower arm (pin) as I fly (normal, not goofy) Just so frustrated with not getting the fit right...but it is better than wearing an Ultra2 vest. chris
  12. Chris Allen

    Pro Vest

    I wish I could get mine to 'fit like a glove'...I've always had issues and even spoke over the phone with Jack about things. Debating whether to sell it and look into a Klassen. Or what can I do to get this thing to feel right? Chris
  13. It's a qualtiy vest, but I've never been able to get it to 'fit like a glove' like a lot of owners say. Still struggle to this day with fit. @Dash: Hope all is well with you. -Chris
  14. Any Pro vest users purchase this bracket? I'm 6' 2" and am considering this bracket to use not for just low mode, but as my regular block height... Seeing as the Pro vest doesn't have any adjustment for block height besides lengthening the vest. Tired of having my right elbow always hitting the socket release pin on the arm, and doing the extra work of having the socket block higher on my torso. Any thoughts? Thank you, Chris
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